autumn rain was here



  1. Djerek Kayzakian-Rowe says:

    Is this an example of HDR processing?

    • No, this comes straigt out of the camera w/o any HDR processing.

      • Djerek Kayzakian-Rowe says:

        Your plugins are absolutely the most refined to my ears, and I really appreciate what you’re doing. I can’t wait to hear the sonic result of your upcoming releases, as your plugins have the rare quality of creating a sort of layer of magic at just about every setting.

        It seemed to follow that this photo might illustrate another example in line with your posted HDR articles. I have little interest in photography other than as a layman admirer, but the groundwork you’re laying to describe a relation between visual and audio processing is fascinating and exciting.

  2. very nice capture

  3. I simply adore your stuff!!

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