There Will Be Distortion (2013)

This brand new and upcoming blockbuster, created by the award-winning Variety Of Sound producer team, will appear in a mixing theatre near you just before summertime 2013. “The overall plot and realism of the SFX we brought into this production is simply shocking and unheard before”, says director and executive producer Bootsy and adds with a smile: “This just might be topped by the overall user experience for this truly amazing venture which puts it right onto the next level.” And also Stateful Saturation (leading actor again) already commented: “When I first saw the script I was pretty much blown away but argued if this ever would be possible to act. But the more I’ve delved into that new role, the more I’ve got keen that it was nothing less than a perfect fit to me!” We were not able to get a comment from visual FX director Patrick so far but maybe he chimes in later. Stay tuned!

Parental advisory: The soundtrack will contain explicit harmonic content.


  1. Distortion done the Bootsy way…
    Very curious.

  2. Yes. YES!

  3. Haha, class.

  4. I can’t wait to see this movie, though I’m pretty sure it won’t beat a Ibanez TS808 going into a HIWATT DR-103 screaming out of a good old 4×12“ Cabinet, recorded with an SM 57 (in the right angle and distance to the speaker) into an API console right to some good ol‘ tape machine…

    A good distortion sound consists of soooo many parts, it’s really hard to archive. But let’s see what magic Bootsie can do. Science Fiction can be quite astounding 😉

  5. FKIN YES!

  6. ‘cant wait.. 🙂 All the best.

  7. “Next Level”? Has Bootsy just discovered Die Antwoord? We can only hope so!

  8. Bootsy plugins make me wet. My girl as well.

  9. And the winner is….

  10. Preamp distortion? Power amp distortion? Tube/diode/fet/etc distortion?? I AM intrigued.

  11. Distortion ? So it is a pedal or an amp…because distortion outside guitar world is not distortion 😉
    I wonder what kind of sound could give Stateful Saturation in a virtual amp 😉 I already use killer models like LE456,Legion,RevolutionZ,X50… and i wonder what would be the difference.

  12. Best news ever ! Very well written, like that tone 😉 !

  13. Oh, goody! I really wish it was something like a tube distortion/overdrive, where you can go from subtle colouring to ridiculously outraged growl and scream. Also would be cool to have a multi band control where you can be picky about the exact frequency range you want to distort, if that makes sense 🙂

    • Years ago Cubase used to include a multi-band distortion plugin based on Craig Anderton’s Quadrafuzz distortion unit. You might be able to find it online for free.

      • Thanks for the Info! But I red that it since it was a bundled plugin it only works in Cubase. There was also a list given of commercial alternatives, some of them I was already familiar with. Well those are commercial. I really would like to see a Bootsy multi band distortion. Great sounding, gently designed, pretty looking and well… free 🙂 It seems a bit strange to me that only a few plugin developers provide such a great effect.

  14. Fantastic news!

    I am praying for an ultra realistic valve emulation that can be driven to distortion. No more crummy plastic sounding digital distortion! It should react like the real thing, playing a guitar through it should be a joy (with a IR cab emulation), sending a synth through it should sound like a Boards Of Canada record 🙂

    Many developers have tried and failed, I read some say it would take a supercomputer to calculate all the variables… can stateful saturation dominate and give us real analog sounding distortion inside the DAW?! I am very excited!


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