that’s why they call me slick


UI artwork and render done by Patrick.


  1. Beauty. Can’t wait to hear it.

  2. Wonderful! I hardly dare to imagin how this will sound.

  3. REALLY looking forward to the Slick line – you never disappoint

  4. Awesome! Can you make it without Syth-edit so it won’t often crash in REAPER?

    • Never had any problems whatsoever with VOS plugins in Reaper…. maybe revise the settings in the Preferences->VST…?

    • never had any problems with any synthedit stuff in reaper…or VOS plugins (which i think are made in synthmaker?)

      • They tend to crash the DAW (especially since I tend to use many VOS plugins at a mix session).
        Could it be because I run REAPER x64 and force the x86 VOS VSTs to appear inside the FXChain instead of a floating window?

        I do this with other x86 and they don’t crash the system. And I’ve also read that Synthedit/Synthmaker code may cause this to REAPER.
        Thanks guys

        • I’d suggest you try to keep the bridged plugins in the floating window. It’s ugly, but having them in the Fx-window may cause problems.

          • yeah, that’s what I thought. Hate to have to do it though, but will do for the sake of system stability. thank you

  5. No idea of what it’s going to sound like, but sure that will be amazing!

  6. Fucking great! Looks amazing. Can’t wait.

  7. observethetrends says:

    Cool man

  8. 😀

  9. Galfo - Producer/Engineer - Anvil Records says:

    Extremely exciting! Can’t wait to test drive this baby!!!

  10. Sexy!!


  1. […] that’s why they call me slick […]

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