alternative VoS plug-in download

Whenever my dropbox traffic limit gets exceeded you can use this alternative link which is one single zip file (currently 61MB) from a mirror:



  1. Very handy!

  2. bobby big d says:

    I came here just to download density — what are all these other files ? are they free vst’s ??

  3. Thank you! All your plugins are excellent and I admire you for giving them away for free!

    • Aniket Kapse says:

      None of the plugins are enabled by my daw. I use Adobe audition latest. On Windows. Please help. Are these all 32 bit plugins?

      • Baby Snow says:

        thats not a music daw

      • puvididdle. says:

        I’ve only downloaded FerricTDS and yes it was 32bit and I couldn’t use it in my DAW. Most of the post are at least 5 years back, so im guessing most of their plugins are 32bit. This site is possibly running just to host the previous plugins. Yes Adobe Audition and any digital thing that makes helps you create music is a DAW, i’ve used that in my workflow too. Hope this helps. Hope that the site admin could help confirm this.

  4. Thank you!!! 🙂

  5. All beware this lunatic!! – giving away professional quality tools for free

  6. You may want to try instead of dropbox since MEGA offers 50GB for free. See

  7. I keep reading good things about your plugins, but your dropbox account seems suspended.

  8. ZJ Loka le says:

    When will you finally make a 64-bit version of FerricTDS? Could you possibly collaborate with Tokyo Dawn to get a 64-bit version of FerricTDS out? It’s a beautiful plugin and it deserves that special attention. You don’t have to port ALL of your older plugins to 64-bit, but just picking 1 winner to begin with would be appreciated by people so deeply. It’s like paying homage to something great – “The amazing classic freeware plugin FerricTDS has been updated to 64 bit.”


  10. ah shame that your site is dead, anyways i liked your plugins since the first ones you released i always come back to see if here is something new 😉 all the best to you

  11. alexandros says:

    Is missing SlickHDR, another download link?

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