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I’ve always been very interested in the technical side. And I’ve always wanted to get to the source of sound. So coding plugins gets me quite close. It wasn’t really a decision, more of a smooth transition. PlugIn coding almost replaced writing songs for me. It’s an equally great way to express myself and to create something, that might be enjoyable for others too. – Tony from Klanghelm

I could not have said this better myself! Read the full interview with Tony here in a couple of days.


  1. A human being has a limited amount of energy. The mind is a conscious and unconsciously driver for our feelings, thoughts and reflections. One has to decide, day for day, which amount is used for.
    Making music is a kind of reflecting the actual mood of time, social life and feelings. It may last a day, an epoche, forever.
    Making “tools” is a kind of reflecting the actual mood of time, social life, feelings and technology. It may last a day, an epoche or forever.
    Still today cembalos Mozart once played on are still alive and played on concerts with his music.
    Some thoughts from a student near to the Dipl.-Ing. who is loving music and has to decide day by day 🙂

  2. That series of interviews is getting more and more interesting. Can’t wait to read what Tony has to say.

    By the way, if you could interview Diego from Sonimus, that would be welcomed.

  3. Interestingly, I’m right at the moment of transition, I was constantly moving deeper into the source of the sound, ditching samples recorded by someone else first and modelling acoustic-like sounds instead. Now, the only deeper way to access sound manipulation I can think of, is to go down to the bits of code. Exciting journey it is. Not sure though, that sound design can become a substitute to composing music itself, I hope it will not steer me away from it. Ideally these two tremendously exciting aspects should benefit from each other.

  4. Tony is another guy I’ve chatted with in ‘real life’. I’ve got all his plugins ;-).

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: DSP is the new rock ‘n’ roll. It’s all been done with music really, up to a point. But coding plugins is the new frontier. Look, I know what I’m talking about, I’m a failed musician and a failed programmer. 🙂

    The Klanghelm DC8C is an exceptional workhorse Compressor. The passion and attention to detail are apparent to anyone who spends five minutes with it. Maybe not for total beginners, but hey why not just put it into ‘Easy’ mode and tweak a few dials – if you do it long enough you should come up with some kind of improvement to the sound, right? And isn’t that really what it all is about when it comes down to it? Improving the sound? Beginners should not be afraid of it.

    I must admit I am still learning it. Sometimes I can get a result in 30 seconds, usually a few minutes or on occasion I give up after five or ten minutes realising that I have absolutely no idea how it works and everything I understood about Compression was wrong. But the next time I go back to it, it is easier and more joyful to operate. I’m no different to the beginner who just prods it with a stick. 😉

    Which reminds me of the home built Powertran DDL that I still have. In the studio it has a hammer on top of it for all those times it misbehaves. A quick, sharp, judicious whack on top of the metal casing stops it from going off into one of its infinite feedback loops and destroying the speakers…

    But I’m reminiscing now. Soft Und Hardware. Das Wunder des Lebens.

  5. Nice! Can’t wait to read Toni’s interview!

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