a teletext music program – WTF?

Remote Control Music Studio, a music software that runs on any TV that supports teletext. You can compose music in a tracker interface, modulate it with sounds and information from any available TV-channel, use different AI-settings to morph the music, and much more. In fact, you can do anything you want!




  1. That is the coolest piece of software ever. It’s like some paradox anachronism or an accident with a time machine. Underlined by the totally out of context ingle. Just awesome #-)

  2. PASCAL Philippe says:

    very clever and funny way of using teletext chip 😉
    It remembers me those trackers running on old cartridges like Atari, NES and such.


  1. […] On the other hand; there was some great music back in the day made with audio hardware on PC’s! Mind you there is still a fairly active community working with Sega, Amiga even gameboys to make music. Oh and while on a side track here, ever seen a Teletext based DAW? […]

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