Survey: Which software sampler are you using and why?


  1. Bthelick says:

    Ableton’s own mainly, for ease of use.
    Kontakt for available libraries
    Plogue Sfz for everything else.

  2. nicolas herz says:

    if its to be just simple sample playback i use sample one in studio one. if it comes to more complex stuff i need to create, i use either falcon or kontakt.

  3. Used to use LinuxSampler with libraries in SFZ format. But over the years I switched to Kontakt. I got Kontakt 5 during one of Native Instruments spring sales some years ago (and then upgraded to version 6). You can get VERY GOOD libraries for free for Kontakt, so I decided to switch.

  4. Martin Guldberg says:

    I mainly use NI Kontakt but since I am a Cubase user I also have access to Steinbergs Halion.

  5. Maschine software for own samples.
    Kontakt for 3rd party.
    Not got my head around or a need for the Cubase sampler, maybe one day.

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