ThrillseekerLA mkII released

ThrillseekerLA mkII – bringing mojo back

ThrillseekerLA is an optical stereo compressor optimized for gentle mix bus coloring. It combines smoothest optical compression with vibrant coloration options that deliver a unique box tone in their own right, including thrilling bass and elegant top end void of any harshness in the mids. Its compression not only glues things together effortlessly but also enhances the stereo image by increasing depth and dimension.

10 years after – new in version 2:

  • Technical redesign with advanced opto cell emulation
  • Simplified gainstaging including automatic output gain compensation
  • Streamlined coloring options: Interstage, Tube and Loudness
  • New compress/limit option and reworked sidechain filtering

The mkII update is available for Windows VST in 32 and 64bit as freeware. Download your copy here.

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  1. Lovely, ❤ Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the amazing work and updates! I’ve just used the ThrillseekerXTC on vocals, the other day and it was fckin crazy! ?? Kind Regards,


    Az Outlook letöltése Androidra ________________________________

  3. Thank you for this, love this plugin.

    Just was working on a buddies track, epicVerb is a god send. I fear the day that I have to format my pc and reinstall it from 32bit.

  4. I just downloaded the ThrillseekerLA mkII VST plugin. In my tests I found this to be a wonderfully subtle compressor. It adds its flavor without compromising clarity. It is possible to push it so that you can really get it pumping, and that sounds great too. This seems to be a plugin I’d always have on my mix buss just to add that little extra bit of three dimensional depth and warmth (without distortion). VOS really is an amazing developer. His plugins are essential and are used in almost every track I produce. The community owes him many thanks.

  5. Tested it: AMAZING SOUND! but… where is the GUI-resize option? (150%, 200%)
    I’m using it on 4K Monitor, and it’s absolutley needed!!

  6. i miss the 72db of gain option, this was my favorite distortion 😦

  7. Babis Koubarov says:

    You are the gift that keeps on giving Bootsy.

    Thanks for this and all recently updated plugins plus the new ones like epicPLATE which I love and use all the time.

  8. Just put it on drum rooms, replacing an Altec emulation. Instantly cleaned them, while opening them up with a nice roundness. That’s the magic of good analog gear, that it simultaneously does seemingly paradoxical stuff, apparently contradictory, and it has the best effect in every department – weight and density without losing contour or punch, warmth without becoming muddy, openness without becoming harsh/brittle. Pure magic. I love the attack and release additions to the LA-2A character, and the extra options, in addition to the beautiful character it makes it a lot more versatile.

    Thanks for all you’re doing. Really good work. You, Chris from Airwindows, and Tunca from Analog Obsession school big brands every day.

  9. That sounds really good man, thanks for this one! I absolutely loved this on vocals, Tube – In, Interstage In, and Release smack down the middle. Cream and butter vocal comp, definitely not overcooked or oversaturated. The color of the compressor is so nice : )

  10. As with VBL, with LA you can compress a lot without noticing any deterioration. It has some black magic… I used TT Dynamic Range Meter and my audio had more dynamics when I used the compressor. However, it was compressing quite a bit. I think it’s a great plugin.

  11. audiophoria says:

    Congrats and Thanks! I really appreciate the care, thought and work that you put into this one.

  12. I don’t want to spoil a party, but this compressor doesn’t have an important opto compressor’s feature. I’m talking about the specific release stage response, the opto compressors are famous for. For example, the BootEQ does. The Density with Timing P5, P6 does. But ThrillseekerLA doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good, gentle compressor, but is it an opto one?
    Anyway, congratulations on the release! Well done, as always.

  13. Thank you so much for all your work! I prefer these to many paid plugins I have!

    Do you like FET style compressors? The 1176 is my favorite compressor and I really miss not having your own personal take on it!
    I know there are a lot of emulations out there, but your style stands out for me, and I’m sure it would end up being unique.

  14. Thank you very much Bootsy for this wonderful gift… You have a great time my friend.. Wish you a very happy Christmas and New year.


  15. LysheMusic says:

    Hi! Just recently found your plugins and immediately fell in love with them. I tried three plugins from Thrillseeker series, tape dynamics plugins. Compressors works very musically and has interesting options to tweak, GUI is cool, nice colors. I added your plugins to my mixing session and was very happy learning how compression reacts, how it saturates the sound etc. I hate to say but there’s BUT.

    I compared my new version of the mix with the previous one and found out that I lose transients a little, upper mids became softer and overall tonal balance shifts to a little more smile eq. Some of my decisions also could affect tonal balance but other than that there was a reason and I experienced similar things before. I checked my guess by reading manual and was right. This plugins does oversampling internally.

    I understand why and know the benefits of it. But I usually prefer to turn it off when there’s such option. The reason is that oversampling itself changes the sound even without any saturation or compression. Usually we don’t want these changes but sometimes it’s no to hard to fool myself – oversampling usually makes sound cleaner like, softer… but when there’s oversampling on a channel, bus and on the master in several different plugins, it can cause some problems. That’s my feelings about it from my experience. I know that many of uad plugins also use oversampling and many people are happy with them (not all by the way).

    I just wanted to say… please please please! Can you make an update with the option to turn off the oversampling? Is it possible?

    As an example I want to mention Chow Tape – this plugin offers a bunch of options in terms of oversampling. But even switch it on and off would be great.

    I would be happy and definitely will use your plugins on every mix. I don’t mind aliasing when using plugins subtly – it’s usually sounds closer to the source audio than oversampled version. When I need to saturate harder, I can choose to use it or not. Also I can filter off highs or to use emphasis de-emphasis trick, as an option:) And I can switch my project to higher sample rate and render it back to usual (in Reaper it works nice).

    Thank you for your amazing work! I hope my thoughts can be helpful. I really think that your plugins is one of the best on the market! I just need that option so much.

    All the best!

  16. Tor Krøvel-Velle says:

    This plugin jumped right onto my mixbus, did 1-2 dB gain reduction, and everything sounded so much more 3D and alive. With TesslaPRO going before it, and FlavourMTC after, I am a lot closer to my Sonic Nirvana. Merry Christmas, Bootsie!

  17. Ltaoklazteck says:

    I am having trouble with harrison mixbus loading them correctly, any suggestions of what am I doing wrong? I am sure it may be a trouble coming from the DAW

  18. Hi !

    Thanks for your hard work…

    I can’t download ThrillseekerLA mkII… seems to have some problems at googglle drive.

    Cheers from Fr.

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