The TesslaSE Remake

There were so many requests to revive the old and rusty TesslaSE which I’ve once moved already into the legacy folder. In this article I’m going to talk a little bit about the history of the plugin and its upcoming remake.

The original TesslaSE audio plugin was one of my first DSP designs aiming at a convincing analog signal path emulation and it was created already 15 years ago! In its release info it stated to “model pleasant sounding ‘electric effects’ coming from transformer coupled tube circuits in a digital controlled fashion” which basically refers to adding harmonic content and some subtle saturation as well as spatial effects to the incoming audio. In contrast to static waveshaping approaches quite common to that time, those effects were already inherently frequency dependent and managed within a mid/side matrix underneath.

(Later on, this approach emerged into a true stateful saturation framework capable of modeling not only memoryless circuits and the TesslaPro version took advantage of audio transient management as well.)

This design was also utilized to supress unwanted aliasing artifacts since flawless oversampling was still computational expensive to that time. And offering zero latency on top, TesslaSE always had a clear focus on being applied over the entire mixing stage, providing all those analog signal path subtleties here and there. All later revisions also sticked to the very same concept.

With the 2021 remake, TesslaSE mkII won’t change that as well but just polishing whats already there. The internal gainstaging has been reworked so that everything appears gain compensated to the outside and is dead-easy to operate within a slick, modernized user interface. Also the transformer/tube cicuit modeling got some updates now to appear more detailed and vibrant, while all non-linear algorithms got oversampled for additional aliasing supression.

On my very own, I really enjoy the elegant sound of the update now!

TesslaSE mkII will be released by end of November for PC/VST under a freeware license.


  1. Gilbert 3000 says:

    That’s great !!!!

  2. Martin Guldberg says:

    I will be looking forward to the new version. I have always been a fan og the VoS emulations of analog non linearities or saturation.

  3. Franci Zabukovec says:

    Big thank you !!!

  4. very cool news

  5. Yes big thank you! Always loved this plug-in – looking forward to using the 64 bit version.

    Any chance of Thrillseeker VBL 64 bit at some point? I use that on my mix bus in pretty much every mix.

  6. Wow ! Using it all the time ! can’t waiittt ^^

  7. Can’t wait for it!

  8. Thanks Bootsy. I will definitely check it out. Best wishes

  9. Dirty Digits says:

    Yes Yes Yes,was always my favourite VOS plug and my go to for warmth, grit, mojo, and more cowbell 🙂 sorely missed I went all 64bit. Can’t wait. THANKS!!!!!!

  10. beatcreatives says:

    Its nearly the end of November

  11. Really great news! ❤ 🙂

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