the history of Cubase

When Cubase 3.0 came out in 1996 and introduced VST for the first time with all its new and fascinating possibilities, that was the point where I decided to get more involved in music production and set up a small (home) recording studio. VST was the basis for all this and how I imagined a modern (computer based) studio production. What a revolution that was. Watching this video today brings up a lot of nostalgic feelings …


  1. Joseph O'Beirne says:

    Know we have Cockos Reaper, a Multitrack recorder on Steroids! Oh sweet joy 🤩 👏👏👏

  2. audiophoria says:

    I remember first seeing that early Steinberg Moog VST. I was gobsmacked. Of course, it brought my PC to it’s knees but it showed what the future of of plugins would bring.

  3. I started my journey on Cubase. I worked at a music shop in the late 90s, and we were trained to use all the daws so we could demo and sell studio builds. Pro tools, Digital Performer, Logic (pre apple), Sonar, Acid, Reason and Cubase. After learning them all it was a no brainer, Cubase was so ahead on so many fronts. VST, 32bit float audio, editing features (audio handles!) that so many have copied since. Its a shame its UI is a bit of a mess, and it seems like they’re on less than a million users now which saddens me.
    I left it for ableton about 10 years ago but I have fond memories and through vst I still benefit.
    Salute to you Steinberg you will always be the geniuses that enabled my music career ❤

  4. I am still on it Bootsy. 🙂 . The DAW(3.11) is still running strong and i use it every day… Its connected to a whole lot of gear from that era, on WinXP 32 bit. Standalone (not connected to the net).. 😀


  5. I also got my start on Cubase (though much later on SX, around 2002). Great, groundbreaking DAW. Shame that Pro Tools had such a stranglehold on the industry through much of the 90s/00s


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