utilizing early reflections in a production

A quite often underestimated or even forgotten production technique is to take advantage of artificial early reflections which could be added somewhere during the mixing process. Without inserting any fully fledged reverberation at all, applying such techniques allows to dramatically increase stereo width and depth perception as well as a way better instrument localization even in a busy mix. Creating density is not the goal here but the opposite is the name of the game: achieving a clear and intelligible mix.

In a simple case, one can place a short and plain delay (a slap-back echo) on a track and properly place it in the stereo field – maybe on the opposite side of the source but that’s just an example. More sophisticated tap delays could be used to create a sort of room experience and some reverberators are allowing to disable the late reverb diffusion and just to use their early reflection generation. There are no restrictions in general – allowed is what gets the job done in that specific mixing situation.


  1. Elaborate more 🙂

  2. Indeed. A little goes a long way.

    haha, it also reminded me of this thing I heard just a few hours ago:

  3. well said!
    although i know about this and know the ways to do it, there is a tendency to overlook it, while i am working on mixes. thanks for reminding me 🙂

  4. Is it similar techniques with this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nw5_xTR984

  5. I´m using that a lot and its easy and can be very effictive. I first learned about it in Bob Katz´s great book on mastering and experimented quite a bit with Haas delays in the meantime. I´m using the simple configuration described in the book as a two send channels (L and R) on each of my mixes. On some mixes I will use the ReaDelay in addition on single tracks. It comes with REAPER or the free Reaplug bundle and contains presets with multiple Haas delays that form a very good starting point for more complex haas delays. Together with just a little glue reverb (for example using the free Bricasti Impulses by Samplicity togehther with Reverberate by Liquid Sonics) I´m getting very 3 D sounding mixes without washing everthing out.

  6. am I wrong or rescue mk2 already uses delayed lines to increase depth?

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