SlickHDR 1.0.1 hotfix containing smaller GUI available

Here is a hotfix containing an alternative and smaller GUI version for SlickHDR (Just necessary if you had display problems on smaller screens).

>>> DOWNLOAD <<<


  1. thank, the other GUI is very big… 🙂

  2. I really love the sound of this new plugin, just adjusting the drive knobs and it immediately takes the mix to the next level! I was worried coz my screen was also a bit small and I couldnt reach the trim knob, but this solves eveything! Thank you Bootsy!

  3. the man knows his public.responds to criticism. and provides free stuff. thank you

  4. Fantastic work sir, top notch plugin. Thank you much. Unreal how nice it works. Have you ever considered developing a re-trigger type slicing effect with a random probability algorithm? Would blow minds I’m sure.

  5. Thanks!

  6. Don’t know yet what does it do, but can never have enough dynamics in the mix. Hopefully this will add to my already nice setup of compressor, expander and transient shaper.

  7. Enrico Pigozzi says:

    live 9 x86 on win 7 x64
    GUI controls not updating at preset change.
    check it please!
    btw, great work for what i could test atm!!!

  8. For those struggling to understand the concept, here’s a little explanation:

  9. Just tested, seems to subtly open the track on which is applied. I really like it, I’ll go on experimenting, thanks for your fantastic work.
    PS: I know that you’re probably sick of this question, but is there any chance to see a native 64bit version of your plugins? Bridging is causing me quite a few problems…

  10. This is good sh*t. We can’t thank you enough for delivering such amazing plugins free of charge, and being always aware of users thoughts and suggestions. I just placed SlickHDR right before the comp-lim and the mix went to a new level by just turning a couple of knobs.

  11. just an idea for the future:
    If you use a vector based format like svg for the guis of your plugins it would be possible that every user can drag the size of the plugin by itself. =)


  1. website link says:

    website link

    SlickHDR 1.0.1 hotfix containing smaller GUI available – Variety Of Sound

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