another hobby of mine

another hobby of mine.

via another hobby of mine.


  1. The coolest picture; congratulations. We miss you in the audio world.

  2. Why do i get asked to login to wordpress with an email that wordpress says has no account?!

  3. Hi Herbert,

    it’s a real bummer you don’t post that often anymore! Reading your blog and mixing with your plugins are a real treasure to me (and I think others, too)!
    Can we expect something new from you anytime soon (either plugins or informative posts)? Or have your interests shifted more towards the “variety of light” :-)…

    All the best,

  4. ZJ Loka le says:

    When will you finally make a 64-bit version of FerricTDS? Could you possibly collaborate with Tokyo Dawn to get a 64-bit version of FerricTDS out? It’s a beautiful plugin and it deserves that special attention. You don’t have to port ALL of your older plugins to 64-bit, but just picking 1 winner to begin with would be appreciated by people so deeply. It’s like paying homage to something great – “The amazing classic freeware plugin FerricTDS has been updated to 64 bit.”

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