[CLOSED] VoS plugins 64bit public beta 1

Update 07/16/21: The beta has been closed. Stay tuned for upcoming info and releases. For the time being, the beta package remains available in the download section. Thanks to all here for contributing!!!

Until around mid July you can grab here the VoS plugin 64bit public beta package. Included are epicVerb, BaxterEQ, preFIX, NastyDLAmkII, NastyVCS and DensityMkIII in both 32 and 64 bit, VST 2 and 3 for Windows PC.

Please be careful using them since they are beta. They might crash, generate loud noises and things like that. Also do not use them in real productions since parameters and settings might change until release and break compatibility.

To report issues just create a comment right to this post and please include detailed information about the issue, which plugin is actually affected and in which host and version.


  1. Duarte Cancela says:

    Good news! thank you very much!

  2. Lourival Franco says:

    NastyDLA was my delay of choice for years, but I’ve stopped using it because there was no 64bits version. I’m gonna use it again now!
    And what about FERRIC?

  3. YESSSSSSS! Much appreciated!!!

  4. Michat @ kvraudio.com says:

    Herbert, this is really great news. As you might remember I’ve always been a fan of your plugins and really appreciate your work to port them to 64 bits.
    And I also hope that you might step into new territories and develop new stuff in the future 🙂

    Greetings from the west of Germany

  5. Hi H.

    > All vst’s fail to load after extracted folder was copied to plug in’s folder and scanned in Reaper.
    > Doesn’t show up in ‘new plugin’ or when searched

    Win10 Laptop
    Reaper 6.29

    • Can other Reaper users confirm this?

      • OlivierD says:

        Works for me.
        Reaper 6.29
        Windows 10
        64 bit VST3

      • Gerainsan says:

        All plugins work fine in my Reaper (Windows 10 x64)

      • hodshonf says:

        Works in Reaper here as well.

        • pophippy says:

          Still have the old VOS installed? this wont have an effect right? I’ll double check my vst paths again tonight….

          • hodshonf says:

            I am full 64bit, so I do not have the 32bit VoS installed.

            I do not know if having the old VoS would interfere with the new batch.

            Probably wouldn’t hurt to back them up, delete them, and remove their paths from Reaper.

            • Well I have tried everything I can think of –
              > Removed all my the plug ins in Reaper
              > Only added the 64bit VOS plugs > cleared cache > rescanned > issue still persist

              Now I have been scouring the forums about 64 bit plugs and 32 bit plugs runnig in Reaper and can’t seem to find any solution to my problem.

              When I check under Reaper “Plug in’s that failed to scan” all of the VOS 64 and vst3’s are listed…

              Never had problems with VST’s and now this…. quite bizzarre?

      • In Reaper you must run, “scan for new/updated vst pkugins” another way you can use them.

  6. Michael says:

    I can’t tell you how fantastic it is to have your plugins again! So far, Baxter, Nastly DLA, Density & Epicverb seem to work fine in Adobe Audition. Will test in Nuendo 8 later today!

  7. Petemus says:

    After a quick test, all working fine in Cakewalk by Bandlab – soundwise and UX-wise. Will do some further tweaking tomorrow.

    I’d given up on using these due to 32-bitness, but now they’re sure to make a comeback! Baxter, Density… oh yeah. Ear and eye candy available again. Ferric would also be terrific!

  8. hodshonf says:

    just set up a chain for fretless bass – holy cow!

    these are FANTASTIC – the saturation on NastyVCS saved my fretless tone!

    amazing – so great to have these back!


  9. HERBEEEEERT! Don’t going to break EpicVerb! Don’t make a mistake with EpicVerb. It’s the best reverb in the galaxy, in my galaxy pues.

    • It’s the same epicVerb as the 32bit version – so what do you mean?

      • Ja, ja, ja, Herbert, it’s magnificent, Epicverb is running again in my noises, in my themes, in my tracks, in my soul… I love you man. And NASTYVCS is my best strip dinamycs controller. Ferric all in all for my sounds. Herbert! YOU MUST BORN AGAIN IN THE WORLD.

  10. You should remove the “Eventually” from the description. It doesn’t mean the same as “eventuell” in German; that’s already covered by the “they might crash”. “Eventually” means that something will happen in the future, but you need to wait. It basically means “irgendwann”.

    “Eventually” and “eventuell” are what we call “false friends”. They look like they should mean the same thing, but they means something quite different.

  11. Do you think there will ever be an update to the ThrillseekerVBL? I Love that plugin(!!!), and it would be awesome to see an updated 64-bit version of it.

    • SNTMNTL says:

      Looking forward to that too! The whole Thrillseeker series has such a unique (in the digital realm) and useful sonic imprint!

  12. Olivier Letellier says:


  13. Roberto Martínez says:

    Oh my God! Thank you very much! I love all your plugins! Thank you so much!

  14. Petemus says:

    Any chance of adding mouse wheel support to controls at this stage?

    PluginUi.EnableControlMouseWheel(true); or something along those lines. 😁

  15. Thank God You came back with refresh for those FANTASTIC plugins.

    Is there any chance for ThrillseekerXTC. It’s my goto plugin for many years. I use it on almost every channel, and it’s my secret weapon on vocals, even in 32bit, but please!
    Also the mighty SlickHDR!

    Is there any chance in the future for resizable GUI for Us 4K monitor owners?

    Thanks for Your great work!

  16. Tessla SE is one of my favorite saturation plugins long time ago..i hope 64bit it will available soon.. Anyway ..thank you very much..luv VOS plugins..😃

  17. Much love and respect and a big THANK YOU!! for this update
    Beside the quality of your plugins (havn’t try the update yet but I’m pretty sure the code quality havn’t change) I’d like to say that I really like the fact that they are still free and that there is no installer but dll and vst3 files. Exacty the way how plugins should be released (IMO).

  18. I really like these free plugins and it’s great they are now (soon) available in 64-bit!
    There is only 1 thing I am missing (compared to most new plugins): It would be great if the controls could be adjusted with the mouse wheel (and maybe with Shift+mouse wheel for fine tuning)!

  19. Thanks! Epicverb and Density still got it!

    • EpicVerb, Density, and Nasty VCS are smoking my more “boutique” plugins from othe well known makers.

      The VoS stuff just sounds right.

  20. Is it allowed to ask if you used any plugin framework for updating, like, did you use this 64bit FlowStone or maybe something like Juce/IPlug?

  21. woooooo, fantastic thankyou

    I have found 1 recreateable bug so far, the input/drive on DensityIII is linked under the hud even in non-linked mode. graphically the knobs are independant but you can see and hear the threshold drop for both channels.

    There appreas to be a bug in VCS that mutes output with a certain order of modules enabled but I haven’t been able to recreate it, it’s just happend a couple of times while I was turning the comp and lim in/out.

    best of luck

    Will we see any from the Thrillseeker series?

  22. Prinz Acim says:

    The best news in 2021 😀 * downloaded the pack and I still love your plugins!!! Please please please release the Ferric and the Thrill seeker, too!!! Please. Good luck, stay healthy und bitte weiter so! Ich hab deine Plugins sooooo vermisst 🙂

  23. Oh yeah

  24. Will we have x86 versions back?

  25. myrmidongs says:

    Not able to use the VST2 or VST3 64 bit versions.

    Windows 10 21H1 (Build 19043.1052)
    AMD Ryzen 5 1600

    Element VST Host 0.45.1

    When trying to add the plugins, Element throws the error “Deactivated after failing to initialise correctly”, doesn’t give me any more details than that 😦

  26. Jonathan says:

    Great plug-ins! I used the 32 bit versions in Cubase 4 LE with no problems, but have just upgraded to Cubase Pro 11 on a Lenovo C940 running Windows 10. The beta 64 bit Density III loads, but can’t seem to find the presets (and nor can I!). Otherwise it works well. Thanks.

  27. SNTMNTL says:

    Are there any presets included for the VST3 64 bit version of Nasty DLA mkII? I seem to remember there were presets in the original version, but I can’t seem to find any when using the plugin in Ableton Live 11 (Windows).


  28. Yes it has presets, they should be accessible as in the old version. Works fine here also in Ableton, although its an older version 8.x
    Is that issue occuring with the VST 2 or 3 version of the plugin?

    • SNTMNTL says:

      VST3 version. Further research revealed that Ableton, even though v11 supports VST3, does not handle VST3 plugins presets well. The Ableton browser does not show VST3 presets. So I guess VST2 version is preferable when using Ableton.

  29. Ragar Roeck says:

    I’m happy to report all of the plugins work unter Linux/Mint via Wine and yabridge as VST3. Small GUI on 4K-monitor (first world problems).

  30. Just tested the 64 bit VST2 and VST3 plugins in Mixbus 32C v7.0.0

    The only issue I found was that the VST3 version of DensityMkIII causes Mixbus 32C to crash as soon as it is inserted on a track. The VST2 version of DensityMkIII loads just fine.

    All the other plugins (VST2 and VST3) seems to work fine. The extent of my testing was to load each plugin, move all the knobs, make some basic settings, then load several of the presets.

    I’m loving it so far.

    • I should add that Mixbus 32C doesn’t always play well with VST3 plugins (known issue), so the problem may be with Mixbus and not with the Density plugin.

  31. Daniel GoodAir says:

    Por ahora Todos los plugins Beta funcionan sin ningun inconveniente en MPC Software and Cakewalk by Bandlab (El hecho por el cual utilizo estos vst de VoS es que me “Vuelan la nuca” a mis baterias y synht´s) ojala se puedan mejorar los demas complementos EXITOS!!!!

  32. Fershal says:

    Release under Mac OS is not planned? It would be interesting to try.

  33. Thanks very much, Herbert! I never stopped using your plugins, they are something special. Very happy you are back working on them.
    I have a small feature request, if it doesn’t require too much work. Would it be possible to control the knobs and parameters of your plugins using the mouse wheel? Thanks again!

  34. brant sankey says:

    Just started loading these up yesterday:

    VCS sounds great! Had an issue in 64bit vst2 with some modules not turning on (specifically the saturation and input gain) but responding once the limiter control was adjusted. It didnt do this 100% of the time, but more than not. Not sure what would link those.

    Prefix worked great, but the lookahead on the gate actually moves the processed signal forward. Was that intended? (I think it did this for me on the original 32bit as well)

    Thanks for getting these to 64bit! Most of your plugins are personal favorites of mine and it’s great to see they’re not abandoned! Cheers!

    • SNTMNTL says:

      I encountered similar issues with VCS, but in the VST3 version (Ableton Live). At one point my mouse cursor disappeared within the Ableton UI and I had to close Ableton. At some point increasing the limiter resulted in an increase in output gain and some of the modules, even though switched on, would not process the signal. It’s to early to tell and in general I like what VCS has on board (especially the saturation and the compressor). I will further report once collected more experiential evidence!

    • Could you please elaborate on the preFix issue a little bit more, since it does not have an explicit sort of lookahead. Is this related to specific Attack/Hold/Release Times? Is it sort of a delay or …?

  35. Tekkerue says:

    YES! VoS is back!!! This is great news!

  36. Waww…www…www! Epicverb is now the only reverb for my task in DAWs, I can say the same for NastyVSC. I love really these toys for my productions, also bootEQ mkII is my favorite preamp Eq, I use in here, in there, in aka, in alla, in post mixing…IN ALL MY STUFF. FerricTDS is the must wanted in my tracks, it has no mother(“NO TIENE MADRE”)it is amazing. I like to play very often with NastyDLA, I love saturation in this toy, and finally density mkll, it’s my be loved M/S compressor, “es la ostia tio” it’s THE COMPRESSOR! In Reaper I use all of them with no problem, 64 bits and 32 bits, I use ableton too and Waveform 11, here I can only use 64 bits. Reaper is the only DAW in that I haven’t found any problem with the new update for these toys, the other toys run at 32 bits perfect in the Reaper’s bridge and, this DAW has the most clean and transparent enginge sound in the market so, I can hear really the true coloring and saturations or not saturation and boots and compressions on trasients in my mixs with VoS’s toys. I love these toys, even above analogue obsession toys.

  37. awesome news, can’t wait to try them out!

    nasty dla is one of my go tos, but epic verb is also something i’d grab really quick, it i need a low cpu reverb, for its versatility, quick setup, and range of sounds. ferric i also found uncannily well sounding, even though i didn’t much like the interface, and have other go tos, for tape, and density i held on to just because – it’s always nice to have an extra fairchild option, and it actually behaved like one.

    i’m really excited to see the makeover, like i just a package in the mail. congratulations! i’ll chip in if i note anything worth reporting.

  38. Dude, are you kidding me? The epicverb sounds ridiculous. Even better than I remember it on 32 bit. Don’t know it you’ve changed anything, but it might become a “serious” staple, not just a quick fix reverb. The Reverb to Ambience switch now works as it should have. The dispersion and depth are great.

    NASTY VCS feedback

    OUTPUT volume doesn’t work on my system – it does nothing – both VST2 and VST3.
    LIMITER Off cuts the signal completely (VST2, not VST3). The Output volume doesn’t work with the Limiter off (both VST2 and VST3). Toggling the plugin On/Off then engages a really high volume (VST2).

    WIndows 10H2, Cakewalk 2021.06.

  39. myrmidongs says:

    Could not ever get the plugins to work in Element VST host as I posted before. I decided to try Cantabile Lite which also is not able to load the plugins. Strangely enough, LightHost is able to use them, but it doesn’t offer the more advanced routing I need from either Element or Cantabile.

  40. Will you including Ferric, too, in the 64 bit release?

  41. Vinicius says:

    Still hoping for a macOS release… fingers crossed!

  42. Benjamin Utreras says:

    im so happy that youre back, ive been waiting and checking your website for years for this update

  43. Everything works fine here -Reaper 6 Win 10- but VCS commands just stop responding a few seconds after the plugin is instantiated. Keep up the excellent work!

  44. Thanks so much for doing this. Looking forward to trying them out.

  45. Very excited to see that you’re updating the VOS line to 64-bit…

    Have tested the public beta 1 versions above in Windows 10 x64, REAPER and have found no issues thus far. All seem stable and CPU efficient.

    Most of all, looking forward to ThrillseekerLA and VBL ahead, as well as the rest. Thanks for all.

  46. Brian E says:

    I’m unable to write automation by moving UI parameters, although write/read work when directly automating in DAW lanes (VST3/Win10/Reaper).

    Anyone else experiencing this?

    Anyway so happy to see these come back. NastyDLA is a gem.

    • I have the same problem, but just in the VST3 versions. In the VST2 versions the touch, latch and write automations are working well.
      Reaper/Windows 7.

  47. Wagner Santos says:

    thank you so much for your great work.
    I’m having problems with Prefix, it doesn’t apply any processing to the audio.

    Windows 10 Pc
    Studio One Pro 5


    anxious to use Ferric i 64 bits!!

  49. Cool news, dreamed about it! I will wait for the next version after beta

  50. I can’t tell you how glad I am to have your plugins in 64 Bits! But as this is a beta, I want to tell you my observations. I am using Studio One 5.3 and all plugins as VST3 in 64 Bits.

    For me the Studio One Bypass button didn’t work in any plugin. Also, there were no presets in any plugin.

    Concerning NastyVCS:
    I do not get the Limiter… when the input is low and the DB display is showing no gain reduction, the Limiter Control works like a Output Gain and increases the output volume. And now, just an hour later I cannot reproduce it.

    I also had a situation, when Compressor and Limiter were off (IN not pressed) and I turn the EQ part off, I got no signal out. Tried it several times. EQ on – signal. EQ off – no signal. When I reenabled the Limiter (or maybe the compressor…) I could switch all modules like they are supposed to be.

    And I lost the mouse pointer twice, the first time I had to close Studio One with Keyboard Shortcuts – the second time I noticed that it got stuck on the phase knob. Mouse pointer was invisible but moving it up and down changed the phase. I managed to klick the phase knob with the invisible mouse and got my pointer back.

    Thanks a lot for these great plugins!

  51. I don’t know if something’s changed in the DSP, but Nasty DLA also sounds better, to me. It seems more balanced, frequency wise, smoother and deeper. It was one of my go tos before, for clean, sharp delays (it was bit spiky), but the new version is a class above.

  52. not working in Bitwig

  53. None of the plugins, VST2 or VST3 are being recognized at all. I’ve had plugins which only the VST2 worked, or vice versa, before, but I’ve never had both go unrecognized. Very odd.
    I’m running PreSonus Studio One v4.6.2 on Win7Ult.x64 SP1.
    I am glad that you’re diving into the 64bit revamp, though.
    (Additionally, I have to add that SlickEQ has been a go-to EQ for me for years. Wonderful work.)


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