I need your support!

Since I left Facebook and also don’t have the time to join all these forums – could you support me here and share the info about releases, updates etc. in your social media sphere? Maybe a note in a forum, something like that.
Just help me spread the word ….
Thanks in advance!


  1. It’s hard to stay in the news without Social Media. If you don’t give them your personal data, you don’t exist 😦 10+ years ago people used RSS feed readers, dynamic bookmarks like del.icio.us to get the latest content, but now they don’t need them, they browse the web through social feeds and only see news where the operators can display a lot of ads.

    But the latest VOS plugin updates have not been published in KVR news either. I think KVR is still followed by many people with direct traffic. Have you also left KVR for some reason?

  2. Whenever you publish a new plugin or an update I post something in the related groups that I frequent (facebook, IG, forums, etc). At least in the Spanish speaking ones you are covered!!! and in BPB they usually appear in the news too. You have our support!!!

  3. try gab, rumble, stuff like that, that doesn’t condition your access on leftist political compliance. i’ll share your posts on gab. they cancelled my facebook account, anyway. it was “misinformation” to speak of all the things they have no choice but to now confirm.

  4. Bohdan Sinchenko says:

    I will be able to share information on Facebook. This is the smallest thank you can be for your incredible work!

  5. I always see your stuff in the gives FB groups right after your newsletters. I think you are good there. However, your presence there would be awesome 🙂

  6. Martin Guldberg says:

    Sure! I will be happy to spread the rumour about the re-releases of these valuable and top notch plugins.



  7. Loren Knight says:

    Yes, I’m a long time supporter but I’ll share about your plug-ins with the Produce Like A Pro academy (some already know about you).

  8. Absolutely.

    Although I also left Facebook haha.
    I do make YouTube videos though. on music theory in dance music, and include links to your plugs regularly.

    I’m not very popular yet but it’s a long road.

  9. Also being absent from the so-called social media, I’ll continue as I’ve always done: word of mouth!

  10. I am more than happy to spread the word for you! Will chime in on Gear Space and other forums! Thank you for such amazing and useful plugins! Forever a fan!

  11. Oh, I am doing this already – whenever I feel its cool I post it along my FB-page regarding my little workshop-school. /.-)



    Keep up the great work!

    Cheers from Cologne,


  12. Thanks Herbert,Keep up the great work.
    Hello from France

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