inspiration for the next UI?


  1. Yes, AKAI!

  2. Love it.

  3. Tryggvasson says:

    i like 80s electronic style displays, but i think you should be careful not to make them either too charged and cluttered, or too schematic, dehumanized and robotic. they should retain the warmth and joyous feeling of the physical, ergonomic device. we already have too much pressure for transhumanism, as it is.

  4. audiophoria says:

    These displays are a bit nostalgic but I think they are far from ideal in terms for practical, quick communication of data and info. Not pining for their return.

  5. Beautiful!!!

  6. It would be very welcomed. Nevertheless, in the same topic, I would like to ask for a feature: Resizable GUI!
    We are thankfull your bravery. Cheers.

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