happy easter


Crazy: It is end of March and still cold and snowing in Germany.


  1. same here (Moscow)

  2. Happy Easter to u too.
    Summer is here for us and its been the hottest in 15 years. Wild weather mate. Global warming is here to stay.. 😦

  3. blinkenlights says:

    Happy Christmas to you!

  4. I would like it if the holidays made more sense than celebrating the resurrection of a fictional character like Snow-white. Or is it Jesus? However, holidays feel nice, and people are more bearable. LOL

  5. In Germany, dear most valued Master-coder, it also shows us (we had late march snow a lot also in Hamburg, after a rather normal but dark winter with only ~50% of the average sunshine hours) the selective perception of the media. Did you read anything about the german March 2012? Neither did I. It was +3,5° over “average” 1961-90. Nobody noticed it, 24° we had in the north or in Heidelberg, I read even “where is the warmth”. Not one single paper wrote about the May-warmth we enjoyed March 2012.
    Now we got – 3,5° in March 2013, and since weeks everyone is shouting and whining. “There are no global climate changes” even comes up from the dustbin again. Funny….if it would not be what those lobbyists like Lomborg, Singer, Maxeiner/Miersch, Broder, Bolz and so on spread that lobbywork against science since 20 years.
    Like “:)” wrote – I met, in Hamburg a week ago, guys from Australia. They came when we had 19°+, within 2 days it got down and snow came. First time they saw snow!!! Like kids, hooooray and yippie (yet, of course, they found it a bit – cold^^, warmed themselves up and ran out again, happy like all kids of Hamburg, dogs, cats, the two Australians, and me^^.)
    They told me Australia had the ugliest summer ever since weather data are recorded, +47°C for long periods, the forests burnt heavily. A long nightmare.

    Single periods like these (for example the european hot summers of 1947, 2003 or 2006), isolated, signify – nothing. Nor is a weather period with lots of snow in eastern Europa and cold winds from the nor-rrrr-th 🙂 a “that’s it, it gets colder from now on” sign. Yet scientists knew about global climate changes since about 1988, and nothing has changed in the behaviour. Quite to the contrary, we still free airplane-companies heavily from taxes train-companies and car-users have to pay.
    The worst of this cold March/April period this year is that lobbyists can spread their quarter-truths and a lot of nonsense again.

    It’s not such a good thing, selective perception. Yet, all those media-guys come from our universities… Something is wrong if everything has to be wrapped into “hype-style”. Yes, it is very cold now, yes, it was very warm last March. Irrationality reports b and forgets a. People are not forced to believe everything the hypes want us to believe, yet….. a lot do. Sad, really.

  6. plgrmsprgrs says:

    Happy Easter Herbert!

  7. Christ is risen! Romans 1:16

  8. PASCAL Philippe says:

    Happy Easter !!!
    PS : in south France, it is raining now 😉

  9. Im a german too and I love it this year!!! 😀

  10. In England it was the coldest March in 50 years, it was miserable! Was snowing a couple of days ago. Happy Easter from UK!

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