FlavourMTC “Mixbus Tone Control” released

FlavourMTC follows classic “passive” equalizer designs where the EQ circuits itself are not able to amplify signals but a dedicated amplifier stage takes care of it. Those EQ designs are well known for allowing very transparent frequency changes while their amplifier designs do add some icing on the cake quite often.

mixbus tone control – closest to analog

FlavourMTC implements this by utilizing 1st order shelving filter designs avoiding unwanted resonances and takes advantage of “zero delay” implementations for most accurate higher order filtering and w/o introducing curve warping near Nyquist frequency. The output amplifier stage of the plugin can be calibrated according specific mixing levels, provides a distinct “box tone” and glues everything together. Parts of the plugin are oversampled internally for maximum transparency and sound quality.

Available for Windows VST in 32 and 64bit as freeware. Download your copy here.


  1. Bthelick says:

    whaaaaa??? we get NEW stuff as well as remakes?!
    Thankyou so much Herbert for your generosity and expertise.

  2. Thank you! Great to see new designs!

  3. OMG, thank you Herbert for every piece-of-cake-plugin you’re giving us. Your FX can compete with commercial ones and i cannot recommend enough the TDR EQs from VoS!

  4. Kristian Barrera says:

    Thanks Mr. Herbert.

    I´m trying it now, along with the manual, that is an enlightment experience for me, ever.
    It sounds awesome as always, testing it brings a lot of deep bottom balls (sorry, cant get another word to describe the sonic effect, lol) to the sound.

    Thanks for your awesome work; again, one of the best VSTs on the planet.

    PD: Sorry about my english, not native speaker.

  5. This really made my day. That we get to see completely new stuff from you is just amazing! Thank you so much Herbert!

  6. Banger!

  7. KeyMaker says:

    An amazing plugin, as always! Just one thing to check, the frequency selector for the low end doesn’t make any difference. I love the plugin, i’ll be waiting the revisited version to added to my mixbus permanently!

  8. Amazing! I love your plugins, and I love that you have a 32 bit version, Thanks a lot Variety Of Sound! God bless you!

  9. Roberto says:

    sounds incredible, you are a genius, you are in the world top of plugins, thanks for helping us to sound better, thanks every day

  10. Hi.
    I wonder if any of those VoS plugins does oversampling?

    • Check the description of the plugin, it seems to use oversampling in some parts, maybe where it is important to prevent aliasing or cramping 😉.

  11. Gary M Shore says:

    Appreciate it if someone could post a link to the manual…

  12. wow… Thank you Bootsy… Best regards…

  13. Hello Herbert. The plugins (32 and 64 bit versions) are not showing up in latest REAPER 6.58, Win 11. Could you please check what’s the matter? Thanks, Jay!

  14. i have a question..the mkIII version can not read the vst presets i made with mkII ? on cubase i converted the program list of mkII into vst presets and put them into the mkIII folder but when i try to open one preset it only shows the mkIII presets.is it even techically possible that the mkII presets work in the mkIII version? thank you for your time and effort i really love your plugins

  15. Strange i did not get a newsletter email regarding this release… Just checking it out now 😛 (after i saw a newsletter about ‘Short review from Bedroom Producers Blog ‘ )

    I will definitely check this out soon Bootsy… Thanks and cheers..

  16. This is my new favourite EQ for kick and toms 😊 The resonance of the low-band is just perfect, and the high-band gives you that airy baxandall like sound. Delightful to see you release new stuff!

  17. Stefan says:

    Great! Thank you.

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