SlickHDR – final teaser & release info

teaserSlickHDR is a “Psychoaccoustic Dynamic Processor” which:

  • balances the perceived global vs. local micro dynamics of any incoming audio.
  • creates a rich in contrast, detailed and clearly perceived image which translates way better across different listening environments.
  • provides a convenient workflow by simply adjusting three dynamic processors to show a roughly same load.
  • offers further and detailed control about overall tone and release time behavior.

Technically speaking, SlickHDR contains a coupled network of three dynamic processors with two of them running in a “stateful saturation” configuration and one based on look-ahead processing.

Fixed amounts of the unprocessed signal are then injected into the network at several specific points and also mixed back into the networks output. Being networked, all processors are highly interacting with each other and this is utilized to cope with a wide variety of sound (sic!) to balance the perceived audio dynamic range.

The stunning UI artwork and render was done by Patrick once again. Made with love in switzerland – as he said.

SlickHDR will be available around end of January 2014 as a freeware VST audio plug-in for Windows x32.


  1. Awesome

    DOMC mastering 0421961641

    *Sent from my iPhone*


  2. Amazing! Can’t wait for this one!

  3. Kyle McComb says:

    Ok, well I read it three times and am still confused to what it actually does… Somewhere between a compressor and a limiter, but cleaner than either? Either way, I can’t wait to try it out

    • My best guess is the P1/2/3 is a more program-dependent 3 band Rescue (a suggestion of mine years ago). “Tone” adjusts the bias of harmonic fill below/above the existing peak dynamics, and “Details” adjusts how long and how much the existing peak dynamics effects the harmonic fill surrounding it. It’ll be interesting to compare with the Undo™ processing we created at ClaessonEdwards / Omnia, which automatically removes the loudness war in real-time, and with essentially the same thing but using different methods that a friend of ours created 4 years later.

      • You’re the best, we all know that… But Hot and Humble™, my new program-dependent spectral dynamic processor is way better than everything else.

        • uncajesse says:

          It has nothing to do with competition. Our friend has copied a number of things that were pioneered by C/O, and we’ve still given him advice on how to improve those things, and other techniques that have kept broadcast audio processing 40+ years ahead of studio processing. I’m always excited to see more advanced ideas come to studio processing, and having a balanced crest across the spectrum is one of a few defining factors of “good sound”. I was wrong about it adding dynamics, and instead it takes them away. Eventually the tide will change. As far as using SlickHDR to remove dynamics, there are a lot worse ways to do this that I’ve heard. So far I like what Im hearing from it a lot. 🙂

  4. Nice.

  5. Holay cow! Congrats to Patrick and also to you for the general layout. Makes me wanna put my dick in that box

  6. I am so on board.

  7. Will you EVER convert your plugs to 64bit?

  8. Henré Botha says:

    aw yiss!

  9. Can’t wait to hear it. VOS history proves to be rather awesome!

  10. Alright, count me in !

  11. Looks absolutely fantastic – a masterful design !
    Knowing Herbert’s history, I’m quite sure it will become a regular in my workflow – once I figure out what it actually is that is does so extremely well. 😉
    Atm it looks like a very sophisticated bus-/mastering compressor with control of frequency balance, but don’t quote me on that.
    Anyway, bring it on, can’t wait for the first test drive !

  12. After reading the text, I still have no clue on what it does. But it sounds very “sophisticated”. Looking forward to it.

  13. Sweet

  14. Oh MY! Herbert’s at it AGAIN !!! OH JOY ! THANK YOU, I’M PSYCHED !!! God Bless Herbert and Patrick !! You guy ROCK !

  15. Cant wait.. 🙂 Thanks a lot bootsy . Cheers.

  16. observethetrends says:

    A Psychoacoustic plugin! Cool 😀

  17. (bowing and chanting slowly…..)

  18. SlickHDR coming out 27th of January! Aheyiiyeay!

  19. Hopefully a video of this awesome plugin will come out soon for all those visual learners. 🙂

  20. Nice plugin, I just use it in one of my new track and also I posted these release on my website

  21. Wonderful sound design tools! Just dropped in to say thanks for currently using your vst tools to finish mastering my project. I will have to give this new tool a try. 😀


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  2. […] SlickHDR – final teaser & release info […]

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