sharing the same vision …

… at times can lead to something that is much more than the sum of its parts.
And this time its a great pleasure to me to be part of it.



  1. tell me more?

  2. In what way are you guys linking up? Are you releasing a joint plugin?

  3. Interesting notion :•)

  4. recursively burning bear says:

    great news, waiting forward to discover what you develop there, guys 🙂

  5. Cool

  6. real stoked on this!

  7. Is it truly possible that my very favorite top two audio software designers are working together on something? Herbert and Fabien working together ??? This is like a dream come true!!! Oh, what joy !
    This is the most exciting thing this year! Bravo gentlemen!!!

  8. Lol. I opened my e-mail and saw all the logos and thought “Please, please, please…BINGO!” 😀

    Nice move. I am very interested with what you guys come up with. So VOS, TDL & Vlad in one boat?


  9. Two of the most innovative VST developers together?

  10. First vladg and now you too 🙂

  11. vladg too? OMG… this is heaven ! THE Dynamic Trio !

  12. an intrigue…

  13. Does that mean Multi OS & 64bit support for the newcollabo device(s) btw?

  14. 64 bit VST please!

  15. Really very interesting news indeed. You 3 have all impressed me no end with your creations. Molot, TDR Feedback Compressor, Proximity, Baxter Eq and Ferric Tds are all staples in my plugin folder. Can’t wait to see what you come up with as a team! 🙂

  16. Um…If I was a commercial plugin developer I’m a little nervous about this. I can only image what you guys will come up with. This is going to be good.

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