Kotelnikov GE – mastering

Here is my go-to mastering preset for Kotelnikov GE. Just change the threshold and you are there.

<TDRKotelnikovGE thresholdParam=”-24.0″ peakCrestParam=”-3.0″ softKneeParam=”6.0″ ratioParam=”3.0″ attackParam=”6.0″ releasePeakParam=”20″ releaseRMSParam=”300″ makeUpParam=”0.0″ dryMixParam=”off” outGainParam=”0.0″ keyHPFrequencyParam=”60″ keyHPSlopeParam=”6.0″ keyStereoDiffParam=”80″ keyStereoBalanceParam=”Center” fdrVisibleParam=”On” fdrActiveParam=”On” fdrTypeParam=”Shelf A” fdrFrequencyParam=”50″ fdrAmountParam=”80″ yingParam=”On” yangParam=”Off” deltaParam=”Off” bypassParam=”Off” equalLoudParam=”Off” qualityParam=”Insane” modeParam=”Stereo” grDispScaleParam=”4″ grDispModeParam=”Gain Reduction”/>


  1. Thanks!

  2. Thank you very much….!

  3. First of all, thank you for great plugins! Sorry if this has been asked before but I’m running Cubase LE 6.07 (64bit) on a laptop with Windows 8.1. The laptop has a Intel i7 processor, and 8GB of RAM. I downloaded all your plugins and they all show up in Cubase LE 6.0.7. Fabulous!

    Here’s my issue. With only one Halion Sonic track, a few inserts (eq,compressor) and a send fx to epicverb, and my ASIO has overloads, crackling, popping, clicking.

    What could be the culprit? Is it my machine, the DAW, the plugins, a combination? I thought with a new computer I could put these plugins across multiple tracks and shape tones to my hearts content, that would be amazing!! Hopefully you can help me get to that point.

    Thanks again for your amazing work!!!

    • Do you use the Cubase own wrapper for 32bit plugins?

      • I didn’t download anything to make the 32 bit plugins to show up, so I guess I’m using Cubase’s own wrapper.

        I noticed NastyVCS, FerricTDS, Density, and Tessla for example seem to freeze Cubase the most, requiring restart. If I open another DAW, like Studio One 2 64bit, these plugins don’t show up except the 64bit ones like Kotelnikov.

        I think I like Cubase better though, so if I could get it stable in there it’d be golden.

  4. Awesome Preset – that insane mode makes a really noticable difference.
    That Compressor with your Preset will stay on my Master and in Fact your Preset has leaded me to buy the Genteman Edition 🙂
    Anyway thanks for all your Stuff Herbert ! hopeing to see some news in the future 🙂

  5. Hi, great plugin. Only a question. the setting for mastering at the top of the site is peakCrestParam=”-3.0″ Is it really MINUS (-) 3? Thanks a lot! Tom

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