the beauty of opto-electrical compression – volume 2

When I was looking for a sophisticated stereo compressor for the outboard studio rack a year ago, I was surprised to see how many of the more interesting models now use opto-electric compression technology. Whether transparent or coloring, tube or solid-state amplifiers, transformer or transformerless, even two-channel layouts in mid/side encoding: far advanced compared to all the classic mono replicas.

Optical compressors are usually characterized by their distinct program-dependent compression behavior, mainly based on a physical memory effect in the detector itself. Other subtle nuances are found across the frequency spectrum that affect timing and curve characteristics, creating a complexity that cannot be reduced to simple two-stage controlled release curves, and which is the beauty of opto-electrical compression in its entirety.

Significant audio signal colorations, however, are shaped not by the gain reduction circuitry but by the make-up gain amplifier, whether it is tube or solid-state. Here, the audio transformer also plays an important role in polishing the transients and creating a cohesive sound.

ThrillseekerLA was designed from the beginning in 2012 as a modern stereo compressor with exciting sound coloring possibilities. It is a compressor with authentic opto-electric control behavior in feed-forward circuit topology.

The upcoming mkII update is a technical redesign dedicated solely to improving the sound. It delivers a unique box tone with thrilling bass and elegant top end void of any harshness in the mids. The compression not only glues everything together effortlessly, but also enhances the stereo image by adding depth and dimension.

The release is scheduled for mid-December.


  1. Cant tell you how much I appreciate your work.

  2. I use your plugins in every project! Fantastic work. Thanks a lot! Can’t wait for the new release.

  3. Looking forward to it.

  4. Great news!

  5. Great news! Thank you!
    And yet I want to ask a question, are there plans for vst3 versions, and / or clap versions?

  6. Great news, really hope it will have input/output link working properly, unlike the last thrillseeker, which sounds great, unfortunately not using it because of that.

  7. I do love your work and your audio philosophy. I appreciatte it ! The audio world wouldn’t be the same without you, dear Herbert. I use your plugins still and still and can’t imagine my work without VoS. All the best !

  8. ThrillseekerLA was my most waiting for. It was then and it’s going to be in near future the best LA style comp in the market.

  9. Martin Guldberg says:

    Very good news and a wonderful Christmas presence :-). The Thrillseeker LA is a very versatile compressor and I will be looking forward to this updated version. Thanks!


  11. fruitbat studios says:

    This sounds like trying to emulate a Joe Meek SC2.2. – A secret weapon of many recording and mastering studios…


  1. […] the beauty of opto-electrical compression – volume 2 […]

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