the music and SFX of Forbidden Planet




  1. Great video! But What about Pierre Schaeffer? 🙂

  2. so cool.. thanks for sharing!!

  3. Yes Morgendugg / Marco… I think Bootsy is our only hope of recreating those legendary sounds.. as I think it’s not so much the sounds themselves but rather how all their analog equipment made them sound..

    Also if I may add: .. pretty sure bootsie’s seen it already though but for the rest of y’all! Thank you!

  4. Reblogged this on 1982Art.

  5. Listening to the soundtrack on spotify now… sweet.

  6. Nice ! It remembers me the famous, and more recent, THX sound.
    “The score consists of a C program of about 20,000 lines of code. The output of this program is not the sound itself, but is the sequence of parameters that drives the oscillators on the Audio Signal Processor (ASP). That 20,000 lines of code produce about 250,000 lines of statements of the form “set frequency of oscillator X to Y Hertz”.”
    Make your tools 😉

  7. Carl Chappell says:

    The essence of the genre!

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