announcing SlickEQ “Gentleman’s Edition”


It’s going to be the second joint venture between Vlad and Fabien from Tokyo Dawn Labs and Herbert from Variety Of Sound: The SlickEQ Gentleman’s Edition.

So what will be new and different to that already released SlickEQ?

If your mix needs some surgical deep cuts then green is the way to go

The main EQ section not only adds a steeper curve option for all EQ models in general but also a completely new and surgical EQ model called “Japanese” which appears in green UI colors. Both, peak and shelving filters are carefully designed to have just local effects (frequency wise) and not to impact the overall and uncorrelated frequency spectrum.

Controlling loudness and overall frequency balance

SlickEQ’s filter section is extended by adding a second HP filter option (adding more resonance aka a slight LF bump), a new LP filter with two distinct characteristics and last but not least, a brand new Tilt filter with two different settings. One is performing the classic Tilt filter operation changing the LF/HF frequency balance in an almost linear scale and the other one is applying both, LF and HF boosts to control perceived loudness in a mix.

Getting even more excited

The GE version adds two new exciting (sic!) output stage options: “Excited” and “Toasted”. Both are offering explicit but pleasant harmonic distortion, extending SlickEQ’s capabilities to express quite a number of different tonal textures and colors. Given this, a whole bunch of amplifier models, enhancer and exciter textures or tube and transformer characters can be replicated quite easily.

Easy to use!

The Gentleman’s Edition remains easy to use and makes mixing a bliss: It contains a few but very well-selected set of features which don’t hinder mixing or mastering in any case but just offers great flexibility by combining those features altogether. Carefully designed presets are provided as a starting-point/template and also visual feedback is provided for those who need a visual reference while mixing.



The SlickEQ GE version will probably be available in June 2014 in different formats for both, Mac and PC. It won’t be freeware, though.



  1. I’d be happy to pay. Especially if there’s a Mid-Side version… *hint* 😉

  2. Sounds awesome! I will definitely be keeping an eye here for pricing!

  3. Nice. Can´t wait for the additional stuff. One of the best EQs I have ever heard. Nice knob weighting btw. 😀

  4. Fantastic! Looking forward to it! Go Vlag, Fabien, and Herbert. We love you.

  5. Haldor Torvaldsson says:

    Bootsie you’re too good for Vlad and Fabien!! Please go back to your older stuff. Have you seen SoundToys Juice? Also:

  6. Yeah. Can’t wait it. Sounds great. But please make reasonable price 🙂

  7. It’s only fair, after all the great work that you guys distributed for free, that you release a pay-product now. I like the idea of developing a freeware product and then enhancing it with more sophisticated features. Also I guess you won’t charge astronomically prices for your products!

    Also I’m looking forward to your future joined projects, maybe something in the dynamics field? (a limiter that incorporates the great concepts of all of you 3 guys would be amazing).

    Good luck with everything

  8. jazznfunk says:

    Amazing! 🙂

  9. susiwong says:

    Great new features, count me in !
    Especially looking forward to the tilt and enhanced filters.
    Btw, I’d like to see GEs of your previous plugins too, with the updated UI features and added plugin formats. The smooth MW support alone would make them worth having already, and maybe the budget allows to get rid of the tiny trimmers this time (VBL, Density) ?
    Gentlemen prefer real pot ! ;-P
    no need to change Patrick’s beautiful UIs, just add a small “grey area” below like in SlickEQ.
    you could even leave the original trimmers in place for looks, and simply have additional sliders or knobs below for better control and visual feedback of the same parameters …

  10. sold 🙂

  11. splendid! . .

  12. Christian says:

    Cant wait to buy it! SlickEQ is my go to non-nebula eq.

  13. Yes, I’m IN, also. I’ll be keeping the other version as well, but one can never have too much of this quality of plugin. Continued success and best wishes for your new collaboration. No coincidence that TDR and Vladg were two of my other favourite top freeware plugins already. Great stuff, all of them!

  14. OMG you are making a history in computer based music production 😀

  15. I’m trying to join the club; so thanks, for your collaborations in this world of arts!

  16. susiwong says:

    the Gentleman’s Edition is out !
    don’t miss it.
    just … don’t !
    tea chest time again …
    seriously, a great plugin sensibly refined and expanded – an absolute no-brainer !

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