a brief 2021 blogging recap and 2022 outlook

Currently on my desk, awaiting further analysis: The Manultec Orca Bay EQ

Rebuilding my studio and restarting blogging activities one year ago was pretty much fun so far. Best hobby ever! To get things started in Jan/Feb this year, I did a short summary about the recent trends in audio and I might revise and update that in January again. Quite some audio gear caught my attention over the year and some found its way into the Blog or even in my humble new studio setup, e.g. the unique SOMA Lyra-8 and the Korg MS-20 remake as well as the Behringer Clone of the ARP 2600.

I also went into more detail on how to get the most out of the SPL Tube Vitalizer or the renaissance of the Baxandall EQs just to name the two topics and also had a more realistic look at the Pultec style equalizer designs which might be something I will continue to dig into a little bit further in 2022. As of lately I’m also intrigued by some analog effect pedal designs out there, namely the Fairfield Circuitry stuff. And as always, I’m highly interested in everything psychoacoustic related.

By end of August I started re-releasing my very own plugins and also did mkII versions for FerricTDS, ThrillseekerXTC and TesslaSE. I will continue that route and on top of my list is to have the whole Thrillseeker plugin series complete and available again. Some are asking me if I will develop brand new audio plugins as well. While I’m doing that already but just for my very own, at this point in time it remains unclear if some of that stuff will ever gonna make it into a public release. But you never know, the TesslaSE remake was also not planned at all.

Something I will continue for sure is that special developer interview series I did over the years. This year I already had the chance to talk to Vladislav Goncharov from Tokyo Dawn Labs and Andreas Eschenwecker from Vertigo Sound which gave some detailed insights about creating analog and digital audio devices, especially dynamic processors. To be published in January, the very next interview has also been done already and this time it will be with this years Technical Grammy Award winner, Daniel Weiss.

I’m looking forward to 2022!

Stay tuned


  1. Alberto de Victoria says:

    That interview Will be great!

  2. So glad to see you up and running again! It’s nice to see a genuine enthusiast writing and re-releasing plugins again!!! Have a great rest of the year, and on to the next one!

  3. Yabino Davvero says:

    I hope we’ll see a BootEQ mkIII down the line.

    Happy end of the year celebrations Herbert!!!

  4. All The Best to you and all your relatives, your family, Herbert ! The world needs people like you – idealists, passionates and talented who shares his talents to the world. Love your work ! Stay save and stay as you are ! Happy 2022 !

  5. Happy new year!!!! and thanks for sharing your magic !!! what good news to know that we will have the complete thrillseeker series in 64 bits !!! I also vote for BootEq in 64 bits !!

  6. Thank you for all your contributions so far! All the best from Serbia.

  7. Insisto…Herbert…l love hoy so much because epicverb is my soup, my bread, my Milk, my vitamins for my “noises”. Epicverb, Epicverb, E. P. I. C. V. E. R. B. OMG! Thanks because Herbert is here…with us.

  8. It is really great to see You back in action. Stay safe and healthy. 🙂 ❤

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