1. ah, analog!

  2. Pegada!

  3. recursively burning bear says:

    and hypnotic horisontal turquoise peak meter, glowing in darkness

  4. Try to get the best quality you can get sonically. Try to get the best quality you can get musically and creatively. The music and the feel/vibe/magic is infinitely more important than the sonics. But still try to get both if you can. No point in being an inverted snob with todays wonderous tools.

    I have the feel/vibe/magic/voodooa, and I can do a passing impression of immaculate sonics on a good day. But holding life and soul together and drawing breath is the really hard part. We get older it gets harder, as it gets easier.

    We slide down one slope, to only face an uphill struggle on the opposite side. Hopefully at some point it will all meet in the middle. That is the plan, anyway. Happy accidents are always welcome and should be planned for. If they get caught on my Akai tape machine then great. I will embrace the wow and flutter. In fact I have severe 50Hz hum on one side of a DAT that is one of the best recordings I have ever done. If that DAT still plays when I finally find a DAT machine, no way in hell am I iZotope RX’ing it out of the sonic landscape, even though it is annoying all on one side and that annoys me even further.

    But, when the signal to noise balances out to a respectable level and the track kicks in, it feels as if a movement has been passed, and we are onto the next stage. What was annoyance has been resolved and a sense of excitement presents itself, with anticipation of what else is to come, as much as for the resolution of things past.

    I love it all. I look forward to really making something interesting with my terribly recorded and poor condition four track cassettes. In fact, considering they are a quarter of a century old, they are in pretty good nick. I’m not precious. I would bastardise them out of all recognition if it gave birth to something new. As long as it was not all a waste of time. Like life, we must regenerate and respect the past. Paying homage, not being too precious, seeing what sense we can make of it all to make our new brave world of the mind.

    Just one approach.

  5. Hat dies auf Marsis Welt rebloggt.

  6. Not so long ago I had still a car with a k7 player, and a box full of them from my teenage years. So I would listen to them during my commute. I then realised I loved the sound of them. They were wirn out, It was dirty, distorded, saturated etc. The first Rage Against The Machnie especially sounded amazing (granted because this masterpiece sounds amazing everywhere).

    Since then I want to put some tracks through tapes and import them back in my projects. But I guess digital made me lazy. One day …

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