quote of the day

The more experience I’ve gathered the less processors I apply. – bManic



  1. yeah!

  2. So true….

    Btw, it’s bManic 🙂

  3. ominopasticcione says:


  4. Ain’t that the truth.

  5. It is.

  6. A lot of us cringe at our youthful excess with signal processing.

  7. True dat! But although I know this, I still overprocess from time to time. I sometimes wish your plugins weren’t so much fun, because then I could stop using all of them on just one channel:-)…

  8. hwylfawr says:

    bmanic is a true legend. He is the perfect conduit between the DSP developers and the end users.

    I’ve seen him around for a while and he knows his onions and sticks to his guns. He is never brash or a braggard. I’ve bought quite a few plugins that he has recommended. I’ve PM’d him and we have the odd little exchange of words, he is always lucid, courteous and polite. A true gentleman. And I’ve never heard him say bad about anyone/anything. I guess if he only has bad to say, he says nothing at all.

    Above all, I respect his professional opinion. A developer could consider getting him on your beta testing team as a major win. He seems to have developed almost a sixth sense when it comes to his plugins, but I guess that is just the major benefit of the experience he has.

    Btw, I’m down to just one Voxengo plugin on the Master Bus, but then again it has EQ, Gate, Multiband Compression, Clipper, Saturation and a Dry Mix for Parallel Stuff…. So I know what he means ;-).

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