As a computer scientist and musician, I’m enjoying designing DSP algorithms and plug-in concepts. It’s a pleasure for me to share my efforts with other people without having to worry about commercial interests. In each of my effects there is a special technical design, workflow or concept combination I haven’t found in existing tools. Many developers these days just stick to old concepts, but you will never see a straight copy of existing gear from me. I always add some innovation, or find a way to evolve and take it to a new level.


  1. Hi, just want to say that the demos of epicverb sound great. I’m looking forward to trying it out. Good work.

    • Greg Bester says:

      These plugins are really awesome! Being a free-vst scavenger I must say these are the most impressive plugins to date. I’ve been using them on everything and am totally impressed!

      Thanks! I owe you guys one!

      Cheers πŸ™‚


  2. Just had to say your plug ins are fantastic! I use them all in production, especially Rescue. Saved my hyde more than once:) Thanks so much!

  3. Hi bootsie. Big fan. If you would please email me I am doing a review of your plug ins for the site and for a magazine. Wanted to know if we could do a interview. Either way good job on the plugs!

  4. Just wanted to say a big “Top Work” on these plugins. Commercial quality for free is unbelievably great.

    One tiny little problem with the BootEQ in Nuendo 4.2.2, and this will probably hold true in Cubase 4 as well:
    The GUI is too thin to allow the hosts preset saving dialogue to appear – this stops me from creating my own presets as I cannot access the “Load/Save” icon at the right of the preset name.

    Apart from that, these are truly great tools.

  5. it’s time to port them to OS X πŸ˜‰

  6. Big respect for your epicVerb. Im mostly into analog stuff and only use softsynths and software effects for fun, but this reverb sounds to me like a hardware digital reverb from known companies and will make me think of using it in my productions.

    Very good work. Thank you for sharing your creativity and work with other people. This is the true spirit of sharing ideas.

    Will try your other effects in a time.

    Again, thanks and respect.
    All the best.

  7. Logan Thomas says:

    First off I have to thank you for the great gift that these plugins are…These are better than the ones I’ve bought from the bigger companies by far,,,,You did a beautiful job on the GUI side as well….Boy I wish I could code like that…These little gems are supersweet,I’m surprised you’re not selling them…Anyways thanks so much again….gush….gush

  8. Hey Bootsie, I’m really impressed with the GUI of all the plugins, great work. Not one of al the commercial plug-ins I have are that beautifull! (I’m still testing the sound but it’s wonderfull) . I do have one question. Is the RescueAE still available, I can’t find it here and the link for the presetbank in the download page doesn’t work?

    Thank you for these great pieces of software.

  9. Nasty LF rocks!
    It’s perfect for bass drums, particularly for dance music, it adds so much boddy and punch to the lowend! πŸ˜€ amazing plug!

  10. Thanks for all your great plugins, can’t wait to try the new Epicverb! Keep up the good work.

  11. Do you code your plugins in C? I’m interested in toying around with some plugin ideas. Any advice on where to start? What to read? What to avoid?


    Sweet plugins by the way. Density is one of the best I’ve found.

    • Seems like a mix, from KVR about FerricTDS:
      “FerricTDS features 4x oversampled core algorithms, performance-critical parts are written in assembler and it is SSE-optimized.”

  12. Great stuff, Bootsy πŸ™‚

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  13. sandy vee says:

    hey… your plugins look hot, any chance to get it on Mac soon…?

  14. Bootsy, great plugs…seriously! I’m a professional artist/engineer and was really blown away by how good these were. I do have a bit of an issue I was wondering about?

    Using Sonar 8 producer edition, some of the plugs do not show the preset positions on the knobs. The presets work and the tones are changing as I scroll through them, but it does not show me the positions of the knobs in the event I wanted to tweak someting. They are all at the off position…even when changing presets, some knobs on some of the plugs don’t move to show me where they originally were, understand?

    I can’t recall at the moment which plugs did this, but other than that, they are incredible. I’ll post another message about this to you once I pinpoint which plugs seem to be doing this and will supply a few screen shots if need be. If you need to email me, please use the address supplied and we can discuss things further if you want. Thanks again for giving us the chance to enjoy these plugs!


    Danny Danzi

  15. Hiya,

    just wanted to leave you a message how much I love the stuff you do. Rescue is one of the things where you know the developer was knowing what he was missing in the vst-world and I dont need to mention epicVerb, it’s a fantastic sounding reverb. I hope one day you will get back what you bring into this big community of musicians and producers. Thank you!

  16. Hy Bootsy,

    Just a few words to your plugins: they are very well sounding

    EpicVerb gives me a fantastic room to my sounds and of course “magic”. The only thing i have to do is to update my PC (new CPU, i still have my AMD XP 3200+) because of the huge workload

    I am very surprised about the drive and saturation-features on the other plugins …. hardly notice an effect, very subtle… just a little bit as it should be…. not like some other “professional” plugins which tends to dull the sound rather

    Thanks for the tools

  17. AMAZING. AMAZING. the eq NASTY DS and DENSITY are giving me that roundedness that i never thought i could get in digital land. seriously i am so impressed – these are WAY better than a lot of my big $$$ plugs. more character – more believable 3d and girth.

    I LOVE THEM. thanks so much – you are a very generous genius.

    cheers –


  18. Hi Bootsy,

    just want to leave my thanks for your plugs and your work. You sure know that your plugs are eye to eye and sometime above to the big ones. You are dam.. right. GUIs are exceptional, handling easy, concepts innovativ, presets usable and the results superb. A lot of people still think: costs much, must be good. You prove them all wrong.
    It’s always amazing how easy I get the results I was looking for from your gear. Your presets are a good starting point at all. And for me I see, that there was a musician engineering. And you did (and are doing) a “real good job”.


  19. I just tried the BootEQ MK II, and being quite down to earth I don’t like to overstate things, but this IS the EQ-plug in I’ve been waiting for! It sounds just fantastic. the saturation – unlike with existing plug ins – really sounds like it should sound. There’s only one thing, PLEASE considder making AU-versions for my mac at home!!!!!!!

  20. Stepaan says:

    I just wanted to shout it out loud: “Thank you very much!!!”
    I can’t finish a track without using at least one of your VSTfx’s. Now I have to rework all the songs. I can’t listen to them anymore! Your plugins have changed the whole process of mixing my projects πŸ™‚
    May I have a request? I can’t find simple “Products” page with detailed description of each one plugin. Is it hidden somewhere or it simply doesn’t exist?
    Thanx a lot once more,


  21. Hello

    Really awsome plugins. Using booteq and rescue a lot. Still can believe that you can get such a good quality products free of charge :). Wish you all the best and keep up the good work. Cheers.


  22. your Plugins are besser than most of my other commercials one. reLLY gREat. Genius

  23. hey there, great plugins, i’d like to make a donation – please send me an email with your paypal address and i’ll send something through.

  24. ^^ what Dan said…

    Maybe you could put a PayPal link on the downloads page for dudes who wanna show some love with their pocket book.

    I think it’s good Karma to support smaller developers in this way. Especially for excellent work.

    If not a PayPal link, send me your PayPal e-mail info and I too will send something your way.


  25. Hi,
    I am an editor of japanese monthly magazine.
    I’d like to introduce your plugins in the next issue.
    Could you gime me an e-mail?

    I talk to you details.


  26. minimaluprising says:

    Hi, let me just say, your plug-ins have not just improved my music, but has actually increased my enjoyment of the process exponentially. Thank you! I was wondering, do you think you could recommend one or 2 compressors to that be worth trying out?

  27. First of all, I want to say THANK YOU for all your plugins and for making it free for us. This has become my main go-to plugins, especially the Density, BottEQmk2, Rescue, nasty LF and HF.

    but I want to report a bug to you: I tried LF to do a mix yesterday, and discovered a denormal problem when I put them on a group bus track inserts (I use Cubase 2 SX). I also find that epicverb is a bit of a CPU hog πŸ™‚

    I hope it helps on your future development.
    keep up the great work

  28. Keith marriott says:

    Hi, how do you add the epicverb presets if you don’t have a vst3 folder?

  29. Major Edition says:

    Hey Bootsy,

    I’m just wondering how you came by the name “Bootsy”.

    Are you a fan of Bootsy Collins or is it just a coincidence?



  30. It’s definately a reminiscence to the 70’s decade, which had that special vibe and funk, you know …

  31. First of all- let me thank you for your giving spirit.
    Was thinking it could be cool if you licensed your plug-ins or technology to some company like Propellerhead to use in their new Record software. Think it may be a nice way to extend the program and get more exposure for your work.
    Thanks again for your hard work.

  32. Your TesslaSE Plug is rock solid.


  33. Hi , I am NOT able to download any plugin from this site. After reading so much about the high quality of these plugins I want to work with them…
    Can anyone help???

  34. I found these images on FaceBook, taken from the Radio Museum at Gothenburg by a friend of mine at Orban Europe. I really just dropped my jaw when I saw the design on this one radio… and thought maybe you also can take something away from the images as I have. πŸ™‚

    anyways, here’s the 3 pics of this one radio…

    And I do realize it loses its appeal a little bit when it isn’t in 3D in front of you, but maybe with a bit of the clutter removed and/or with a bit more space added to it… but not too much… it could be a fantastic GUI πŸ™‚ Anyways, good for inspiration I hope. Much love,

  35. Probably a stupid question, but I run into library not found error when using the plugins.

    I have to use 98se because I use a yamaha dsp2416 hardware mixing card, and a lot of the projects are on software from that era.

    Is there any way I can install the correct libraries on 98SE to use your tessla and other plugins? Or is that a huge pipe dream?



  36. unfortunately, Win98 is not supported by the framework I’m currently using.

  37. Hi man,

    is there a possibility to contact you via eMail? I’d have some suggestions for plug-ins derived from a rather rough concept of mine. I’d just like to hear a “professional” opinion on that, if it’s worth working on for instance… Don’t want to post it here because of its text volume (not that much actually but too much). If you’re too busy right now so be it. If not write to me.

  38. Can’t you put up a mailinglist or something?

    Love your stuff..


  39. Deine Plugs = Der Hammer
    Hab selten so gut klingende und vielseitig benutzbare EQΒ΄s gehΓΆrt. Respekt!

    Density ist auch Spitzenklasse, wenn da noch ein Schalter mit unterschiedlichen VerfΓ€rbungstypen fΓΌr die oberen Mitten/unteren HΓΆhen dran wΓ€re… das wΓ€re genial (klingt imho noch zu sauber)

    Tausend Dank nach Frankfurt

  40. Bootsy,
    I’m using Ferric TDS in Nuendo 3.2. Every time I load it into an insert slot, Nuendo bombs and kicks me out. Using it in Wavelab works fine. Any ideas as to what may be wrong ?

  41. Nuts. I’ll try some of the other plugins to see.

  42. I tried all your plugins in my current project. They will all stay there! Thanks for your great work

  43. andy janeo says:

    Hi Bootsy,

    thanks for your good and musical plugs. Something i would love to get my hands on is the worlds first, mastering grade, Vari-MU VST compressor. If someone can do it, it has to be you, with your great DSP skills.
    Can you tell us whats in the pipeline right now ?

    /Best from Andy

  44. Hey Bootsy!

    Thank you for your wonderful plugins!!

    I appreciate your time and patience, time and effort for creating these plugins for us to use. I use these plugins on almost every track.

    Could you possibly give me a release date for your “nasty xtc” plugin? I’m very curious about this!

    Again, thank you very much!!


  45. I’ve been mastering for 12 years now, and yeup… I now use at least 2… no wait 3 VoS plugins on almost every track.

    For example this dark melodic death metal i mastered last night…
    Among my high-res EQ work and several other plugins used, was also VoS plugins:
    and FerricTDS
    which collectively turned a dull flat mix into what you hear.

    Without the VoS plugins, it would take much more work to get what would probably not have quite the same magic to it, with that pristine quality. Most of the VoS are not only capable of being used for mastering work, but dare I say blows away everything else at any price for the functions they perform. And for that… VoS is making mastering engineers that don’t get much attention VERY happy. I’m one.

  46. Great job, Jesse!

  47. Hi Bootsy,
    Your plugins are great! I do like the sound, you created. They are gifts, and you are gifted, too!
    only some problems: DensityII and TeslaPro can’t remember my custom settings in SAMPLITUDE PRO. I have to recall them every time from the saved presets.
    Am I the only one having this phenomenon?

    Thanks in advance!

  48. Hi Bootsy,

    Count me in as another big fan of your work. Was wondering:

    1) 64-bit VST builds. Any plans? Pretty pretty please?!

    2) Some of your plugs still take ages to load (NastyLF, NastyHF, etc). I remember you mentioning something about font enumeration holding up startup in one of your updates, and indeed on my fresh Windows 7 install NastyLF takes about 5 seconds, as opposed to my 3000+ font old Vista install, which took like 2 minutes.

    I love your work but the crash-tastically long startup times made me hesitant to use your stuff — though I am noticing that epicVerb and Density don’t have this problem. Do you have any plans for going back and tweaking the Nasty series?



    • right, you’ve spotted the font problem. This will be fixed in all my plug-ins but the Nasty Series comes last (BootEQ and epicVerb will be next). I hope it doesn’t take too long …

  49. Awesome work man! Thanks for the plugins.

  50. Hi,
    I currently am using Adobe Audition in Windows XP, and some of your plugins work (and work great!), but others do not work at all – DensitymkII, FerricTDS, and TesslaPro are the ones that I had trouble with. When I try to open them up, I get a dialog box that says “Schematic Load: Type Not Found”. I then click OK, and I get the same dialog box, I click OK, get the same thing, etc. Any ideas as to why this may be happening?

    • will check that …

      • Michael Cavano says:

        Any word on this problem? I’m getting the same pop-up in Audition that says “Schematic Load: Type not found” whenever I try to load up a session that was using Density mkII on a track.

        I spent hours tweaking the settings on a bunch of drum tracks ’cause this compressor is sweeeeeet! I Hope somebody resolves this soon, my drums have never sounded so good! πŸ™‚

    • DensitymkII also dont work in Renoise.

  51. Hi, I have downloaded and tried over the last 10 Years tons of freebie Software and must say there’s ALOT of crap out there.

    Your stuff is certainly exceptional, soundwise fully professional and I couldn’t believe it’s for free.
    My deepest respect for your genious and generosity.

  52. hi, i just want to say that i’ve never really tested your plugin, but now that you’ve won the kvr challange i wanted to give it a try… very nice πŸ™‚ i did some mixes with them yesterday and your saturation plugins are a real timesaver to get everything to fit together..

    i just wanted to ask 1 thing, the TesslaSE is already really noticable when you load it and put it to “0” (which is 1). sometimes, when you just want to fatten up a sound this is already too much. maybe you should make a switch or something so you can go below 0 also? i think that would make it a real “all purpose fattening plugin” πŸ™‚

  53. termaine lee says:

    hi bootsy love your work would u like to start a company with me email me. thanks

  54. WHY do your plugins sound so good!?!?

  55. hi mate,
    your plugs are the shit! really nice colourfull sounding stuff. thank you big time for sharing!

  56. Hi mate,

    Do you have any plans to port these over to OSX?
    I would be willing to donate for the cause.

    Great work!!


  57. Not only are the plugins free and great quality and with superb skins, you have also added on the descriptions useful tips and tricks.

    Further, under “resources” further notes on each plugin with explanations about how they work, theory involved, etc. All very informative and enjoyable to read.

    It is obvious that not only great technical experise, but also great care and love have been dedicated to the development of these plugins. I will feel inspired whenever I use them. Many, many thanks.

  58. hi bootsy, very impressed with your software, particularly as I have access to UAD and some other high end TDM plugins to compare.

    I would be very interested in donating for download if somebody put time into the development of OSX versions of your software.

    great work


  59. +1 from me too.
    Would be more than happy to donate if these were developed for OSX also!

  60. A lot of people seem to be asking for OS X versions. Me included. The question is: What is stopping this from happening? Is it just an issue of time, or is there a technical aspect to it? I could definitely see myself helping out with porting to OS X. I’m imagining that the problem is the graphics, but the actual signal processing code should be platform independent.

  61. The simple reason is, that the framework/compiler I’m currently using does not support OS X.

    • Makes sense. May I ask what framework/compiler it is you’re using? And is the task to port the code to another framework/compiler something you wouldn’t mind having done by someone? Or maybe it’s an unrealistic project due to highly compiler specific code.

  62. Many thanks for the excellent plug-ins. I’ve been using them for about a year – especially BootEQmkII, DensitymkII and some of the Nasty series. They have never failed to make a track or a mix better – often significantly so. No matter what the job, they always enhance the sound. And I know they have depths I am yet to explore. You have made music production much more ejoyable for me. Many thanks.

  63. ho ho ho bootsy, merry x-mas to you,

    seems like you already gave me my christmas gift in form of boot eq, density and ferricTDS.

    But i would like to report a problem that i have with FerricTDS and Cubase 4 on WIN. Once loaded into a channel and switched on, deactivating, bypassing or erasing the plug in the slot produces heavy digital distortion and ticks that i can only get rid of, if i deactivate the bypass again or if i reboot cubase. Happens only with FerricTDS. I have reinstalled it ten times but always the same result. When i installed your Plugs to my machine the windows-installation was 1h old!!! so there was no trash on my system it was totally clean.

    But i really love your plug ins. I love them so much that i sold my UAD1-crap right the next day on ebay!!! equal sound, better GUIs, and not that typical “You gotta ue the UAD” yipyap around it. You showed them !!!!

    Keep up the good work!!

  64. Joe Piecora says:

    Bootsy, you are a real genius…probably the best in the world…

  65. Someone added a bunch of your plugins to our gear database the other day so I’m stopping by to check them out. Looks like a ton of great stuff here!!

    If you have any reviews of your products you would like to add, please stop by your company page and add them. Free links!

    Keep up the great work!

  66. I am French, I use a translator to write this message so sorry if it is not easy to understand. I really like your plugin’s, I used often in my productions and I want to buy a Mac under OSX, you’ll make your plugin’s compatible with?

  67. I love all of your plugins! Boot EQ is easily one of the best digital EQs i’ve had the pleasure of using. Now… Please get someone to port these to OS X!!! I’m sick of using Bootcamp for recording…

    Once again, brilliant work, and thank you a thousand times over for sharing these with everyone free of charge!

  68. Major Edition says:

    Hey Bootsy,

    The new site looks good, new year new look, I guess, good job.

    I hope that this little discovery I made help those who are having problems with Density MKII. I was just messing around with Density MKII in Cubase and Pro Tools. In so doing I changed my audio interfaces buffers several times and realised that in Cubase, version 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 of Density MKII freezes and causes Cubase to hang if you set the audio buffers to 1024 samples or more. However if you set it to 768 samples or less, it works fine. Version 1.0.1 of Density MKII does not freeze with more buffer samples however version 1.0.1 is a little unstable with the CPU cycles and memory it uses which was the reason for the upgrades to versions 2.0.1 and then 2.0.2. I hope this works out for those of you experiencing problems with Density MKII. Try lowering the buffers you have set for your audio interface in your sequencers and keep testing till it works for you. Once you get that part sorted out, you should be alright. For those of you already with the lowest buffer settings so as to prevent latency, try lowering the sample rate of the project or session and keep trying if you are still experiencing problems. If that does not help, pray that Bootsy finds the problem and fix it sooner than later.

  69. Hi Mr. Goldberg. I am a major fan of your work and use your plugs in all the time instead of Waves plugs. which is saying something. However, I have recently moved over to a completely Mac system and forgot that you don’t have OS X compatibility. There’s a lot of fans here really wanting to see your plugs on Mac.
    A massive donation waits for you if you do this πŸ˜›

  70. Ciao Bootsy!

    I listened some of your plugins in an home studio of a friend: they sound GREAT, but I work on Mac OSX and can’t use them 😦

    I’m ready to help you to test them, if you decide to port them!
    There’s a lot of people that use Mac to make music, and they’re ready to pay your products πŸ™‚

  71. tonebrulee says:

    Hi Bootsy,

    Just found you (and glad I did) via some love for BootEQmkII here:


    I work on OSX like others above, but also run WIndows via Parallels virtualization. If you can suggest a free/shareware VST host, I’ll download BootEQmkII and see what I can get going under Parallels and report back. Could lead to a useful answer for OSX users hoping for access to your work. FYI – Parallels virtualizes Intel Macs with a highly optimized process that puts Intel instructions directly onto the host processor. The throughput is very close to a native system, so I’m hopeful this might work.

    FWIW, I’m a software engineer and might be able to help w/porting to OSX if that’s something you’d like to consider.


  72. Hello, I have got one question : Does the current version of Density mkII supports 88.2 kHz samplerate please ?

    Good Work !

    Thanks a lot,

  73. Hello!

    Absolutely fantastic Must-Have plug-ins! Very musical!

    I’d like to check this little bug: Ferric TDS’s limiter VU display came to a halt in Nuendo 4.3, despite the fact the function is still active. I took the limiter knob to 100% to test it.

    Also, I’d like to know about the input/output implementation: the ‘pdf’ says it’s important to have the VU needle hitting the red area when searching for the sweetspot(plug-in bypass switch).

    After “waking-up” Ferric TDS again, the signal goes above 0DB in subsequent plug-ins(like Nuendo’s StudioEQ) even though ‘Trim’ is set all the way down. I don’t hear anything “wrong”, but I wonder what these digital peaks are all about.

    Thanks for the plug-ins,

    Thanks for the attention,

    Leo Saramago

  74. Hi really like these plugs very well thought out look great and more important sound great.

    I found one tiny issue none of the pre-sets are working when used in Wavelab6.1 windows7

    Have not fully tested in Nuendo 4.3 upgrade hopefully all is well

    good work



  75. I just want to say…

    Recently I bought a highly praised Reverb VST effect and while its room simulations are quite decent, your EpicVerb is exactly what I have been looking for! Those long open ambient reverbs that trail off into space.

    I really cannot praise you enough for making this thing and offering it for free. πŸ™‚

    Kudos and !

    I plan on keeping an eye on your site… πŸ™‚


  76. is no way to make sound bad your plugins, are great!
    Thanks for all!

  77. Holger Klotz says:

    Hi !

    I’m sorry to say that Ferric TDS does not work in Cubase and Adobe Audition – it is not recogniced in the Plugin-List of both Programs.
    I can load it with Minihost (http://www.tobybear.de/p_minihost.html), but with no other Program.



  78. Nikola Krstovic says:

    all of the plugins kick ass, never knew that freeware could sound this good!!! THANK YOU for doing what you do!!!


  79. Hi, loving your plugins big time, thanks a lot for all the effort, much appreciated. I’ll be spreading the word.

  80. yondaime24 says:

    Hi.. Recently tried your plugins and i love them already.. They sounds the best!! Thank you very much for your hard work!

    I have a little problem with them though.. I hope you could help me..
    I put your plugins almost on everything.. After i close my project and re opened it again your plugins shows transparent GUI, so that i can not re adjust the parameters..

    My solution so far is to mixdown every tracks with your plugins in it.. Then remove the plugins, close the projects and open it again.. As you guess it will take alot of time to finish a project with that problem..

    I wonder what’s wrong? How do i fix this? Are they only demo version and i should buy the full version..?

    I’m using a notebook.. Core Duo 2GHz, DDR2 2Gb Ram, Mobile Intel Graphics Media, Digidesign Mbox2 Mini..

    I need your help because i love your stuff so much..

    Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Is that with Samplitude or other host?
      It could be the mobile graphics card issue as well I’ve seen some reports on kvraudio.com on that topic and I thought some with the newer machines had solved this …

      • yondaime24 says:

        Thank you for your reply..

        I’m using Cubase Studio 4 Windows XP SP3..

        Ok i see.. I’ll try it on another machine..


  81. So I finally took the step to install Windows XP on the Macbook Pro just to be able to use the plugins that allowed me to create a mix I liked in the first place.

    However, I’m greatly missing DensityMkII since the newest version just refuses to start for some reason and I can’t find an older version anywhere to see if those work (I think I used 2.0.1 last time which worked fine). The GUI shows up, but freezes the entire host (Cubase SX3). I also found out that EpicVerb crashes when inserted on a mono channel, which isn’t that much of an issue now that I know it although mono reverb can be a nice thing to have sometimes.

    Looking forward to trying the VCS!

    • tonebrulee says:

      Hey Tomas – in general, with high-performance, hardware-intensive software – e.g. DAW applications/plug-ins – it’s best to stick with known quantities around your system setup. That’s not to say you cannot get things to work on a less β€œstandard” setup – e.g. your install of XP on a MacBook or an install of XP on a virtual machine platform like Parallels or Sun VirtualBox – but all things considered, you are much more likely to run into significant problems. Hope that’s helpful.

    • Tomas, there is good news since we’ve already fixed those kind of Cubase related issues. The Density MkII maintenance update will be available somewhere this quarter.

  82. First of all, love the plugins. Absolutely awesome!

    Is there any chance of a 96k version of BootEQ? Cause that would rock my world. Thanks.

  83. Thomas says:

    These plugs look amazing! I’ve been looking for a plugin tape sim for ages. Do you have any plan to release these for mac? The only other option I know of is Mcdsp who only offer RTAS versions I can’t use!

    Would be great, Thanks!!!

  84. cant get effects to down load- do they work in windows vista/

  85. Luciano Dato says:

    I appreciate very much your work and your way of understanding software. Your plugins sounds fantastic!!!

  86. they’ve disabled your dropbox. 😦

  87. hello,

    I njoy ALL your wonderful creations!!!

    Please allow me to share mine with you also.


    THX so much for all your splendid werk!!!


  88. Dying to try the BootEq, any idea when download will be fixed?

  89. Can’t get NastyVCS to appear in plugin list in Protools. I am running PT 7.3. I downloaded NastyVCS and extracted the DLL into my plugin folder but doesn’t appear. Any help appreciated.

  90. Hi,
    Love your plugs! πŸ™‚
    I had a little request, I use Cubase 5 and have my plugs set to “display by vendor”.
    As it stands, in my drop-down plug list I have 3 separate menus for your plug-ins instead of one.
    It would be great if you could unify your vendor name for all plugs.
    Just a thought!,
    Great work!

  91. Love your plugs. I’ve used epicverb and BootEQII in most my Live6 productions for months. I removed .NET 1,2, and 3 and now your plugins are “incompatible with Live”, but I can still load other vendor plugs (e.g. KTgranulator). Is there a .NET dependency?

  92. Lowdown says:

    OS X version…PRETTY PLEASE…

  93. You are the man! Epicverb is better than all the free or paid ‘verbs I’ve used so far. This is going into my arsenal. Next I’ll be experimenting with the eq/channel strips. I’ve been using the SSL Waves vst. REally nice work. Hard to believe it’s free. I actually would have paid for epicverb. Not a whole lot mind you. Not because it’s not worth it but if its a choice between a so so free reverb and a $200 plug in I’m gonna have to go with free.

  94. Dude – I have been around PC music for a while…used many a plug-in in my time. My kid brother some time ago gave me a copy of the epic verb. Guess what? It’s my GO TO REVERB!

    Tonight – he just sent me a link to this site with your other sonic endeavors – of which I am very excited to try out.

    My question: WHERE CAN I DONATE SOME $. Even if it’s just for the epic verb – i feel compelled to send you SOMETHING.

    Let me know if that’s an option.


  95. Just wanted to bring something to your attention about Epic Verb. First, its an amazing plugin – no mystery there. I use ACID pro 6.0. When putting it on tracks or on a bus, there’s no problem with playback IN Acid. But when I render the song to a single wave file, any track that Epic Verb is on (or bus) stutters and is choppy.

    I found a work-around, but an inconvenient one. First, it cant go on ANY busses, no matter what the arrangement or other plugins (some plugins dont behave well with others). Second, and more importantly, when using it on an individual track, I have to have it 1st in the chain of plugins always. It CANNOT got after another plugin or it wont let Acid render correctly.

    Dont know if you guys have heard this bug reported, but just wanted to bring it to your attention. Other than that, its one of my favorite plugins! Great work!

  96. Im using more and more of your plugins Bootsy and love them all so far, i still cant percieve the free great vst plugin idea, but these are better than some or most commerical plugins….thanks !!!

  97. Dude love your plugins- Nasty VSD is a secret weapon. Ferric, Rescue and Tesla are all over everything I record these days…these are far and away the coolest plugins I have, and the fact that they are free is amazing. Question- where do you live bro? from where cometh these amazing plugins? All hail Bootsy!

  98. Nate Kahle says:

    These look like great plugins!! but unfortunately after doing the reading here they are not planned to work on OSX that i can see, I don’t plan on switching over to a PC anytime either! Another thumb up for OSX development! Keep up the hard work its pretty amazing how your graphics are compared to some of the crap out here! πŸ™‚

  99. C’Mon with the OSX platform please!


    OSX! OSX! OSX!…

  100. matt jackson says:

    You plugins are so great. I wish I could use them on my mac.

  101. Wonderfull Plugins – please contact me

  102. hi there from berlin!

    i just tried your plugins under system7/ableton8.1 and reaper. they crash my laptop. its looking for something on my harddrive forever. do i have a problem or is it system 7?



  103. Any word or fix for the stuttering caused by Epicverb when rendering in Sony Acid? Thanks.


  104. The Ferric TDS is great ! I need it on OS-X !


  105. Just wanted say that you have some top notch plugins that work flawlessly in DAW. Thanks for your labor of love. BTW Density II is my favorite. It gives all my mixes that “Pro” sound I love.


  106. Hey! GReat work with the plugs!!. I have at problem though. I run Cubase 5 and it crashed when i load nastyvsd or nastyCs in the inserts slot. What to do?


  107. you really need a donation page.

  108. My question to the author> are you gonna do some more? πŸ˜‰ I’d like to tell you – BIG THANKS! – for your plugin series! ONE OF THE BEST IF NOT THE BEST!! Keep it up my friend(s)!

  109. Great stuff, Kudo’s!

    Would be great if you could port them to the Mac, so I can use them in my studio! πŸ™‚

  110. Is Bootsie on Facebook? πŸ™‚

  111. Ihr seit die Besten!!!

    Your work make ableton probably a better
    enviroment for electronic music.
    I hope there is some new stuff in the pipeline like the nasty volt crushing source. haaarrr

    Thanks and regards
    from Frankfurt

  112. Hello,

    I just want to thank you for those beautiful and excellent plugins witch are my mains tools.

    I just want to thank you for making it free.

  113. I agree that you need a donation page. These plugins are better than the commercial plugins I’ve bought. I’d love to support your continued development!

    I am shocked at how good this EQ sounds…wow. And the NastyDLA does incredible things to my voice

  114. Hey, first off thanks for these really really nice plugs!

    I’d like to report this issue though:
    I’m on Vista SP2, 4 GB ram and running your stuff in Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 9.0.
    BootEQ and some other plugs do no process the entire audio file, just a portion of it. This happens like 7 times out of 10 or so.

    Hope there’s a simple solution to this!

  115. Thanks. Great job. Good Luck.

  116. Just dropping by to say thanks, your plugs are dope. I’m a Hip Hop and trip hop producer and I’m 99% hardware based, I use a computer for recording and mixing but everything else is done with my samplers, a couple of analogue synths and a bass guitar. Never really budgeted for quality dynamics plugins so I’m really happy that you’ve given the production world your top quality plugins and asked for nothing in return. The filters on NastyVCS are killer, and FerricTDS sounds very authentic. Also, I feel like you programmed BootEQ solely for me! It sounds really great on my SP1200 snares. I’ll be recommending these to everyone I can for sure!

    Thanks so much and keep it going!

  117. blowbach says:

    Bootsy, thankyou for all your amazing work. The EQs are top drawer, the Compressors have mucho mojo and
    the interfaces are beautifula and inspiring. The plugs themselves are also fairly easy to get your head around, to
    get an idea out quickly (you have to know what you are doing a bit though, obviously), but they have a depth that
    is truly functional and very powerful. Long may you reign as one of the top free VST developers in this world.
    I can’t thank you enough for donating your time and expertise to us all for free. Du sind ein Übermensch!

  118. dj Pelipe says:

    Congratulations for your work mate! I cannot imagine how much time you spent on developing these great VST plugins!
    Keep doing what you do best!

    Best regards,

  119. big up to you for this, these plug-ins are the shit !!! fucking love them, gonna get a track written using them all the eq is superb, the compressors are well sweet too, great work, hope to see more in the future !!!

  120. hi there from Russia!
    Awesome plugins! (FerricTDS!!!)
    Keep up the great work!

  121. Optofonik says:

    I am having the same knob issue as Danny Danz. Presets aren’t indicated on the GUI’s knob positions. Can’t wait to start plugging them into a mix.

  122. Great stuff! I use it on every production i do…sounds amazing, better then a lot of expensive
    VST’s i had 2 pay for! I mainly use Variety of Spund plugins as well as UAD, 2 me these are the best VST’s in my DAW (Cubase5).

    favourites: Nasty LF/HF, NastyVSD, BootEQ, Rescue, Density, EpicVerb, TesslaSE, FerricTDS and i’m still discovering BaxterEQ (my guess, this will be a winner also)…

    thanx X 100.


  123. Hey, Thanks for Boot eq MKII. That little plugin works wonders. I finished a mix with a standard basic eq and thought everything sounded fine. Then I found out about MKII and decided to go back and replace the standard eq I was using with the MKII plugin. I was so amazed at the difference. The song became almost 3D sounding, clear, punchy and overall more dimensional. I really like the tube saturation and the subtle (and not so subtle if desired) harmonic distortion it produces. It brings a warmth and roundness that just makes everything sound better. When used here and there in the right amounts it really adds up to a better sounding production. Instead of flat, bland sounding tracks you have music that comes alive with punch and character. This will definitely be in my arsenal for now on. I’m half temped to go back and remix some of my tracks with this eq…

  124. *Starts a Disney Movie Chant*

    o-s-x, o-s-x, o-s-x…

    O-S-X! O-S-X! O-S-X!!!

  125. Just a BIG THANK to ur great work man. You just make me so happy to get the chance to work with your amazing plugins.
    Great great stuff!!
    Alex from Berlin

  126. Fantastic job,thank you very much for sharing your work with us!

  127. Ciro Moreau says:

    IΒ΄m realy realy impressed with the boot eq. I tried a lot of plugs like this as a “colour” eq for mastering, and this one sounds the most similar with analog eq. I was also liking the PSP noble Q, but in comparision, Boot eq still sounding more like the real dealfor my taste.Congratulations and thanks a lot .


    • Ciro Moreau says:

      *(edit): downloaded Nasty VCS and I cannot believe the results on my stem/mastering. It works like “read your mind” and makes you work not so hard to get excellent results, instead of trying different plugins and losting time – sometimes for achieve results less than ideal, Great and versatile eq, superb and sweet compressor , what more can I say … πŸ™‚


  128. Thanks for the plugins.Most useful.You have many followers using Reaper.Cheers

  129. Jazzigula says:

    Dude you are hero…

  130. Jazzigula says:

    There’s no mix I’ve made without Tessla…I will not be

  131. Amazing effects man,I’ve tried your ferric Plugin and it’s sO good ive just downloaded your entire collection.unbelievable quality and for no charge,much respect man.your a legend.

  132. Mateusz Papiernik says:

    I just wanted to say thanks! These plugins are simply brilliant! Wonderful tools to work with. Being a hobbyist recording my own playing just for my own pleasure, shelving huge money for UAD plugins or alternatives was pretty much impossible and illogical, leaving me with what I had already. These plugins brought my fun with audio to an entirely next level. I owe you.

    Thanks again!

  133. My first time here… like it very much….. Bill
    Concord, New Hampshire USA

  134. Koen Waingro says:

    Dear designer,

    For a while I’m using PTLE8 for (non-commercial) studiomixing purposes and frequently use the VoS plugins (Boot EQ, Density CL) … they just sound very musical and do exactly what they should do.

    Thanks a lot for your efforts in this, lots of appreciation and respect !

    Best regards,

    Koen Waingro
    (The Netherlands)

  135. Wow is all I can say! Free of charge for beautiful GUI and performance!

    I looked for a donate button and could not find one. Such awesome work here variety.


    • here it is

      • Ok thanks!

        I was planning on doing a review on a couple of the plugins already! They really are amazing. Super nice GUI and awesome performance!

        I just did a youtube video and included your compressor in it.

        I should have a review about the DensitymkII up soon also!

        Thanks again VarietyofSound,

        • Hey VarietyofSound,
          So just thought I’d add, I run the site beatstruggles.com where I post honest reviews, show tips and tricks etc.

          I just finished the review on the DensitymkII compressor. I absolutely loved it. Such a nice piece of work here VarietyofSounds. You can check it out for yourself here:

          Thanks again VarietyofSound, — Awesome work here

  136. Thank you for sharing your plugins. I use ferric tds and it really helps me a lot.

  137. These are great plugins and I’ve been a fan for a very long time…The only thing that is needed is x64 versions…Then they would be 100% perfect ! Thanks so much for these fantastic tools πŸ™‚ ajw

  138. I and my guys happened to be looking at the good techniques located on your web site and then then got an awful suspicion I had not thanked the site owner for them. Most of the people had been as a consequence warmed to read all of them and now have seriously been loving these things. Appreciate your simply being very thoughtful and also for deciding upon some fantastic areas millions of individuals are really needing to know about. My very own honest apologies for not saying thanks to you sooner.

  139. Thank you for all your work! Especially for the MKIII Density which is a great piece of software. God saves (the) Variety Of Sound… and its creator :p

  140. 3 years running and still free? you sir are a gentleman and a scholar. many blessing s to you my friend.

  141. kotushkin says:

    thank you so much for your generosity!! :* keep up the awesome work!
    much love from Russia πŸ™‚

  142. Hello, I like a lot the Epic Verb (as a send FX) and the Rescue tool (on the master bus). Thank you for sharing the plugins you’ve created.

  143. i was wondering if ther is a RTAS or AAX version of these plugins?

  144. I love the beautiful look-n-feel and sound of your apps! As a CS student who is interested in vst development, I would like to know if you rolled your own GUI framework or used an open-source framework (ie Juse, or VSTGUI). For me that is the toughest part of the creating these types of apps. Can you give a bit of insight on this topic? πŸ™‚

  145. You’ve got some fantastic looking products here. I read down through the description of each plugin and my heart got to beating faster and faster thinking about how I could add these to my current workflow; many are just what I’ve been looking for, free or not. I commented aloud to my wife that I had finally found a developer who ‘gets it’ and puts some fantastic tools together in a tidy package. Then my heart broke when I saw that there was no AU versions. Shame on you, sir. No one has ever broken my heart.

    As with the many other Mac users out here, I’d gladly pay for these products. They look just as good, and purportedly sound just as good, as many alternatives. I’m not sure exactly how many people are interested, but it might be worth the time investment to find a partner to do the port. Should net a couple grand, I’d reckon.

    • +1, pls

    • Agitate at DSProbotics Flowstone/ synthmaker ….cos’ that’s the software these plugins are made in… Exporting to 64x, and Mac versions is currently not possible in Flowstone as far as I know. If it would I’m sure there would be Mac versions a long time ago… So common… let’s blackmail Flowstone >:-D

  146. Being new to the wonderful world of plug-ins, and trying out alot of them, yours have a elegance and simplicity to them that makes them very easy to use. The presets are fantastic, and I think it just
    shows the thought put into the design that makes them very very useful without alot of extra “bells and whistles” that you would never use. Thank you so much. (I am recording very low-fi compared to the others here, and these plugs-ins of ours really “spice up” the source.) THANK YOU for your efforts.

  147. Cannot believe there is STILL NO OSX version!!!


  148. These have become my go-to plugs, thanks so much for developing and sharing them.

  149. You blow this boredmonkey’s mind!

  150. Just started using BootEQ very nice and all of your gui are amazing.

  151. I think you should open a 64-Bit donate button. Non BS DSP is an amazing concept. Please do.

  152. great! are you interested in working for Native Instruments?

  153. Kelly Warner says:

    Stunning and very generous work. Thank you so much for sharing.

  154. julilectric says:

    Just came across your blog and i am seriously grateful for all the wisdom you share. Didnt have a chance to check the vsts but from what i read they seem to be awesome. Thanks a lot!

  155. Rarely have I been so impressed with VST (I was recently introduced to your work through the Ferric TDS), but would like to add my voice to the requests for OSX versions!

  156. Thank you VOS, your work is outstandingly stunning and I can`t think of musicproduction without your plugins anymore!

  157. G’day and thanks for the great plug ins.Will you be updating them to VST3 spec? I have Presonus Studio One and these won’t register on that, but they do appear in Reaper.

  158. Vapourtrail says:

    Truth is simple: Variety of Sound is Great!

  159. is there a private email address to reach you at?

  160. Your company slogan should be, “Variety of Sound… Putting the awesome in one DAW at a time.”
    Your plugins just took my mixes out of the shitter and into primetime.
    Thank you for your commitment to excellence!

  161. I won’t be talking about your AMAZING plugs (sweet sound toys:). This is more a question πŸ™‚ Is there any Plan/Chance in the nearest future to Create/Write a DAW (4-8 tracks?) for Live Musicians like me (or any musicians for that matter)? For Live Recording and Mastering….?

    Yes, there are lots of DAWs around (some free, some “pirated free”/paid:) but I would LOVE to use Your plugs inside of Your SIGNATURE DAW (and I am sure that I am not the only one who would love to do the same).

    Thanks again for ALL YOUR MAGNETIC VSTs/Work πŸ™‚

    s o n g m a n

  162. Hey man,

    your plugins are so great, but I wonder a little bit and be afraid. Your last plugin for vos is long time ago. Are you still in the business or is your work done for vos?
    What’s about the 64bit versions?

    Thanks and greets


  163. Please, make an OSX version… Please!

  164. John Meethan says:

    Just downloaded and started playing with Ferric TDS. Lovely – just what’s needed for that final polish.
    Thank you.

  165. I didn’t find the donation button anywhere…

  166. I somehow got to this site today after not seeing it in a while.. and it seriously made me consider going back to Windows. The Mac is great, I love it, but damn, do I miss these plugs.. 😦 If ever you would consider to port the plugins over to OSX I, and apparently others too, would be more than happy to pay generous amounts of money for them. Or, if you don’t want to charge for your plugins and at the same time don’t feel like going the lengths it might take to port them, maybe you might open source them? That way they’ll always be there for everybody and others can do the work of porting them to new platforms etc..

  167. Love your VSTs thank you very much for your contributions to the music production world. I think dropbox has taken issue with your bandwith usage as it seems they have suspended any connection to your content. Just wanted to pass that along. Cheers

  168. Added all .dll files but your plug ins won’t work or appear in the settings.

    I’m running PT 10.3.9 on WIN7

  169. Mike Milani says:

    Hi, I assemble the free access compressor from different devices. I can receive your FSM project synthmaker free access mk 2 compressor for modification of my device, thanks

    With respect for…

  170. Hey Bootsie,
    Your plug-ins sound awesome.
    I just downloaded your free plug-ins package.
    Can they all be used with my Windows 7 64 bit.
    I just want to make sure I install them in the correct place?
    I have a PC 32 gigs of ram. Windows 7 Pro 64. Cubase 7.5
    Intel 7i Processor.
    Where do I put the .dll files on my system?

  171. Your plugins are so good, please please please do 64bit. Even if you have to charge a small fee to do so, I`m sure people won`t mind paying. I am ready to give you my money.

  172. wonderful! please consider demonstrating a sample mastering stack with these plugins, for those of us learning to master our own tracks πŸ™‚

  173. Haven’t heard from you in a while Bootsy, hope you are ok? are you working on anything new, will you be perhaps entering the new 2018 KVR Developer Challenge?

  174. These plugins are incredibly musical and inspiring. I have been using them for a few years now and they are an indispensable part of my signal chain, thank you.
    If you ever come to amsterdam I’ll buy you many pints πŸ‘πŸ»

  175. The plugins sound clean and rich! Thank you very much for pro quality and free supply!

  176. Christopher Fuentes says:

    QUESTIONS! I absolutely love your plug ins, and wanted to know, is it would be possible to get the “FerricTDS” plugin on Logic Pro X? I really love that plugin and was heart broken to find out that i cant get it on my macbook Pro. please! id be more than willing to pay for it! Thank you so much for what you do! and God bless!

  177. Variety of Sound VST Plugins 64bit please………i love this plugs but my new DAW is only 64bit

  178. Duarte Cancela says:

    I’m starting learning DSP, i’m a musician and data science student, what is the best way to start learning DSP?

  179. At last a true tape echo. I used to have a Roland tape echo unit and could get some astounding effects with it and a guitar. Then I went digital and just could not get the effects, trying heaps of echo plugins.

    Thank you. I will MOST certainly check out the rest of your stuff.

  180. Fabian Bischoff says:

    Is there any new version of those plugins – because I have a 64 bit system. these plugins don’t work on my pc

  181. I can’t figure out how to download The Ferric TDS simulator on your webpage

  182. Hi, Is it possible to download the Nasty Series 1.2.1 somewhere please? I need to transfer old projects using these plugins. Thank you.

  183. Zhenya Eremenko says:

    Amzing tools ! And free.

  184. Guten Tag! Plugins sind sehr gut, gut gemacht!

  185. Thrillseeker LA is not linking to download properly. Please help!

  186. Eddie Lee says:

    I am vary impressed with your devices! They are the best.


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