Johnnyrandom | Bespoken

Composer Johnnyrandom breaks new ground with musical compositions made exclusively from everyday objects.


portrait of a sound design artist

A man standing alone in a shed hitting a bath with a mallet could be seen as mad, but in the world of sound design, it’s the norm. Ali Lacey is an eccentric sound design artist, and this short portrait allows us a closer look into the world of sound design.


installation: Sound of Threads

First part of the Sound of Threads exhibition in June 2013 in Reykjavik.
Sound of Threads is a structure of wood and threads of wool, where light is projected to visually translate the music and enhance the sound.

Symphonie Cinétique – The Poetry of Motion

So beautiful and stunning. I wish I could have been there in that room and performance.

sound and sound design, Hitchcock style


the sound of Gravity

In this exclusive SoundWorks Collection profile we talk with Director Alfonso Cuarón and Re-recording Mixer Skip Lievsay about the sound teams work to create a dramatic sound scape to a dark and vast outer space environment.


awesome sound design for Man Of Steel


a must see

And don’t miss to see the whole DTS “Sound Magician” Series.

documentary – the sound and music of The Last Of Us

In this exclusive SoundWorks Collection profile we talk with the sound and music team behind the critically acclaimed Naughty Dog Studios game, The Last of Us. We talk with Game Director Bruce Straley, Creative Director Neil Druckmann, Senior Sound Designer Derrick Espino, Audio Lead Phillip Kovats, Senior Audio Programmer Jonathan Lanier, and Music Manager, Jonathan Mayer.

Btw, excellent game. PS3 only.


compressor aficionados (2) – Nico from BigTone

Nico, why did you wanted to be a sound designer?

this happened by accident actually. i am and always was a sound fetishist. to me music is simply based on sound at the very first. no sound, no music. sound to me is the core element of music, way before you start a composition you need a sound to do so, be it a synthesizer or a guitar, it doesn´t matter. so the sound you choose greatly influences the composition that follows. that just was my natural understanding of music. since i was producing music in the mid 80´s i did so in the electronic area, using a lot of synthesizers. i never liked the presets provided with them, so i started to screw around on the knobs, until i liked what i heard. i started to study manuals (i still do this regularly, just for fun). it was easier for me to do it that way, as i then was able to make the sound fit into the composition/arrangement, as opposed to make everything fit searching preset by preset, not finding what i wanted anyway. over the years experience growed, and musical success went along with it, until i realized by 1997/98, that the music business went into deep trouble, so one day i thought, i might as well print an audio cd demo with some of my sounds i collected over the years for various synthesizers, and give those to the relevant guys at the music fair in frankfurt, which i visited regularly anyway. just to check if there was a market. well, after this year (1999) at the fair, the phone didn´t stop ringing…
so from that point on it came like it had to, suddenly i earned way more money than with producing music. so i went that route quite fast. i had to, the demand was huge. [Read more…]