SlickEQ 1.0.1 maintenance update available

1.0.1 Maintenance Update

  • New AAX Editions (experimental, Win32 AAX is not functional).
  • Performance optimizations (+30% in some cases).
  • Value-displays now accept “,” as decimal separator (in addition to “.”)
  • Fixed rare denormal issues
  • User presets slots increased to 10
  • On a Mac, short-cut labels show “Cmd” instead of “Ctrl”
  • Preset code now uses the Plugin-name as root tag (the old format is still supported)
  • Show parameter units in GUI-less mode
  • Fix in mac install script bug which prevented the creation of user presets

The TDR VOS SlickEQ version 1.0.1 is now available from the official labs page:

Best regards, Fabien / Vlad and Herbert


  1. The x64 Windows plugin does not show up in Reaper.

    • Konny bogen says:

      Don’t bother giving any more details like Reaper version etc. You don’t want help.
      It does show up here, no problems at all. Just a typical user error.

      • First off, don’t be a prick. Second, it is latest Reaper (x64) and it is not a user error (99% certain). I have tried bot installer and zip file.

  2. Thanks!

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