VoS on Discord?

VoS on Discord – how about that? Do you use Discord and would this be interesting for you? It could possibly be a platform not only for support but also discussion about plugin ideas, beta testing and stuff like that.


  1. I’m not a fan of that platform and also forget about it all the time, but I would love to be the part of that for sure

  2. Yes, that would be great.

  3. Great idea. One stop shop for a lot of users no doubt.
    I know Xfer does the same.

  4. Yabino Davvero says:

    Indeed, that’s a top idea!

  5. No discord for me : )

  6. I do go on there sometimes

  7. I’m not familiar with the platform at all, so I couldn’t say.

  8. daxliniere says:

    I think it would be mroe useful than this blog comment method.
    BTW, since it’s release, I still can’t get the download of ThrillseekerLA to work.

  9. I’m still not on Discord and honestly it’s not something that attracts me that much. The idea of being like “always connected” and talk in a huge “chat” it’s a bit overwhelming for me.

  10. Thumb up for VoS on Discord! 🙂

  11. Martin Guldberg says:

    I don’t use Discord as of now but if VOS was active there I would definitely consider using it 🙂

  12. joopvanderlinden says:

    Yes, why not?

  13. Matthew Deweese says:

    Maybe have channels for specific plugins such as epicVerb, etc.

  14. audiophoria says:

    I rarely use Discord but it would nice to know that there was VoS server available for support.

  15. Even though, EVERYONE “needs” to be on discord, I still can´t find a good reason for that. When I tried it as a chat platform 3 years ago or so, it was horrible junkware. Obviously very badly programmed and not with a slight idea of how a good program should and can easily be.
    IMHO it´s a big hype and nothing else. Even worse than Farcebook and it takes much effort to reach that level!
    Do whatever you think is good for you and VOS, but I´ll stick with your website and also use the RSS (or whatever, as long as it works) feeds from it + KVR + Bedroom Producer´s Blog – I´m old enough for not having to follow every stupidity, just because it´s the latest hype.

    besides that: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! for all those great plug-ins and the updates to 64 bit

  16. I don’t use discord, but I’ll be checking back to this site regularly for any updates.

  17. Yes, I’m using Discord. It’s been of great value for me. Both as user, as well as community founder/owner. It allowed me to make many meaningful connections. Even as a mid 40s dude 🙂

    If you need a hand setting up yours, I’d be glad to help.

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