what I’m currently working on – Vol. 9

Updates and a brand new release, basically. Since there is a minor issue with the latest TesslaPRO and Rescue versions concerning higher sample rate compatibility, I’m currently into bug-fixing and both will probably make it upfront the summer break. As the next major update you all voted FerricTDS to be the object of desire and I’m already sketching things on the drawing board but developments might not start before Q3.

I’m constantly extending and improving my Stateful Saturation approach and the next incarnation will bring authentic analog style distortion into VST land. It is basically a Variable-Mu based broadcast limiter design from the early days but which is modded to have detailed access to the amplifier distortion – it has warmth and mojo written all over! Patrick also joined in again and will perform his magic user interface artwork. An official announcement will appear very soon, so stay tuned.

Unfortunately, there are no news about 64bit support atm.

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  1. can’t wait. 🙂 All the best.

  2. Thanks a lot man! Really apreciate your work… Regards from Spain!

  3. Wow, will it look purple 😉 ?! Can Patrick outdone himself again ?

  4. you are the best!

  5. wow speechless

  6. Could a -18db switch in the Ferric (à la ThrillseekerLA) work? I usually track at low volume and can’t really use the Ferric to it’s full potential, unless i crank up the input and lower the track’s master.

    Thanks for everything, really diggin’ your plug ins!

  7. I just went Mac and am hurting a little bit because I can’t use your plugs!!! Is there any chance of your VST’s going Mac at some point?

  8. Thank you for all you do and the effort you put into making these very useful and wonderful tools.

  9. This is going to be off the chain!

  10. will the new vst be able to be used in a live broadcast situation for broadcasting through the internet for radio?

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