alternative VoS plug-in download

Whenever my dropbox traffic limit gets exceeded you can use this alternative link which is one single zip file (currently 61MB) from a mirror:



  1. Very handy!

  2. bobby big d says:

    I came here just to download density — what are all these other files ? are they free vst’s ??

  3. Thank you! All your plugins are excellent and I admire you for giving them away for free!

    • Aniket Kapse says:

      None of the plugins are enabled by my daw. I use Adobe audition latest. On Windows. Please help. Are these all 32 bit plugins?

  4. Thank you!!! 🙂

  5. All beware this lunatic!! – giving away professional quality tools for free

  6. You may want to try instead of dropbox since MEGA offers 50GB for free. See

  7. I keep reading good things about your plugins, but your dropbox account seems suspended.

  8. ZJ Loka le says:

    When will you finally make a 64-bit version of FerricTDS? Could you possibly collaborate with Tokyo Dawn to get a 64-bit version of FerricTDS out? It’s a beautiful plugin and it deserves that special attention. You don’t have to port ALL of your older plugins to 64-bit, but just picking 1 winner to begin with would be appreciated by people so deeply. It’s like paying homage to something great – “The amazing classic freeware plugin FerricTDS has been updated to 64 bit.”


  10. ah shame that your site is dead, anyways i liked your plugins since the first ones you released i always come back to see if here is something new 😉 all the best to you

  11. alexandros says:

    Is missing SlickHDR, another download link?

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