mastering a track using only FREE Plugins

Featuring BaxterEQ and FerricTDS.



  1. Though I am only a bedroom producer I try to get the most out of my current situation. I mix all my stuff on -18dBFS and have a lot of headroom in the end which gives me lot´s of choices to “finish” my mix.

    Tbh I try to accomplish everything in the mixing stage. My master bus only has the Baxter EQ, Density MKII & Limiter No6 on it. Eq & compressor in M/S mode, limiter to taste for gentle compression and limiting.

    I use Baxter and Density with very subtle settings just to give it a tiny bit of definition and more space.

    I am stunned so far. I have tried a lot over the last six years and this is the best setup I have found.

    But imho it´s the mixing stage where I have to make the most important decisions. But that´s another story and I use a lot of VOS stuff there as well ( PreFix ftw !!! ).

    Thank you so much for everything.


    • I’ve used Baxter & Thrillseeker XTC in professional mastering on a regular basis and I know several others who does this as well

      • In fact I know some of them but unfortunately they are not that verbose in public about it. Economically, it seems to be better for them to do the usual name dropping of the big brands but not mentioning the use of any freeware. At least I’ve got one ME interview partner who might talk about it here soon.

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