RescueMK2 2.1 update available

RescueMK2Changes made within the 2.1 update:

  • Better support for higher S/R (some minor bugfixes in the internal filter coefficient computations).
  • Critical parts are running at an internal higher sample rate now.
  • The default MIX LEVEL was changed to 0dBFS.

As a side-effect it introduces 8 samples latency now. More and detailed information is included in the manual.

Rescue MK2Β  is a Windows x32 freeware release for VST compatible applications and you can grab your copy via the download page.


  1. great. and nice change with default mix lvl! thanks bootsy! =)
    I still look forward to an ferric tds update.

  2. thankful says:

    thank you, Bootsy! πŸ™‚

  3. Cool, thank you.
    What made you decide to change the default mix level to 0dBFS?

    • I’ve got too much complains about heavy distortion just when inserting it and most don’t see gain-staging as beeing an issue …

      • So you’re giving in to people’s bad habits in other words (I’m only half joking here ;-))
        Seriously though, I am very happy that you added the different mix level calibration to your plugins! Please don’t let people pursuade you to remove it completely in the future.

  4. Thank you very much, Bootsy!
    Plus a warm thank you for all the interesting posts
    you share with us. Theyre just great!

  5. Audio Geek says:

    Thanks very much! Always great news and tools from you my Dear Sir !

  6. Sorry to be a pain Herb, but there appears to be a bug in ‘bypass’ mode. I bypassed used the ‘off’ switch during a mono check just now (ableton 8, pc) and it was phase smeared, as if it had been delayed and merged back with itself. compared with a true bypass in the host.

  7. Thank you Bootsy! Another very interesting stateful saturation plugin. After playing with it for a few hours, I suggest not to take the “mix level” for granted. Play with it, too. πŸ˜‰ If you mix very hot, then forget it, but if you mix at -18 to -14dB, changing the mix level on rescue can give you so many additional different “colours”. πŸ˜‰ I wouldn’t say it is much more subtle at 0 peak, or -6 peak mix level, processing -18dB average RMS audio. But yes, I do find it most useful at -18dB mixing level with -18dB audio. I think I noticed some problems with it, though. When I engage both MID and SIDE buttons, the output level on the left channel is around -116dB peak, and -inf [nothing] on the right channel. When only one of them is engaged, either of them, the output level of both channels is -122dB peak. Shouldn’t the output be -inf in all cases when Rescue isn’t processing audio? Oh, and turning on the Analog knob doesn’t change this. I’m just wondering is it supposed to be this way. I noticed that what Rescue generates when not processing audio is sub bass energy peaking at 8Hz and some high energy from 8kHz up.

  8. The Telenator says:

    I discovered your free plugins a couple of years ago when I received my first DAW and I have been using almost every one of them ever since. In that time I have seen them upgraded from ‘great’ to ‘beyond comparison for freeware’. You have really nailed this entire concept and use of what you call ‘stateful saturation’ –love it! (and thanks for all your efforts!)

  9. Reblogged this on duART Studio Blog.

  10. Thanks for the update! πŸ™‚

  11. awesome as usual from senor boots

  12. Pierre Valpierre says:

    a 64 bits version would be awesome.

  13. bring back the RescueMK2 2.1 Please. I need it.. it puts a sound of an inst. in space like it’s in the room and not flat on the wall. Mono sound on one speaker I can hear the shape and presence of the percussive instrument and the acoustic guit. especially. I produce all kind of music analog, digi, electro-acustic,.. but the only web site I have is with me mixing tech house techouse with cdj players. is good…

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