In case of VoS plugins not showing up in your VST host

On some Windows installations there are no Visual C++ runtime libraries installed by default anymore. Make sure then to just install that package – for a free and safe download at just lookup “Visual C++ runtime 2013 download”.


  1. Thank you. This could save a lot of users some frustration. If only other software devs reminded their users of this from time to time.

  2. Hello, hope you’re doing well. Patiently hoping you change your mind on epicVerb 64bit.

    epicVerb & VBL I’ve used on almost every project I ever made. epicVerb as a effects send on almost every track in every project.

    Thank you for your time on these fantastic projects.

  3. All the new released plugins don’t load on Windows XP. It looks like they were not compiled to work on Windows XP and support was dropped for Windows XP.

  4. Hi, why am I unable to download Thrillseeker LA?

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