SlickEQ – some more release info

Just a couple of days ago we introduced the upcoming release of SlickEQ and lots of questions raised already. So, here is what Fabien already committed about it in a public forum:

  • Win/Mac, AU/VST2/VST3 (+AAX planned and in process), x32/x64
  • No linux builds planned, sorry.
  • The name is “TDR VOS Slick EQ” and it will be available for free.
  • Release is a matter of days. Maybe a week or two.

As of today I just want to add: With the introduction of TDR VOS SlickEQ, quite a number of amazing and previously unheard DSP algorithms will see the light of day – including (but not limited to) several Stateful Saturation algorithms running within an audio signal path entirely upsampled to a constant high sample rate for maximum precision.

Expect smoothness, best-in-class.

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  1. I don’t think any more because this news blew my mind. 😆

  2. FANTASTIC NEWS !! Really psyched up over this ! and thanks very much for the 64 bit version coming !! You guys are the Supermen of audio plugin excellence ! I can’t thank you enough…..

  3. We expect that, of course. Class act guys !

    Just wish Patrick would have done the GUI…

  4. Thanks! x64 at last!!! Does it mean all other will be upgraded as well in the near future?!
    Looking forward to hear the new plugs! Best regards and thanks again!

  5. So what makes this different from any other EQ, this doesn’t seem as ground breaking as SlickHDR imo

  6. Linux Audio Developer’s Simple Plugin API….nn

  7. susiwong says:

    Besides being an EQ you’ll really want to use for its sonics (not exactly unexpected 😉 ), this plugin will set new standards regarding user experience, those guys really do care about finesse.
    Incredible stuff, here’s hoping this will mark the beginning of a longstanding, fruitful cooperation !

  8. WOW! I always wanted some free eq plugins of those major brands! API, NEVE, SSL… For FREE… 😀
    Now just waiting to see what the major high end plugin companies like UA, URS, MCDSP, WAVES, etc will do…
    They must be scared!

  9. originals by ksav says:

    most plugs here can be compared to waves renaissance versions … amazing quality … esp thrillseeker vbl … but for me (personally) there’s no eq that would “top” let’s say perfect eq
    by kjaerhus gold or super flex eq by fabfilter … is it possible to build mastering eq based on 3
    split parts/3 different modules => low-mid lo , mid low-hi mid and hi mid-hi so that processing
    master tracks could be more precise/accurate? i can’t build plugs … otherwise i would do it
    myself 🙂 thanks again for an amazing work and help to those who loves virtual processors.

  10. Thank you for thinking of us Mac users.

  11. THANK YOU FOR PLANNED AAX!!!! Love the Plugins so much and switching to Pro Tools 11 has been bittersweet.


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