what I’m currently working on – Vol. 10

Right now, I’m extending my “compressor aficionados” interview series by a couple of outstanding developers I’ve always was interested in and wanted to talk with. Beside that, I’m pretty much delved in research and development plus testing some brand new prototypes. If/when another mkII version will appear is currently not clear – but me thinks that there will be one or another surprise during Q4, though.

In recent history, I’ve constantly extended and improved my Stateful Saturation approach and within ThrillseekerVBL I’ve managed to introduce authentic analog style sounding distortion right into VST land, which is what I’ve always had in my mind and dreamed of. And there’s so much and overwhelming feedback on that – thank you very much!

And since quite a while, I’m dreaming about a brand new series of plug-ins which will combine the strength of both worlds: analog modelling on the one side but pure digital techniques on the other – incorporating techniques such as look-ahead, FIR filtering or even stuff that comes from the digital image processing domain, such as HDR (High Definition Range) imaging.

Expect an exciting announcement quite soon …


  1. observethetrends says:

    Yeah! Look forward to it.

  2. good to know! your guys really feel and sound awesome! im loving the vbl and using lots of variety of sound’s in my mixes and masters, i just find what im looking for out of them and i can push. thank you for sharing ths things with the world! All the best!

  3. Thanks a lot!
    An update for -18dbFS workflow for all your plugins would also be really appreciated.

  4. Now if that doesn’t sound exciting …
    Stateful saturation goes Photoshop – can’t wait to overdrive those vintage holiday pictures in analog modeled HDR, finally making me look good on the beach ! 8-P

  5. Now that hybrid approach sounds very, very interesting!

  6. I know this sounds annoying as people ask for it a lot, but are there any hopes for 64-bit versions of your plugins?

  7. sampling theory says:

    thank you, keep on implementing your dreams 🙂
    that HDR hint will keep me particularly intrigued! (as I myself see many similarities between sound and image processing)

  8. I’d really love to see you create a tool that’s new to the VST world instead of yet another compressor or saturator, even if it is among the very best.

  9. Your work is greatly appreciated Bootsy.. Rock on..

  10. Kale Andrews says:

    Why… Why,,,, I dont understand.. Why are your plugins f#$^ amazing! I spent so much on plugins that aren’t half as good as yours. Donation coming as soon as I get paid. Love you guys. And all my friends do too!

  11. There´s no plugin like VBL. Cant wait for the next one. Cheers!

  12. Kaleb Arke says:

    I must say your plugins sound incredible. Much Love and support from Miami, Florida. Many of my friends and colleagues use your Plugins on a regular basis. I do have to say however, a lot of people I’ve spoken to are initially turned off by the “toyish like GUI” appearance of your plugins which is sad because they are incredible! Maybe a GUI revamp or Update on them? In any cause Thank you for all the hard work

  13. Kaleb Arke says:

    I’d like to mention The VBL GUI looks fantastic! Whoever put that together did a great Job! Looks & sounds incredible.

  14. “Expect an exciting announcement quite soon …”
    You know, if your work was mediocre this wouldn’t be a problem; soon could be when ever. However, your work is stellar and now “quite soon” has long passed. Where “soon” is a variable unit of time modified by the limiter “quite” relative to reputation of the speaker times the value of the subject… yup… “quite soon” has definitely passed.

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