TesslaSE mkII released

TesslaSE mkII – All the analog goodness in subtle doses

TesslaSE never meant to be a distortion box but rather focused on bringing all those subtle saturation and widening (side-) effects from the analog right into the digital domain. It sligthly colors the sound, polishes transients and creates depth and dimension in the stereo field. All the analog goodness in subtle doses. It’s a mixing effect intended to be used here and there where the mix demands it. It offers a low CPU profile and (almost) zero latency.

With it’s 2021 remake, TesslaSE mkII sticks to exactly that by just polishing whats already there. The internal gainstaging has been reworked so that everything appears gain compensated to the outside and is dead-easy to operate within a slick, modernized user interface. Also the transformer/tube cicuit modeling got some updates to appear more detailed and vibrant, while all non-linear algorithms got oversampled for additional aliasing supression.

Available for Windows VST in 32 and 64bit as freeware. Download your copy here.


  1. *Rubbing hands*
    early Xmas for us eh!
    Thanks so so much Herb.

  2. Alberto de Victoria says:

    This is so brilliant!

  3. Big news!!! Thanks!!!

  4. This stateful saturation model you made Herb, it feels like the harmonics have their own evelope almost, like some frequencies react fast and other more ‘lazy’. is that what I’m hearing? is it on the modeling or is that purely psycoacoustic?
    It’s magic whatever it is.

  5. this makes up for a lot of grey November days. The original was the last reason to not close down the 32 bit plugin folder! Very first impression: really makes a recently recorded jazz guitar duo shine.
    really appreciated Herbert
    and thanks a lot!

  6. I’m sad, they don’t work for me either in 64bits (cubase 10 W10) or in 32bits (new 4 W10). The old plugins do still work.

  7. wow, i didn’t like the plugin in its initial version, but i can’t wait to try this one. you can always use the silky excitement, smooth punch and stereo stage of analog. thanks, man!

  8. Release date 31.11.2021 (on the download page)? Otherworldy 😀

  9. beatcreatives says:

    This is awesome. The original didn’t work for me, but this one works wonders even in small amounts.

  10. I loved Tessla and still do. It’s so so so good that you are, Herbert !

  11. heavymetalmixer says:

    Thanks for the christmas gift 😀

  12. Looking forward to work with!

  13. Great news! Unfortunately it’s missing a gain staging control like in ThrillseekerXTC mkII! Or at least a negative drive control. Because when the input signal is too hot for TesslaSE, basically there’s no way to calibrate withing the plugin, which is frustrating!

  14. Sounds great! Put it on the mix buss of my current mix!

  15. zabukowski says:

    Wetting my pants … thank you =:)

  16. This plugin sounds great! Just that subtle something to add an interesting flavor. Most of these types of plugins I’ve tried from other devs tend to just smear the sound, but this one is just fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing it!

  17. Hi Herbert,
    any plans on rereleasing Rescue and/or RescueAE? I always loved them! I know they are in your legacy department at the moment – but on the other hand TeslaSE was there as well and had smashing come back…:-)

  18. Downloaded this beast the day it was released, wasn’t expecting an update for this one! I’ve been missing it so bad lately. I’ve never stopped using you’re plugins since I discovered them 8 years ago. So much life in this one and all on the updates, it’s insane!! Thank you so much for your hard work! Happy holidays Herb.

    Cheers !

  19. Thanks Bootsy. Merry Christmas to you.

  20. Brilliant! 🙂 ❤

  21. Rio Goutama says:


  22. Want try It!

  23. Christmas Time.. Many thanks ! Hope Thrillseeker VBL will come in 64 bit soon, i love that one 😉 Cheers !!!

  24. This is a jewel of a plugin, I use it before FerricTDS mkII, and now my drums sound VIOLENT.
    Really good job!!

  25. Just fantastic. I’m grateful!

  26. All the new released plugins don’t load on Windows XP. It looks like they were not compiled to work on Windows XP and support was dropped for Windows XP.


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