mixing does not mean restoration

If you prepare a track and something like “where is my damn 64dB/octave brickwall filter?” comes to your mind then this might be because you are not upfront any mixing process but are working on audio restoration instead. Or the sources just might be crap. Always remember: garbage in, garbage out.

I’ve just re-discovered preFIX.



  1. Congrats…. I use prefix on every acoustic recorded track since I’ve found it, and really never looked back. When it can’t be fixed with prefix, it’s worth rerecording/not recording at all.

  2. Thank you. Now if we could only convince the “talent”.

  3. I am working strictly itb with only softsynths but this tool is my goto gate. I use it on everything: on single drum hits as a shaper (works gorgeous on kicks), on a whole drumgroup for some extra amplitude movement, tracks that need some better release tails or just a little bit more definition…it is so versatile. And the whole EQ section sounds smooth like butter. And I love the monoswitch.


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