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If you observe any issues with running this effect plug-ins, do have some general questions or would like to get in contact with me then this is the place to post a comment. Don’t forget to specify a valid email address in the form so that I am able to come back to you.


  1. Is there some way to sidechain (from a different track) with your any of your plugins in Ableton Live?

    I have sidechained with a plug besides Ableton’s native ones, so I think it just can’t be done with yours, am I correct?

    Thanks again for sharing your wonderful plugins!

    • As far as I tested with NastyVCS and DensityMKII you can sidechain from a different track (simple exemple; kick ducking the bass) … this is possible when you load the compressor on the bass channel, find and activate “ext sc” / “ext” on the plug’s GUI.. then toggle Ableton’s I-O (Alt+CTRL+I) and find Kick’s “Audio To” dropdown menu and route to the bass’s channel instead of master.
      If you want the kick signal along with the bass, send it through one of the sends.

      • PumasDaniel says:

        Hi, I started to use Nastyvcs a few months ago, Please correct me if i am wrong, according to your explanation about ext SC, using your example, if i have another track using Nastyvcs ext SC (set for this particular track) then i must add another “Kick” track with output to the new track?

    • The only plug-in from me which are supporting external sidechaining are Density mkII and NastyVCS.
      Don’t they work properly in AL? Which sidechain routing method are you using in AL?

    • huub van pinxteren says:

      Will there be apple versions ?

      • not in the near future

        • ferrie = differentieel says:

          would be nice if you found a way to translate your VST’s to OSX compatible plugs – – i would like to use your technology in Logic Studio on my 27″ mac on my art-projects and soundtracks.
          why mac?
          the easiness of OSX helps me so much te become productive – in the last five years i have made more music then i could on windows – so why stick to w? – see a list of my work at if you have the time 🙂

        • I’m here to +1 the idea that Bootsy’s plug-ins make the jump to AU format, i love using them so much, and would really love to use them in my new Logic pro 9 based system.

          • +2!!!
            The Variety of Sound vst’s are the only ones I use and my snotty decomposing hemorrhoid hag of a pc can’t handle the amount of tracks and effects I use in Renoise so I have to mix all my stuff on my gf’s mac.

            • +3 Is there any easy way to make these great plugins Mac compatible? Perhaps we could start a Kickstarter to accomodate your efforts! 🙂 Most creatives use Mac, anyways, so you’ll probably see an increase in use and awareness for your great product line.

            • sarah davis says:

              now now children !

              why are Mac fanatics so narrow minded and petty, always with sneery childish remarks. That attitude doesn’t encourage a positive response now does it ?

              I could say that I moved from Mac to PC in the 90’s and have never looked back (saved myself a ton of money in the process too). There hasn’t been a single issue that I couldn’t overcome with a little effort/research. I have to admit, I don’t know any Mac users any more or any studios that still use Macs – I’m not knocking Mac’s here, but I genuinely don’t know anyone. But this proves nothing more than we move in different circles.

              It seems to me that when Mac-Whiners (not to be confused with legitimately intelligent Mac users) don’t get handed an easy solution they throw their toys out of the pram without making the slightest effort themselves (guess that’s why they use taxi-Mac’s rather than manual-PC’s). For example – If you read the replies on this very page (you may need the help of a grown up) you will find out the reason why Bootsy’s plugs are 32Bit PC, and not 64Bit or OSX.

              In the meantime, rather than continually asking the same question but not reading the answer, I’ll let you into a little secret,… come closer, I’ll whisper it to you,…get a bridge – it will solve your problem.

              • sarah davis says:

                PS – I haven’t run out of tracks for over a decade, but then, I do know how to build & optimise a PC. If your ‘hemorrhoid’ can’t cope then you’re doing something wrong, try optimising the OS, adding ram, or getting a pro s/card 🙂

              • The original comment was a perfectly reasonable question: Are these plugins available for Mac? Answer: No – Ok. Well it’s not a huge effort to make them so and to that end someones wades in with a helpful ‘kickstarter’ suggestion. Great suggestion. And meanwhile people add their support for the original comment, and… I do too. While doing so, they all declare their appriciation for the software and the effort and knowledge that went into it. I do too, and since I’m a software developer, I know what that effort (in terms of 100s hours) is likely to be. As I read and consume more advice from others in the DAW community, and gain more experience, I am able to recognise good plugins – and these are just such a thing. I’d be willing to contribute financially towards an effort that brings these plugins to the Mac. I’m a bit jealous that they are Win only, but I have a Win PC too, so I can try them out there – no problem.

                And that would be that, except then you barge in and spoil a perfectly pleasant thread with your condescending anti-Mac diatribe and proceed to vomit your ignorance all over the page like some raging Harpy who’s been locked away in her own little world too long. This is presumably because one comment was ‘most creatives are Mac users anyway’ – a wildly inaccurate comment, but then of course some people are prone to repeating ad-blurb and corporate messages as though they are facts. But that’s no reason to launch a tirade of abuse: calling people ‘narrow minded … petty … whiners’. If you know someone is mistaken, and you feel slighted because you think of yourself as a creative person excluded by his/her comment, you should correct him/her and present a reasoned argument. The comment did include a smilie btw – which I took to mean ‘I’m giving you PC users a friendly ribbing if you didn’t notice’. I’m guessing you flew into your vile tantrum too quick to notice the smilie. Oh well, perhaps you should take your own advice and read more carefully.

                People don’t learn unless you politely guide them. When you do that, you feel good, and they benefit. Which is why I’m politely guiding you now. I’ll let you into a little secret,… come closer, I’ll whisper it to you … you are an a-hole.

          • +4. An AU format version of Density would be immense.

          • Even just an OSX compatible VST would be a great. This guy named Dave Pensado uses Mac and frequently gives shout-outs to freeware plugins, just sayin. I’m trying to think of a high caliber engineer or studio still using Windows…I’ll be here a while.

        • Jonathan says:

          Why? …please think seriously about it! …Anyway, thanx 4 your huge (and very inteligent) work! …i read your feelings and i have to say that you have totally reached the goal you prefixed! …You created a really useful M/S devices!

      • Really want to hear what these are all about!!! but alas I have a Mac. Would be great if they come our way sometime!!!!!

    • Density mkII is the best- please please do a 64 bit update:)

    • Is there any tutorial on using preFIX? i want to use it on lead vocals and also on the overall mix…But i dont understand it..I need a tutorial…help..

    • David Charlonne says:

      Maybe someone can help I’m new to the vst world. So I downloaded the plugins they showed up in my folder but I cant get them to show up on my daw I’m using samplitude music studio 2017. Also it said to accept the license but I couldn’t find that either.If someone can help me please explain in good detail…like I said I’m new to this lol.……Thanks!

  2. Hi Bootsy. I’m a student at SAE Perth right now and would like to have a written interview with you on ’emerging technologies and trends’ in the audio industry. This will be in my report for my 2nd trimester assignment. I wont ask you too many questions, may be 3. Email me soon if you are interested.

    Thanks again for all the great work you are doing! I’m a great fan of your plugins.


  3. Hey man, love the plug-ins! I’ve just bought a Windows 7 laptop and tried running these plug-ins in my DAW (Cubase Studio 4) but it keeps crashing. Why do you think this is? I’d love to continue using your stuff because it’s great! I’ve had no problems using it in Vista, and it’s always worked before with my DAW.

    Cheers, Martin

    • I’ve meanwhile tested Win7 compatibility and it works flawless here on an Acer subnotebook and Ableton Live 8.1.5. I’ve checked DensitymkII2.0.2, BootEQmkII2.1 and NastyVCS.
      Did you installed them in the x86 section of Win7? Or is the host running in 64bit mode?

      • I’m running the 64 bit version of Windows 7. I’m also using Cubase Studio 4 64 bit, too. In my programs folder in the C drive there’s a folder which says “program files (X86)” but the Steinberg folder is installed in just the regular program files folder. What should I do?

        • You need a wrapper to run 32bit plug-ins (like mines) in your 64bit host. See here or elsewhere on more info about that topic, maybe a 64bit host user which comes along here can give more tips too.

          • Thanks for the help. I actually uninstalled my version of Cubase as I remembered when I installed it, it said whether I wanted to install the 32 or 64 bit versions, so I reinstalled it at 32 bit and now I can use these plug-ins again! Cheers for the heads up!

        • i use vista 64 bit and ive so much troubles but everything is nice since i have :

          1/: put my (ableton’s live) vst folder in my documents(everywhere but not in program files x86) .

          2/: running at the first install programs as administrator.

          3/: disable uac (user account control ) .

          but i think the first point may be nough to solve your problem

          i hope this will help you a bit !

          ciao !

        • Add a new folder for 32-bit plugins & put them in there.
          I used to put 64-bit in C:/Program Files/64 and 32-bit in C:/Program Files/32 – buit never, ever installing both 32 & 64 bit versions.
          Open the plugin manager in Cubase (or plugin information as it is in C4) and add the new path.
          Close & relaunch – it will now scan the new folder & use the built in Bit Bridge.

          Proper 64-bit versions are what is really needed though – but if it is Synthmaker, then that’s not going to happen – I recently went 64-bit all the way (and removed all 32-bit tools because the Bit Bridges are not ideal & do not work reliably) and also lost a stack of 5.1 capable plugins that were synthmaker tools, simply because the developers had given up trying to get it to run in 64-bit.

  4. kingocounty says:

    Can we also use this page as a wish-list? I’d love to have the compressor from NastyCS available as a separate plugin. Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Density mk2 crashes Renoise. Help…please. I want to sell my Uad dsp so much…

  6. Ferric and Reaper:

    I have a few instances of Ferric happening in different channels in reaper..and in one of the instances on one of the channels (a drum buss) no sound comes through when i have ferric on in the FX chain..however when i bypass it …sound goes through..

    i don’t know if there is any delay Ferric (maybe fir? or something) however it does seem like this phenomena of too much “feedback” in a very short delay that causes an effect to be unusable in that instance.

    it’s not a huge problem because when i reset things it’s fine..and i also process stuff without it being real time etc..but i thought i would report it anyway.

    cheers on your amazing software! I’m really excited for the “Nasty” Delay.

  7. hi bootsie !

    im not begging nothing but just to add something to the wish list .

    for me , and to make some sound design , a real pitch/pitchshifter’thing , with your talent , will be amazing !.

    tschuss !

  8. Hi,

    Is it possible to get older version of DensitymkII?

    I’m sure I have used older version with older version of Renoise and it worked fine. Tried older versions of Renoise today and noticed it crashes on every version I could have possibly used (2.0 to 2.6)

    So, could you send me DensitymkII 2.0.0 and 2.0.1 via e-mail?


  9. I don’t know if you’d announced anything about it or not, but here it is:

    MAC OS X versions of these plugins.

    There are many of us out there, making the cost/function calculation of the plugins we use, and there aren’t many ‘clever’ buys in the market.

    Mac users too, need plugins you produced.

  10. Hello Bootsy!
    I have covered some interesting sidechain experiments with Density mkII and NastyVCS’s compressor regarding the time characteristics witch I don’t want to make public just yet but want to share with you. Please contact me for more info if you are interested.
    Maybe it will turn out into a cool article for your blog or something.
    You can delete this comment after reading it.

  11. Hi Herbert,

    Except error or omission from my side, there is still this annoying bug with some of your plugs within Samplitude/Sequoia where for some reasons the GUI gets back to default (I mean all parameters to default) when I reopen a project.

    Any clues?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Thomas,

      meanwhile Outsim is working on that compiler bug. However, they did not confirmed any final schedule for that. It’s the reason why I’m still holding back other maintenance releases because this is going to be an essential fix (affects some other hosts/circumstances as well).

      Just be patient (like me).

      best regards,

  12. Hi Bootsie,

    I run Cubase 5.5.1 on my new i7 930 with Windows 7 Home Premium x64.
    The problem is: YOUR PLUGINS WON´T SHOW!!! 😦
    And This IS a real big problem to me 😉
    What´s up? ANy problems with win7 x64?
    Please have a look on it because all my previous tracks use some of your plugs and I wanted to use them in the future, too! 😉

  13. These are Win32 plug-ins and you need a wrapper/bridge to rum them in a 64bit host.

    • Hi Varo,

      never mind, got it working after telling Cubase the VSTPlugin directory is the VST2.x shared directory.
      Had to make a rescan three times but now it runs VERY fine 😀

      Did you thought about what i wrote you about the nasty dla thingy? You drop me a mail and you´ll get all analysis data I´ve got so far.

      Thanks and greetings


  14. How crazy analogesque can you push self oscillation while speeding up or slowing down NastyDLA ?

  15. Hi,

    I am writing for Wusik Sound Magazine, and I would like to ask you if you are available for an interview for the issue which will come after this one.

    I believe it would be an interesting read, since your plugins are so widely appreciated. Feel free to contact me if you have time and interest.

    Kind regards,
    Robert Halvarsson

  16. Hello,

    I’m trying to demo your Density MKII plugin. I get a nasty crash as soon as I inserted into my tracker (Renoise).

    Here is a screenshot of the error:

    As you can see, Density II is the last in the plug in chain.

    I have a few other of your plugins and they all run fine in Renoise except this one. I’m running Windows 7 (64 bit) with 4 GIG ram. Any help would be appreciated.



    • Adrian Thomas says:

      Hello again,

      Posted this same query here on the Renoise boards.

      Tactik(Dev) response:

      “See http://www.renoise.c…showtopic=24978 please

      I looked into this and there really is not much we can do without their help. All I could find out that the plugin crashes while trying to access some uninitialized memory. Very likely that they expect (and get) a call in other hosts to some internal function which avoids the crash there. But we can’t see what the plugin exactly does and thus can not even try to hack around this. Sorry…?

    • can we safely exclude that this is no 64bit issue?

      • Yes we can. From the other thread (as well as talking with others) This isn’t just a 64 bit issue.

        • Also read (in the link that Taktic posted that a user had the first version of Density and it was confirmed working good. Unfortunately, I don’t have Density v1 to confirm myself.

  17. Hi,

    Nasty VCS looses all the settings when reopening plugin GUI in Samplitude 10/Win7 64.



  18. Bootsie your the man..cant believe these plugs are free.Thank you..
    Im having a problem unarciving 2 rar files..bootsieeq..and the reverb…all the other files extracted ok..downloaded from your site..please help.

    windows xp pro sp3
    dell dual core 3g 3g ram
    universal extracter 1.6.1

  19. Mischa Chillak says:

    Bootsie, great plugs. I’m having a strange issue with Nasty VCS. It seems that the plugin is generating a signal even when there is no audio running through it. This signal progressively gets louder as I am mixing. It seems to be in the very low end as I can not hear it but when I press play I can feel the compressor catch it and it makes a slight popping sound. If i press stop on the sequencer I can see that signal on the track with NastyVCS is being generated which goes away when I bypass NastyVCS.

    Whats even stranger is when I restart Cubase it isn’t there, but as time moves on and I start working it starts to get louder until finally I have to restart again because its causing the limiter on my 2 bus to react too much.

    Windows XP
    Cubase 5.1.1

  20. Hi!
    First of all thank you for making these wonderful plugins!

    I’m having a little trouble with the presets though..
    If I choose a preset and make some changes to it then load another preset and then load the first one again it still has my changes applied to it, it doesn’t change back to the initial settings..?

    Your plugins is not the only ones that behave this way so I’m not blaming your plugins I just wanted to ask if you know what could be causing this?

    I’m using Reaper but the plugins behave the same in VST Plugin analyser, I have tried it on three different computers and under XP and W7 (both 32bit) and they all behave the same.

    I’m not using presets that much so it’s not a big problem but I just wanted to ask if you had any info on this issue.

    Best regards


  21. Do you have versions of your plug-ins that work with OS X please ?


  22. Hello dear Plug-in Master, I like Density MK II so much, it is really one of the nicest m/s compressor in software sphere, but sometimes it is getting crash in my 32-bit Cubase 5.5 on Win7 …well I am just saying 🙂

    BIG Thank you for all of your stuff, it really rocks!

  23. Hi bootsie,

    great NastyVCS Channel Strip, one short question:

    Could you give me the attack and the release times for the compressors preset settings?

    • they are not static/fixed but program dependent.

    • Since I helped with tweaking the compressor of the VCS and especially the timings, here is some thoughts regarding the dynamic sections (bootsy: I hope it is ok to share them here):

      Generally the attack and release is programm-dependent, so no exact times can be given, as different input material gives different reactions for the same setting.

      But nonetheless the naming of the timing presets gives a good idea what to expect out of them and the presets are sorted from fast (top) to slow (bottom).

      So if you want to flatten and smash a drumbus use “grind” for attack and “squeez” for release.

      If you want to enhance the punch of a sloppy kick drum, use “pres” or “slack” for attack and a fast release setting so the compressor can recover between the hits.

      To gently level a vocal track use “slack” and “soft” or “LA”.

      For upfront guitar tracks try “press” (stands for pressure) and medium release settings.

      To get an idea of the “sound” of a compressor it often helps to really drive it hot (thats one of the reasons why I made bootsy add the +12dB button :). Then adjust the timing paramters and back of the compression amount until it doesn’t sound strained or overprocessed anymore.

      I hope this gives a rough idea about the reasoning behind the timing presets. I know it kind of gets old, but really try to hear whats happening when using the different settings. Just take the names literal. Hopefully this works out for the material you work on and the sound you are looking for 🙂

  24. cool:spring! says:

    first request for the dla
    can you put some inertia to the effect of delay lines?
    like in the real analog tapes, when you speed up or down,it needs s bit of time to change the speed(and it does it non linearly).
    in this way,changing the sliders would change smoothly without revealing sampling artifacts deriving from severe pitch shifting!(and in xfeedback or 1&2mono mode it would cause beautiful things!)
    as for the inertia amount, it’s just your taste, you can always add a switch led to activate it,or deactivate it automatically when switching to sync mode,so that patrick doesn’t have to modify anything
    let me know what do you think
    it sounds so warm !

    • +1 on the inertia tape speed feature. Actually I already had such models in the prototypes but it did not felt right yet and so it was defered for the 1.0 release.
      I also currently miss a midi learn feature when working with DLA on my own. Both might be something for an update but definately not this year anymore.

  25. There is a bug in NastyDLA and Studio One. Even if the sound engine is off (Stoped not playing), if there is any insert of NastyDLA in any track, there will be hiss and noise when there should be none. Disable the instance (using Studio One “power button” on the effect) stops the hiss.

  26. You download links (to dropbox) don’t seem to be working. Can you please update them?

  27. VcFwanabee says:

    Tried downloading BootEQmkII but it just cam up with ‘Oops! Can’t find your page’, or ‘There has been an error’ pages…

  28. Just tried the downloads, still getting a Dropbox error

    • Same here — thoughts on trying another hosting service instead?,,, (I could go on.)

      However, I do imagine you probably have a good reason for using DropBox; I just don’t know what it is! 😛

      That aside, thanks for the plugs! I absolutely love BootEQ. I haven’t had a chance to try many of the others yet, but I will do when the opportunity arises!

    • relax, its just a matter of days. It has a reason why I don’t use those hosters in general. Just have a closer look at their terms of service …

      P.S.: Thanks for some private hosting offers that I’ve already received. I’ll probably look for such a solution with the next release to have it available in a dedicated scalable place and to not disturb the dropbox downloads here.

  29. Ah-ha, I see now. As I said, I figured there had to be a reason. Thanks for clarifying. 🙂

  30. Hi Bootsie I really can,t fint how to accept the license agreement bofore downloading..

    How do I do this?, help please….

  31. hi,
    i really like your plugins, unbelievable they are free. not only do they have nice interfaces, they actually sound great.
    where can i donate?^^
    unfortunately teslaPro and ferric won’t show up in cubase5.5 32bit win XP. any suggestions?

  32. This is my first post here. As a novice recording enthousiast, I do not have a great deal of experience in utilizing your plugs-ins yet. Still, among the many plug-ins out there, free or otherwise, yours stand out as being superbly designed. I appreciate your attention to detail in making them aesthetically interesting, particularly the vintage looking ones and those with Vu styled meters. I also really appreciate the plugs-ins that have many presets. This is a big bonus for those of us who lack the experience to hunt for and quickly find certain sounds. Even your manuals are excellent. Thank you for making these stellar plug-ins available.

    P.S. I trust occasional glitches are an unavoidable consequence of software in general, but for what it’s worth, all of your plug ins have worked flawlessly for me.

  33. Hi Bootsie, erstmal danke für NastyDLA und Deine anderen Plugins – ganz, ganz grooooß – tolle Arbeit!!!
    Leider hab ich NastyDLA-Bugs zu melden: der eine betrifft den Chorus. Sobald man den Regler aufdreht, klingt es bei mir so, als würde das Signal degradiert werden – wie ein LoFi-Effekt/Bit-Reduzierung oder Aliasing, ich glaube nicht, dass es so gedacht war.
    Noch ein zweiter: in Sonar 8.5.3 werden nicht alle Parameter gespeichert. Der aktivierte “Wet Only”-Button ist nach dem Neuladen eines Projekts wieder aus. Keine Ahnung, ob das auch andere Einstellungen betrifft.

  34. Your dropbox downloads are not working.

  35. I’ve been experimenting with using Tessla SE and Ferric in sequence to try to get a Fatso Jr sort of effect. Which one would you put first in that application? (I put Tessla first and use its output to drive Ferric) And would it be possible to quantify the gain reduction of Ferric’s “Trim” knob and/or add an input gain knob in a future revision?

  36. Hello! I just wanted to congratulate on your great work flawless and neat that develops in these beautiful machines, also thank you for your dedication and great contribution to those of us in this, as I respect myself, my future in music production Industrial IDM, really needed a place like this!

    thank you very much!

  37. just to let you know, I’ve put all latest issue reports on my investigation list…

  38. Will your wonderful plugins work on my new 64 bit, windows 7 computer with pro tools 9?


  39. Hi, I have some ideas for a new line of plugins – but i need a talented developer. Are you interested in working with someone?

  40. Hello,

    I attempted to download your plugins and I saved them to a folder in my VST programs. However, it appears that they require some type of zipfile to open them. Did I do something wrong?

  41. Hey Bootsy<

    I use NastyDLA in Reaper and it will crackle once in a while even though the CPU says only ~15%. When I reload REAPER it goes away until I add something else…then the noise again.

    P4 1GB RAM am I underpowered 🙂

    • If the P4 is a rather old one it could be the issue, NastyDLA demands some cpu indeed. But it could also simply the chorus bug if that crackle only occurs when chorus is enabled. That one will be fixed later on.

  42. There is a bug in the chorus? I will check it out…thanks!

  43. Hi
    Tested it on PC, very nice work.

    Is there OSX versions planned ?


  44. I was extremely negligent by not thanking you nice folks for the great plugins on your site!

    Thank You! Kudos!

  45. Fabio 5corde says:

    It would be useful for me to have the same name as “Vendor” in all the plugins. Now the older ones are by “bootsy”, Density is signed “VarietyOfSound” and the newer ones are “Variety Of Sound”.
    Thank you

  46. Fabio 5corde says:

    I love Density mkII and use it everywhere.
    In Presonus Studio One, it makes something crash when I close the song. I never lost data, but.. just to let you know!
    Thank for the wonderful plugins.

  47. Firstly “Thanks VOS/Bootsy” for an amazing plugin pack…a great arsenal to any hobbiest’s or pro’s collection without question FULLSTOP!

    Using Windows7x64 and Cubase 5.12 x64 with jBridge and with Joao’s help finally got the plugins working without glitches when changing the presets in the drop down menus. Was experiencing static sound shrills for 5-6 seconds and subsequent static blips when changing to further presets.

    Solutions we found :

    Inital solution was to select in the settings of jBridge the following two options :

    •Enabling “legacy integrated mode”. This solve the subsequent static blips but not the intial 5-6sec shrill.
    •Enabling “switch to integrated GUI mode” This resolved the static shrill.

    BTW : Where’s the donate button I can’t find it 🙂 Hope you get a donate button if you release x64bit (and VST3 unlikely as I know it’s a different beast).

    Thanks and regards

  48. Francesco Fabiano says:

    Just downloaded and briefly tested your plugins: need more time to evaluate but I believe Ferric and Tesla are the best saturation plugins I tried so far… Don’t really know why you keep them free!

  49. land titles says:

    hey there bootsy

    i’ve used your plugs both in logic 5.5(athalonxp) no sse2 and reaper 3.73(P4)
    both on windows

    your plug-ins seem to work a lot better in logic
    the plugs take a huge cpu draw, ferric is 5% and VCS
    is 18% per instance in reaper

    any idea if this is normal i really like your work
    but want to move away from logic


  50. Hello bootsy!

    I just wanted to give you some gratitude for your wonderful plugins!

    I just recently finished up a project where I used your effects – almost exclusively.

    NastyVCS, FerricTDS, EpicVerb were some favorites with vcs and tds used on just about every track.
    I also used NastyVSD on the master during mixdown.

    I hope it’s ok to post a link to the album-
    It can be streamed and or downloaded here

    thanks so much and happy holidays


  51. Hi, my name is Frank Gonzalez. I am a composer focused in making soundtracks for contemporary choreograhers and media. I wanted to thank you for your site, your work and your generosity. I am really astonished with your plugins collection. I just discovered them today but I am going to start using them right away. I promess to go back to you with some compositions after I expiriment with them…
    A couple of questions: were can I listen to your music? and, have you ever been interested in midi-effects plugins and (or) generative processes: you know, using chance as an ingredient in composition… That is the kind of stuff I am in. Please visit to see what is my line of work. Thank you again, congratulations and happy, happy Holidays!


  52. Hi there,
    many thanks for your brilliant plugins! Density mk.II is fabulous and is getting some serious usage on every mix as are most of the other plugins. There only issue is that Booteq and certain of the others won’t show up in my host DAW.
    I’m running Cubase 5.0.1 within XP pro 32 bit. I’ve tried the obvious things like rescanning the plugin folders from cubase but no joy. Given the quality of the other plugins I’m desperate to give BootEq a try.
    Many Thanks,

  53. Although I left remarks once before, I have just finished my first real project, and felt compelled to comment again. I can hardly convey how well your plug ins work, and I am thrilled with the results. I used Density, Rescue, DLA, and Nasty HF. Everything about them is stellar, from the designs on through to actual function. Thanks again for making these unbelievable plug ins available.

    Should you develop any others, perhaps some kind of specialized mastering leveler/limiter might be worth considering. Then one could literally complete a project, including mastering, using nothing but Bootsy plugs. 🙂

  54. Hi Bootsy, the new website looks good. For me, it’s much easier to read now. Happy new year and thanks for your effort !

  55. Hey Bootsy!

    I’m really interested in your work, I’ve heard a lot of good stuff from classmates and fellow sound engineers! I’m keen on testing it, but the problem is I’m running on a mac, I don’t really have access to a PC in a controlled sound environment.. And I know you don’t seem very keen on porting your work either, but just out of curiosity, what would it take to make that port? Or perhaps “fix” the Mac OS to be able to run your plugins? Since the VST interface is the same for both PC/Mac, I mean.

    Would it be able with donations?

    Really inspiring work, I admire it! You should be proud 🙂
    // Fabian

  56. Your TesslaSE download appears to be corrupt?

  57. I find the NastyVCS really hard to look, small and confusing buttons all along the bottom and such. Will you be working on new skins? Thanks

  58. I have Cubase, Reaper, and Adobe Audition to use. Audition offers great editing, but I’ve had some problem with outside [of Audition] plug-ins.

    I was wondering if you have some experience with Audition compatability and, if so, any suggestions?


    • The upcoming betas will address some issues in both, Cubase and Reaper. The more niche hosts are harder to support though. What are those issues – can you get a little bit more specific?

  59. Francesco says:

    Hi Bootsy,
    i have a really strange issue with BootEq-MkII(i have this problem even wit the latest beta release)
    I’m running on xp 32 service pack 3.My mastering audio program is wavelab 6.
    When i load the BootEq MkII plug into the master-section of wavelab 6 everything works fine
    i can tune the controls of the equalizer and of the preamp section.If i boost the volume out
    of the preamp i can clearly see the levels on the master-section going over 0 by +3dB or +4dBs.
    But when i launch the render on wavelab(with the volume on the preamp boosted at 4 for example) as soon as the render is finished the peaks levels of the audio file remain unchanged.There’s no volume boost!!
    This happens with version 2.1 and beta release.With the first realease of Boot Eq MkII this problems
    does not occur as the level of the audio file get properly boosted.
    Could you please let me know something more? This thing is driving me crazy cos i need
    to use your fantastic plug on some mastering projects.
    thanks for your help!!



    • Francesco says:

      i want to underline that it’s only the preamp section that has this issue.
      If you turn off the preamp and use only the eq boosting levels at various frequencies
      once you’ve rendered the files the peaks and the rms levels get properly boosted.
      If you turn off the eq and use only the preamp section(boosting the out volume even by 8 db!)
      once you’ve finished the rendering nothing happens.No boost in peak and rms levels on the audio
      file.I think it’s a bug of the latest release(even the beta one).
      If you could shed some light on this issue it would be much appreciated.



  60. There are plugins for your Mac OS X? If not, you will still produce? Thanks!

  61. Is there any reason for you to not include the exact frequency (in numbers) when we tweak your plugins? I love Nasty VCS, but I need numeric precision when setting the High Pass Filter and the Low Pass Filter. Not even when I remove the GUI from the plugin I can see the data, just a slider with no label. This is being a deal breaker for me, have you ever considered doing a version where the plugin tells these informations while we twist the knobs? Thanks!

    • VCS is a mixing tool and imho there is no need to have precise numbers when doing that – your ears should be sufficient. Might be different if we are talking about pre-production or mastering but thats not what VCS was designed for …

      • As Exeris said below, in less than ideal rooms we often rely on numbers. That´s why I asked specifically for the HPF, as it´s the most difficult for me to judge by ear. When it comes to regular “color EQ” I totally agree with you. Anyway, thanks for the quick reply and great plugins. I can´t recall any project on the last years that didn´t had DensityMKII on the master bus.

        • cool:spring! says:

          well i had the same problem with it, since specially the hpf isn’t focused on the low values (say 0-200 hz) when turning the knob
          on the other hand the hpf doesn’t have a particularly hi slope curve, so I wouldn’t suggest it for surgical room compensation.
          but if you want to see what the filter’s doing, just use the mighty analyzer by christian, and learn how does it work, memorize the positions of the knob just like you would do for real gear.
          about room compensation, i also would suggest an eq that has band notches as well besides the allpass.
          i found it really useful in dual mono independent operations to correct both room issues and messy stereo micing , since often the excessive “boomy” or “phasy” sound that comes from them is given by one or more redundant frequencies that have to be erased with a combination of asymmetrical allpass filters and one or two band notches (possibly with harmonics control)
          always take a look to a multiband phase meter, or at least use an eq that shows you the phase shift that you are introducing.
          a simple hipass should be used only for simple tonal balance and rumble removal
          hope i’ve been clear

  62. Hi

    I like the reverb a lot — but I’m wondering can you change the wet:dry mix (or add a button) to LOCK the wet:dry mix so it’s not recalled when selecting a preset?

    It’s very annoying if I put it on an insert (so the wet:dry needs to be more like 30%) then as I scroll thru presets I have to keep changing the w:d ratio…..Many (most?) reverbs do not store the w:d ratio as part of the preset for just that reason…..but my sugg above is a decent compromise I think 🙂

    Keep up the great work

  63. I agree with DSA, would greatly appreciate Nasty VCS HP and LP have numeric precision as many of us are working in bad acoustic spaces and rely on our ears AND numbers to get best results. Hope you will consider in the future.

  64. I know this sounds awfully whiny and despicable, but could you consider making OS X versions of your plugins (if not free then commercial)? I’ve read many good things about them and would like to try them out. Naturally, you’re very welcome to ignore this as I’m just random internet whiner 🙂

    Happy new year anyway!

  65. many greetings from Saxony here. the most of the tracks on page 1 ( over this link are done with densitymkII compressor on the hats, subbass and kicks and synths 😉

    thanks for that fine plugins, really love them!

  66. Hi Bootsy,

    many thanks for your fantastic plugins! Same goes to Patrick for his beautiful GUIs
    At the moment i am just using the Cubase own plugins and your ones.
    I can’t compare them to other professional plugins. But yours are enough to achieve a professional sound (to my ears). It is much fun working with them.
    Same applies to the vst’s manuals and the background informations you present in this blog.

    Thanks again and best regards

  67. BootEQ 96kHz
    192kHz ! GoGoGo !

  68. Hi. does anybody know how I can make some of those plugins work with logic?

  69. Hi Bootsy, I was just reading your latest news letter and you mentioned a bug with Nasty DLA. I have the plugin, LOVE it! Could you provide me with some details about the bug and what I mayt be able to do to help? Thank you for your great plugins; if I can help in some way I will.

    • If you are affected by this issue with your setup then you will immediately notice it: Some audible lofi noise / crackles when dialing the chorus in …

      • scott cortese says:

        Ok, I have had this problem. I have a project with 3 instances of DLA running on 3 seperate tracks. Only one of them had the low fi noise and the ony way to eliminate the noise was to turn the chorus dial all the way down. I have recently updated my daw ( to a pre-release version) and now I can’t reproduce this problem on that same track. I can’t reproduce it yet in a new project either. Sorry, I have no explanation for this.

  70. Hello!

    I love your stuff, thanks so much for making it available! I’ve got some issues with the GUIs in Cubase Essentials 5 (had them in version 4, as well). Sometimes the GUIs won’t come up, but I just see a “frame” where the plug-in interface should be. Have you experienced this ever and would you know what might cause it?



  71. Do you consider releasing only the saturation section Nasty VCS (knobs IN and SAT) as a separated plugin? It´s my favourite saturation plugin ever and I use it on everything, but it´s a bit overkill loading the entire strip only to use this section.

  72. troels Jorgensen says:

    From a technical point of view, would it be a pain to do mac versions?
    -I am sure you could set up a “donate” function on your site, where people who wanted a mac version of your plugins could donate.

    What are your thoughts on a future mac release? and donation?
    thanks alot for you GREAT GREAT plugins!

    • Donation? No!
      Mac release? No plans at the moment.

      • I am passionately in love with the VOS plugs. I’ve been doing KVR’s One Synth Challenge all year and as you may know one of the rules is that all plugs be free and available to all. VOS plugs have become my go-to for nearly everything, and have been so in my non-OSC work as well. It started with Ferric on the master, and I’ve just recently started using Baxter on the master as well. All your plugs have found their way into my work. My only gripe is the lack of Mac versions. We are on Macs at my day job (a large Methodist Church in the Houston, TX area) and I’m in the process of mixing our big Christmas musical for DVD. I find myself yearning in vain for my beloved Ferric and Baxter! Thanks for all the great plugs, and keep up the phenomenal work!

  73. Paal Rasmussen says:

    Hello – Really nice concept this “Nasty” business (the NastyVCS) but it crashes in Logig 5.5.1 on an Athlon Win XP machine. I tried it in Reaper on the same machine, and it works OK.
    Most modern VST’s work with Logic, so I’m wondering if there is a workaround or if there’s a quirk in the Logic VST implementation that everyone used to be aware of, but that has somehow been lost?
    I really like Logic for its MIDI, synths and flexibility – Reaper is nowhere near as yet, so any help would be appreciated…

  74. Paal Rasmussen says:

    – Oh and by the way: EpicVerb works flawlessly in Logic. So to help you grasp my problem:
    In Reaper both EpicVerb and NastyVCS work, but in Logic only EpicVerb. So whatever braks NastyVCS, it’s not likely to be related to instruction set.

  75. Your plugins are amazing! Thank you for being so generous…! I was comparing BootEQ with WaveArts tube emulator, and I was pleasantly impressed… with BootEQ that is! I think it is my new favorite EQ. So when are you going to try your hand at some mastering plugs, linear phase eqs, multi-band compressors (with programmable side chain for each band)… limiters…!

  76. Hi there Bootsie. Love your plugs, just wanted to let you know that I stilll get that weird chorus issue with NastyDLA inside FL Studio 9.8, even with the new beta you released. It works great inside Reaper however.

  77. Bootsie, I’m sorry, I didn’t see the new beta released Feb 10th for NastyDLA… I will try that with FL Studio 9.8 and report back. Thank you

  78. Hi. I wanted to personally thank you for creating free VST effects. Our artists use them quite a lot in their music (Polybonk is an electronic music store).
    Also, I would like to let you know in appreciation for making your effects FREE, that our blog included your FerricTDS in our TOP FIVE Free VST List.

    You can check the post here :

    Again, thank you!

  79. Dear Bootsy, I really like your plugins and appreciate your hard work. Soundwise one of the plugins I like most is TesslaSE. However, there is a graphical bug in Samplitude. When I re-open a project all knobs are set to Zero although the sound is still ok. Makes it hard to finetune settings. Afaik you updated some plugins recently to fix this bug for them. But TesslaSE was not on the list. Is there a change you’ll fix the other plugins that suffer from this issue, too?
    Thanks and best regards!

  80. hi im looking for a compressor with a very fast releas bilow 1ms . and with all the ather options like knee and attack.i dont know way evry one stop at 1 ms.
    i have a the plagin mix buss from ssl and after i uzed some loops throw it i anderstend way it is the best plagin for drums and for mix buss ‘it have a soper relese and with a gain reduction of 16 db it still returns to 0 befor the next hit (that meens you added 16 db of ambians to the drums and some time it is the best for that ) no ather plagin came close to that on 16 db reduction on the same sample it came back to 8 or so even with the anteres mix bus com emulation .
    can you make acompressor that “pumps ” and have all the capabilitis of athe compressor.
    i realy wating for your replay

    soory for my en

  81. Hi,
    I am compiling a list of the best free plug-ins I can find and waiting to post them to our new site

    Is it possible to link to them ?


  82. Hey Bootsie!!!
    what do you think about setting up a Flattr account so people can give you some?
    I really love it! and i would love to “flattr” you 🙂
    its a kind of micro-payment system
    Thanks for everything!!!

  83. Hi Bootsy,

    First of all, i would like to say that i think to Tessla PRO is an awesome idea / plug-in.

    I have one question about it. I think the 30 ms max for the transients is too short. I would love to have it in a range from 0 – 150 ms. It would it make even more suitable for busses or the masterbus.

    Would like to hear from you soon!


  84. paul philippart says:

    Hi been trying to get epicverb,all I get is an unopenable zip,yet other downloads on that page are fine, also the ealu cant find one nothing to tick??????would love to try this ,best regs P

    • It’s a .rar file, not .zip

      • paul philippart says:

        Hi sorry been busy ,thanx for reply,yep I cant open the rar ,my mistake,on win xp or 7 or linux,still would love to try it, density ive tried so far its exellent ,thanx for that,I use uad and other plugs its as good as easily and more flexible.

  85. I have a problem with Nasty VCS.
    Some Functions can not be automated in Cubase like LP and HP …

  86. Hi Bootsy! I love your plugins. I use Ferric and DensityII on every track! I also make my own dsp…nothing public, just experimenting for fun – but my limited knowledge causes me to wonder something about the saturation algo’s you’re using… in terms of aliasing & harmonic content. I notice when doing a sine-sweep through Ferric that you see aliasing “reflections” as the freq gets higher – these are very high freq sounds so I am curious if they don’t really have an audible effect – maybe it would be cool to have an oversampling feature to make ferric even smoother??? Or am I out to lunch here…

    • Since I’ve don’t seen your analysis and method I really can’t comment on that. Is that aliasing, THD, intermodulation distortion? There is so much confusion about all that out there.
      Are you using 1.0 or 1.5?

      • using 1.5; here’s my analysis

        first half of the spectrograph is with tds off, then on

        the fundamental is there, and harmonics are occurring above the fundamental

        there the harmonics are occurring below the fundamental

        I’m curious as to your comments on this, I would find it very elucidating 🙂 I have enjoyed many of your posts

  87. paul philippart says:

    Got it all working,was a stupid problem,nuff said,WOW these are really hot plug ins,able to add or subtract harmonics eq etc, that ive been unable to acheive before even with uad,really pleasant results,they actually do something positive,awsome dude.

    • paul philippart says:

      Oh yeah ,for years ive mixed using consules outboard etc,last few years been favoring in the box good ol mouse and surface,every single move,”worth it”, saved etc etc,as much as i love it one thing has eluded me is the chaos reactive component of the mixer always seems to add that something nuancey etc to the mix,Ferric and Tessla plus density HAS brought it into the box,for me, on the sub mix’s used subtle to moderate,an answer ive been looking for a few years,Thank you so much the happiest accidental ive come across in a long time.

  88. I’m a regular writer for Sound On Sound magazine, where I write the monthly Mix Review and Mix Rescue columns, amongst various other things. I’ve recently written my first book, called ‘Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio‘, and to support it I’ve created a huge library of free mixing resources for small-studio engineers. As part of these resources, I’ve put together my personal Freeware Top Ten, which I’m pleased to say includes Variety Of Sound. I also name-check lots of the individual plug-ins on a number of other pages on the site (and feature them fairly regularly in Mix Rescue too), basically because I think they’re great! If this recommendation is useful to you, then I could also maybe email you through a small Top Ten badge/logo. Just let me know.


    Mike Senior.
    Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio — a complete mixing guide based on techniques from the world’s most famous producers:

  89. TERMAINE LEE says:


  90. Hi, I use Ferric TDS and i know from specs the core engine should be oversampled.
    but when you oversample you have to filter and downsample before sending the signal out to avoid aliasing artifact.
    i think you didn’t apply any filter cause with saturation ferric presents artifact according to aliasing side effect.
    do you think you want to put a anti aliasing filter in next releases?

  91. Hi,
    I found a picture of a synth called Venom related to your work. will we see a synth soon?
    Greetings from Duesseldorf,


    • that must be a mistake – where did you saw that?

      • On” Referenzen” at SUXESIV, the “Urban Riedo:Venom” synth is written in one line with the company “Variety Of Sound”, when clicking on the image…
        Maybe I missunderstood something.

        BTW: Last night I finished a great Mix in Cubase for my brothers rockband “Tyranuke”, using BootEQ, Density mkII, the realVerb, FerricDTS and NastyDLA. Very happy with the results. I´m gonna stick to your plugins, they sound marvelous!!

  92. changeng says:

    Working with Density mkII in Reaper – it has a weird feedback loop where it keeps registering 3 db of gain reduction whether the track is playing or standing still. It doesnt’ do this in SONAR. Any ideas on what I can do?


    btw – i LOVE these plugs of yours. THANK YOU SO MUCH for making them available!!!

  93. Hi. I have been so impressed and pleased with your plugins! Especially the nastyHF eq! I tried epicverb for the first time yesterday and WOW!!!
    what reverb unit did you model? One of the lexicons or is it a “homemade” reverb?
    Thanks alot for your amazing work! Beats pretty much all other vst’s!

  94. Hey Bootsy, any plans on developing a brickwall limiter/maximizer? All my projects have BootEQMKII and DensityMKII on the masterbus, all I need now is a maximizer to have the complete VarietyOfSound master chain 😀

  95. Hi,

    I think your plug-ins are incredible. i have a little plug-in corner in Music maker (the leading Dutch musicians magazine) and next issue will give you some nice press. I could send you a copy if you provide me with a postal adress, or I can scan the artikel and mail it to you if you are interested.



  96. Hey!

    I just wanted to ask if there will be portations to the AU-Format fpr MAC OSX in the future. Would be very nice to use those pulgins in Logic, NI Maschine….

  97. Dear bootsy!

    For months on end I’ve been searching for a plugin that equals the effect of airwindows desk. Since this plugin is MAC only, it would be awesome if somebody (yes, im looking at you) create a plugin without any buttons, extremely low cpu usage that mimics analog mixing desk signal paths and just gives a tiny warmth and noise to either single tracks, busses or even master outputs. Sure, a lot of the plugins you have created so far, which are great, feature this more or less. However, I’d like one that i can literally put in a template file for cubase on every track and have that little ‘glue’ that mixing desk or miked sources give.
    Please consider this, maybe an stripped version of your new preFIX will suffice. Anyway, keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to whatever plugins you will be releasing in the future!

    Ruben from Groningen, Netherlands

  98. Hi, Bootsy,

    I’d like to check out the Nasty Channel Strip for live use with my soft synth rack in Brainspawn Forte:

    Unfortunately, up to now Forte doesn’t support plug-ins with more than one stereo input. So would it be possible to have a version of your channel strip without side-chaining and only one stereo main input?


  99. DanielJameS says:

    Hey there Bootsy…

    I am really impressed with the sound of your plugins but have a problem which I can’t seem to find an answer here for.

    I’m running PTLE 8 on a Windows XP machine, and am using a FXpansion VST wrapper to incorporate the .dll files into PT. The plug-ins show up in my wrapped list, will load, and I can select presets and hear the different sounds, they are audible, however there is no graphic to be able to tweak settings, turn knobs etc. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Shouldn’t there be some sort of graphic files with the plugs or am I missing a piece of them?


    • The FXpansion wrapper works fine with my plug-ins (at least most of the times, as reported by lots of users/testers). However, as a freeware dev I can’t support such configurations if something does not work properly.

      • DanielJameS says:

        Thanks for the reply…

        What a bummer. What’s strange is that If I have a web page open and drag it over the plug-in interface, I can see the graphic, but it doesn’t stay visible. Very strange. At any rate, I hope somewhere in the near future you can find a way to get these working accross the board, because I can tell they sound really great!

  100. Calendula says:

    Dear Bootsy,

    I’m really loving your work. These machines are sounding amazing and the GUIs are looking better than anything expensive on the market.

    The only thing I’m missing is the possibility to change the values of the parameters (knobs) with the mouse wheel. I’m sure I’m not the only one who would like to have this little feature.

    Is there any chance of implementation? If yes, do you have a time horizont?
    (preFIX & FerricTDS should have priority IMHO 🙂

    Thank you.

    All the best

  101. Bryce Dickerson says:

    Hello….I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to quality…it shows. These are amazing!

  102. DanielJameS says:

    Have you had success running these within protools using the FXpansion wrapper? I’m wondering if it’s something compatibility wise on my end…


  103. Hi Bootsie,

    First of all, I have to say the same thing as everyone else: I really love your plugins.
    I was wondering whether you know of any problems with your plugins in ableton. I was working on quite a big project with a lot of your plugins (actually, almost all of them 🙂 ) on a lot of different tracks on Live crashed a dozen of times (mostly with an “out of memory” error message.

    I’ll send the bug reports to ableton and I’ll let you know what they say.

    All the best,


    • Ableton said that the plugins themselves don’t cause the problems, I just use too much of them 🙂

  104. hello !
    i own ableton live 8 and sometimes when i ve lot of tracks playing, with several plugs from you on every channel, when i open the gui to tweak some parameters , ableton produce some crackles, noises, and when i close it noises have maybe it just and simple (too little) buffer setting issue … i dont know ?!

  105. Downloaded FerricTDS, NastyDLA and EpicVerb today and wrapped successfully. Ferric and Nasty load in an insert in Pro Tools just fine but EpicVerb gives me – “Alert- The plug in failed to load”. What am I doing wrong? Windows XP, SP3, P4, PT 8.03. Thanks for the Plugs and the help!

  106. mark jardin says:

    I cant find my copy of the earlier tessla se the on with the experimental level setting I really miss it wish you would repost it. Many thanks for all your superb and unique plugins.

  107. Hi there, I heard your plugins at the studio of a Toronto mastering engineer and was totally impressed. I’d like to add another voice to the request for OSX versions — and I too would be very happy to contribute $$ to making that a reality.

  108. VCS 1.0.1 Bug:
    I cannot reproduce this reliably, but sometimes I get DC offset when the EQ section is enabled.

    • I’ll check fo sure

      • Ahh I think I sort of figured it out. It’s not really your fault, but it would be nice if your plug-ins would handle this more gracefully. Sometimes when my computer is under heavy loads, it makes pops/glitches that sometimes exceed 99.9 dBFS on the DAW meter (99.9 dBFS is the maximum that my DAW can display as far as I know) . The feedback nature of the algorithms tend to make things get stuck, even though I’ve increased my buffer size and the event has long passed. It seems to happen more often when you have a saturation in front of the signal chain. When I first noticed the problem, it was VCS after an amp sim under normal use parameters.

        I can recreate the problem (turn off your speakers first) by chaining 4 VCS(es) or so together and then cracking up input, saturation, and EQ boost and the two gains up all the way. run some signal though the track. When there is no longer any signal, you’re left with around -30dBFS of DC offset. When you turn off three of them, a bit meter will reveal that there is still signal in all of the instances. This signal goes away when EQ is turned off. In this scenario, however, turning off the EQ in the last VCS does not completely eliminate DC offset; but turning off Saturation does, although there are still active bits on the meter in both cases.

        Sometimes Density and VSD would also get suck at (seemingly) infinite gain reduction for an unspecified amount of time. This would happen more often if VSD is in front of Density, and I can’t really do anything except reload the session. (I have known this for a while… but I also knew why as it was extremely apparent because I would get no sound right away after the pop)

        Hope this helps, your plug-ins are really amazing!
        VCS with a gate/exp section would be extremely cool!

        Thank you for existing!

  109. I downloaded all of your plugins today and i must say that i am extremly impressed, i am an owner of the Waves Mercury Bundle and your plugins qualitiy must not hide from Waves. I like your GUI´s and how smooth they work in comparison to some commercial products.

    The EpicVerb is an masterpiece of free VST plugins like all your others. Glad your not looking to go into the commercial direction.

    thank you very much !

  110. Have you thought about adding HTML anchors to the individual effects in the download page? This way, people could link to specific plugins in their blogs, tweets, facebook posts, etc.

  111. Hi! Thank you for your plugins! They are really great!
    Do you plan to issue analog saturation modeller (I mean separate plugin, something like Mellowmuse or Soundtoys)?

    • TesslaSE and PRO are already there…

      • oh, my bad 🙂 I meant saturator with different kinds of tonal characteristics. For example, Soundtoys simulate 5 different kinds of sounding:
        1) Ampex 350 tape drive preamps,
        2) Chandler/EMI TG Channel,
        3) Neve 1057 input channel,
        4) Thermionic Culture Vulture triode setting and
        5) Thermionic Culture Vulture pentode setting

        and Mellowmuse simulate 4 types of saturation:
        transistor, transformer, tube and tape

        These plugins are great, but your approach seems to me more meticulous, your plugins doesn’t spoil the sound.

  112. No bug complaints here- just had a moment tracking tonight where I realized just how much I’ve used your plugins over the last few years. Wanted to say thanks so much for your hard work- it’s made my work a little easier, and I don’t take your efforts for granted!


  113. Mikko N says:

    Thank you so much for giving these plugins away for free. I have been using Tessla SE on numerous projects of mine. Your stuff is the best free plugins out there thats for sure. I have actually managed to shorten my buying list because tessla has such a good saturation sound. It’s just perfect for the electronic drumbuss 🙂 . I have been wondering if you could make a version of BootEQ MKII that has the preamp section but no eq? Is it true that BootEq’s distortion charasteristics are based on tessla? The delay plugin is my another favourite. Last time I did music it came out on top of one delay plugin that I even paid money for. Outstanding! Can I ask what kind of stuff are you planning doing next? How about a de-esser, autopanner or some sort of delay based modulation effect?

    Thank you very much.

  114. I had Density MkII across a “folder track” in Reaper, and while loop recording something the tracks in that folder slowly got softer and softer. This was *after* it had looped at least 3 times without any change. The sound was as if the input level *to* Density was being turned down to below threshold.

    Upon examining Density, the meters were frozen at pegged (even though they were not anywhere near that as I had it set), and nothing responded on the gui. This seems to have only occurred after I manually tweaked a preset.


  115. Automating ROT in PreFix makes clicky noises

  116. Hi, I really like your plugins, but there’s a bug when using Samplitude (tested with v9,10, and 11). When I open up a project and bring up epicverb (the one I noticed first) for example, all the settings shown are not what was dialed in when the project was saved. It may be that what is heard is correct, but the GUI doesn’t show the right settings. I would have to load up the saved preset to see the correct settings. It’s not a big deal if using 1 or 2 of your plugs, but I really want to use more than that. They really sound great! -Frank

  117. Hi, Nasty CS/VSD keeps crashing in sonar x1, any potential fixes for this, p.s lovin these plug-ins great work !!! booteq is the shit, same with density !!

  118. Yes, I’m new to audio production. Could someone post a video tutorial demonstrating how to side-chain using density mkII in Cubase or Ableton or, perhaps, provide detailed instructions as to how it is done?

    Your assistance is much appreciated!!!

  119. Tellsa Se, DLA and boot eq on every mix love what you guys are doing ! 🙂

  120. Love your VSTs!

    Linux – Versions please! 😉

    How complicated is it, to code them for Linux as LADSPA or LV2?

    This would be the Hammer! 😉


    • I also would very much love to see linux versions, and I think this option has just become a lot more relevant with the advent of Bitwig (awesome!).
      But there is no need for rebuilding the plugins with a different container like lv2 or ladspa, just recompile them on Linux as they are. There is plenty of vst support around.
      This would be a big deal for the Linux community, as there are so few industrial grade plugins around for the platform.
      I would provide any help I could give you.

  121. Hey first off I LOVE your plugins they end up on almost all my tracks, I want to donate some $ as soon as I can afford it! (Just became a father! Expensive!)

    Anyway I was wondering if there is any way in NastyDLA to mute the MAIN feedback entirely and just use say, echo 1 or echo 2 (or both) without the main echo?

    I was having fun automating echo 1 timing, sounding really cool but I can’t get the main echo mixed out… If this is not possible in the effect as it is, maybe I could grease the wheels so to speak and you could add a switch to mute the main echo at the output stage?

    Thank you thank you thank you, a thousand times thank you for giving out your plugs!!!!

    Rescue AE, Density and PreFix are some of my favorites, and NastyDLA is probably THE best effect of its kind to date IMHO!!!

    Love and respect for your work! I regularly urge my facebook friends to download and donate to your works!

    • There is no “main delay” just echo 1 and 2. Do you mean the direct signal? That can be disabled with the dry/wet option.

      • Ah right, thanks how silly of me! Thanks for the reply I must have had too many channels going, late nights I get a little loopy.

        On another note, also regarding NastyDLA, I have noticed glitches reloading the automation of this plugin on Cubase. When automating echo 1 and 2 timing they reload as unknown automation. Just FYI I don’t really mind re-automating them because its fun and always yields interesting results, like turning the knobs on my space echo 🙂

  122. Thank you for all that you do. I’ve tried/bought almost every plugin available, and regardless of the price or reputation, yours are always in heavy rotation, and always come out on the front line.
    I had trouble finding a place on your site to support continued development of these works. Is that possible? Something that would help you? I’d much rather pay for your work than anything else I’ve come across.
    Thanks again.

  123. Hey there,
    I would like to say THANK YOU for all your great audio tools. I’ve used them a lot on my new album. And I couldn’t be satisfied with the sound of the tracks without them.
    Just wanted to let you know how happy I am. And I’d love to send you the album on CD. So in case you’re interested just drop me a line!

    Have a nice weekend!

    Matthias (Axoplasma)

  124. Hello – like (nearly) everyone I really like your plugs (else why would I be here) and I’m amazed that you make them available as freeware – there’s hope for the world after all. Here’s my situation – I am running Sonar 8.5, 32 bit version, on a quad core 2.4 Intel, with as much ram as Windows XP (32 bit) will allow. I do a mix of soft synth and straight audio, probably about 65/35. When I use your plugs at the beginning of a project (I like to mix as I go along) everything is swell but as I approach about 50% CPU usage things start getting a little flaky – snap crackle and pop and unusual dropouts until finally the transport will not function at all (which seems strange to me as I can move around and do edits but it just won’t play – there is zero cpu and/or disk activity on the little meters). I can freeze all my synth tracks and reboot all I want but the project will not play until I remove (usually) all instances of your plugs (I am especially fond of Ferric, Density and the Nasty Eq’s). I remove them, restart Sonar and all is well again – which kind of sucks because I like them a lot. I don’t have this problem with any other plugs- I use Waves, UAD-1, Sonar’s plugs and a bunch of other freeware – sometimes things get flaky but Sonar is kind of flaky anyway, and this is extreme flakiness. I did a search on Sonar in here but got no results – could I be the only one?
    If you have any thoughts and or ideas I would love to hear them. BTW, your plugs work great in Adobe Audition 3.1.
    Thanks for your work and any help – tom blackwell

  125. Hello,
    first of all, you write plugins of outstanding quality, thanks for that.
    The question I have is about memory usage, particularly in FerricDTS. I am using multiple instances in Live, and I see that each instance takes about 50Mb of RAM. This is regardless of whether the plugin’s GUI is opened or closed. I mention this because I’ve observed other plugins drastically reduce their memory footprint when the GUI is closed and some others that only take a large amount of RAM for the first instance. 50Mb may not seem like much, but Live is a 32-bit host and when using Ferric on many tracks, the memory gets eaten pretty quickly. Is there a way to reduce/avoid this? Thanks!


    • Yes, Ferric is a memory hog and its because of the huge knob animation graphics. Will have a look at it again when I’m going to update this one.

      • Well the graphics look great, but in the end, the functionality is even greater. 🙂 I’d be really happy to use a simplified or even GUI-less separate build if it means I can add instances without Live blowing up. Thank you.

  126. Hi! Do you plan to develop some kind of VSTi synth?

  127. Hi, just wondering if you can help, the GUI won’t show in cubase 5 (windows xp 32bit) during a project but they load up ok at the beginning of a project, task manager shows cpu on 25% load only and other plugins load fine, is this common problem?

    example here:

    • that must be an out of memory sort of thing – track that with the usual Windows task manager. If thats not the case then please report back to me.

      • I had the exact same problem today with Density mkII in Nuendo 3 (old version but still…). It did show up at first, but now it won’t show up at all in any other project. It’s as if a GUI on/off was flipped forever.

        I really like the compressor sound though, it’s amazingly warm.

        • After some checking, the behavior is like Danny says: it open fines in other projects, but not the one in which the bug has appeared. It seems like when there are a lot of plugins loaded it starts too happen. But even though it might be a memory problem, I was only using around one third of the RAM according to Task Manager (Windows).


  128. Hi Varosound (Or Bootsie ?? 😀 )
    i want to invite you to partecipate to the discussion i opened on KVR;
    we are discussing about aliasing of certain plugins, and some of yours also seems to suffer of this problem (Ferric particularly, Density MKII by much less extent)

    Here the link:

    I would like if you could clarify to us a bit this interesting argument 🙂

    Thanks 🙂

  129. hi,

    es geht um den nasty DLA.

    geht der filter immer nur auf den noise? das ist doch eher schlecht, oder ist das absicht?

    gruß, otto

    • ich meine, ohne nur.

      hätte gerne den filter auf noise aus. soll ja nach band klingen und nicht nach gefiltertem band. echo filtern is immer gut, auch hp+lp parallel. was mir noch gefallen würde…drittes echo….und natürlich reverb….wie bei nem roland echo….vielleicht ja mal eine idee fürn update?

      ich versuche mich in richtung dub, ambient, dub techno….daher….

      nasty dla is schon das beste freeware tool, keine sorge! was anderes kommt mir nicht ins haus.


  130. top work but I no longer have a copy of tessla se (1.1 I think)with the experimental setting on the threshold,I really miss that version/setting and would love to have a copy (as well as 1.2.1)which
    I use extensively.I also use Density 1 a lot,which I fortunately still have,again I wouldn’t want to be
    without Density 11but,am very fond of both.There is a subtlety and detail with Density 1 which I cant achieve with anything else and would really like to see both of these added to the downloads page

  131. hi, recently i discovered some troubles with the Nasty Series …i use Studio One Pro v1.6.5 which is the last version …the trouble is that i load a Nasty plugin and i get a crash on desktop …also i can load an old project with the plugins on channels but soon as i cluck to open the plugin window i get the crash you have any idea what can cause this? …i suspect is S1 fault …

  132. Vielen Dank für die nützlichen Plugins! Ein Analyzer Plugin wäre noch klasse, so ala Inspector XL 😉 . Großartige Arbeit!

  133. Hi bootsy.
    Have you ever considered making a” rigth click – learn CC” feature on any of your plugins?

    the nastyDLA for instance, would be even more great if it had that feature. this is a plugin that i often “play” instead of set and forget. Many synths have this feature, and its a great and fast way to use your midi keyboards modulation wheel etc to quickly control a specific parameter

  134. am & shawn lee using Dnsity MK2 during a record sesion for his lp, very cool 🙂 –

  135. Hi Bootsy,
    I have some bugs with the Nasty DLA. (i use cubase 5)
    the plugin stops running when:
    -Some a presets is selected
    -Turning some knobs
    -Stop & play cubase

  136. Matt Bentley says:

    Very quick question: do any of your plugins properly support 96khz?
    Thank you,
    Matt B

  137. Matt Bentley says:

    Thanks Bootsy – my misunderstanding – it might help clarify things if you updated all of your old posts discussing the issue with the new information, as I never spotted this in my exploration.
    Thank you-

  138. Bootsie, I was thinking… there needs to be a high quality LA2A clone out there that goes above and beyond. You were the first person I thought of. 🙂 You are the person who could bring it to the masses.


  139. Any chance of these being ported to .au ?
    These look amazing

  140. Hi, downloaded Density mkII and Nasty DLA just yesterday. Thanks for the plug-ins. I did not have a chance to do much yesterday but my initial impression is that these are really great tools.

    I am using Cubase 6 (Win 7 64 bit). I bridged the vsts using jbridge. When I choose a preset for Density mkII, it appears to me that the UI does not reflect the preset settings. Have there been other users having this kind of issue/any solutiuon to this?

  141. Hi,

    Can you tell me when all your plugs will be in 64 bits for windows 7 64 bits.
    Thank you very much


    • Harerton Dourado says:

      A 32-bit DAW running in Win 7 64-bits will only accept 32-bit plugins, so, make sure your DAW is 32-bit.

      • Hi,
        Yes, I know that. I actually use Cubase 5 32 bits with your plugs, with Windows 7 64 bits.
        They work well.
        But I would like to use Cubase 5 64 bits ( for more RaM ), and then your plugs don’t work.
        So, do you know when your plugs will be in 64 bits ?
        Excuse my English, but I am French.
        Best regards.

        • Hello Noel,

          just get jbridge and you will be able to run 32 bit plug-in even with Cubase 5 64 bits.

          You can get it here:

          • Hi,

            Thank you, but I know jBridge and all you tell me … But I just want to know that :
            ” WHEN do YOU think to update your own plugins in 64 bits ? ”
            Thank you fot your reponse.

        • That depends on the underlying framework which I’m using. I hope they make it 64bit ready be next year.

          • Hi,

            ” … I hope they make it 64bit ready be next year. ”

            OK ! Thank you very much … Your plugins are really great, and I enjoy to use them with Cubase 32 bits.
            The bridging solutions aren’t ideal, and the best solution is to have an x64 host with every plugins in x64 native ( for more RAM ) … Because with EZ Drummer ( 2 sessions ), Kontakt, Omnisphere ( with multis or arppegiator ), Independence Pro, Orchestra Gold and many other plugs, … 4 Go are sometimes short for me ( and I must freeze 1 or 2 VSTi )
            So, Thank you for your reponse. I’ll wait next year for your x64 plugs ! 🙂

            Best regards

  142. @Noel

    Not sure why you need Botsie plugins in 64bit as they bridge nicely in Cubase both Natively and as an alternative using jBridge.

    Another solution which works well is to bridge your 64bit plugins in x32 host. Again this will utilise all your available ram outside of cubase for the 64bit bridge plugins.

    Apart from that I use VOS’s plugins fine in Cubase 64bit hosts.

  143. Hi from Russia
    Can you make some basic VU meter plugin? (in mixbuss very necessary)

  144. Any plans to fully support RTAS outside of VSTWrapper???

  145. Mark Wilson says:

    Ha Bootsie, thank you for epic verb, but how do get those extra presets to function, i have cubase 4, i put epic verb dll in a vst folder it works fine but i downloaded the extra preset file and i am unable to get epic verb to find them, what should i do?

  146. Hi there Bootsy,
    Your plugins are the best! Thanks a lot man, great work.
    What saddens me is that I can’t seem to use more than a few of them at once, because when I do, a Visual C++ Runtime error pops up and I have to kill Cubase…

    I am using Cubase 6.0.4 on Windows XP SP3. I also use Waves and Softube plug-ins simultaniously with yours.

    Any idea what could cause the crashes? Or how i could prevent them? I would be happy to test some different scenario’s if it would help figure out the source of the problem…


    • Hmmm it seems to be a memory issue. Especially FerricTDS uses up quite a bit more than orher plugs of the sort. That 32 bit memory limitation is too bad. Do your plugins work on a 64 bit os?

      Thanks man,

  147. In Ferric, when i push up the input knob, the output audio goes up too, is that supposed to happen?
    In Ferric’s manual it says “Use the INPUT adjustment knob to bring the incoming signal onto
    duty level (plug-in internally)”, So, from this I understand that the Output audio shouldn’t go up (¿?).


  148. I think that a +6 in / -6 out (in dB) button would be usefull for best A/B comparisons.
    What do you think about it?

  149. Marcos Deida says:

    Port them to OSX!!!!! I would love to use these in my rig!! I’ll even beta test 🙂

  150. I’m using Rescue and sometimes Ferric for mastering. I’m working on my new website and would like to put your brand (you do not have any logo, right ?) on it. I understand you’re not looking for publicity but people should know the work you do. It’s great work !
    If so, could you provide me with Hi Rez file of your Variety Of Sound “logo” ?

  151. I’ll second what Marcos says! These plugs are da bomb. But I recently switch to Mac, and now I can’t use them. Which sucks! Please consider it.


  152. James Crispy says:

    Hey man. These plugins look awesome and the manuals are great! I can’t seem to get them to show up in Audition cs 5.5 despite putting them in the VST folder. I’ve tried putting them directly in the folder and also making their own folder (for organization). Still nothing. Any tips?


  153. please make these plugins for Mac OS X also …

  154. James Crispy says:

    I just re-scanned the VST folder and the plug ins showed up (doi). Ferric is my new favorite! Adds such great color!

  155. David Riggs says:

    Just got the heads up about these fantastic plugins. They really are that good!
    However I have a gui issue with the Ferric TDS in Cubase 6.0.5 64bit. Namely that closing down the GUI crashes Cubase leaving a blank gui.
    However the good news is that J Bridge seems to work.
    Any chance of some 64 bit versions?

  156. Please, for God’s sake, these plugins are fantastic! He used a lot in my time of Sonar, but 2 years ago migrated to Mac OS X, and I can no longer use these plugins developed for Mac … Also, please! thank you

    Sorry for bad English

  157. With Nasty DLA (my definite go to delay even if I have a few very good payware ones as well) when enabling the wet only-button and then saving and reopening a project the wet only-button is disabled.

    With Ferric TDS sometimes after loading several instances the GUI on a new instance of Ferric loads without the knobs and sometimes a new instance refuses to load at all.

    This is happening in SONAR 8.5.3 Producer and X1 Producer Expanded on a quad core running Vista 32 and on an i5 running Windows 7 64 bit, both with 4 gb RAM.

  158. Hey, I hear great things about your plugins! Any chance of there being OS X versions anytime? and RTAS??

  159. Ulli Hoffmann says:

    Hallo Herbert.
    Ich nerve mal wieder! 😉
    Du bist letztendlich meine ultimative Hoffnung:
    Nachdem Du ja den, bis dato, nicht ganz so bekannten Baxter EQ emuliert hast (der so nebenbei sensationell ist.),möchte ich eine kleine Anregung zum nächsten oder übernächsten Projekt geben,welches scheinbar ebenfalls für viele nicht sooo spannend zu sein scheint.
    Ich schreibe schon seit geraumer Zeit diverse Software-Producer an,mit der Bitte, eine Emulation des guten und legendären Channelstrips einer Trident 80B Console nachzubilden.Die Anfragen gingen hauptsächlich an kommerzielle Anbieter,welche mich gerne mit allgemeingültigen und banalen Floskeln abgespeist haben.
    Soll heißen:
    Ich bin auf jeden Fall bereit,für die Entwicklung einen sehr anständigen Preis zu zahlen.(Ich hoffe ganz stark,dass auch andere User für großartige Arbeit zahlen würden!)
    Ich kenne Dich jetzt schon eine geraume Zeit und weiß ,dass Du eigentlich kein Geld möchtest,da Du ja einfach nur Bock auf die Arbeit mit Algorithmen hast.(Wenn ich so etwas könnte ,wäre ich sehr sehr glücklich. 🙂 )
    Deshalb meine Bitte an Dich und Dein exzellentes Team:
    Bitte habt Interesse an dem Channelstrip der Trident 80B Console und baut das gute Stück nach…Und bindet einen DONATION BUTTON ein,denn Ihr habt es definitiv verdient für so Spitzen-Arbeit dementssprechend entlohnt zu werden!!!!!!

    Alles alles Gute


  160. Will FerricTDS work with a Windows 7 64 bit system?

  161. I love your Plug ins by the way, but I have a problem with the Baxter EQ, some of the knobs are not responding.

  162. ps. the nastyvcs bug I mentioned earlier occurs at 88.2khz and 96khz, but not at 44.1khz or 48khz.

  163. The comment i left earlier doesn’t appear to be here, so – basically nastyvcs does weird stuff over time – there’s some kind of iterative variable that spirals out of control – looks like an offset thing.
    In the pic I left above, the bottom track is rendering a track without 1 instance of nastyvcs on the ‘classic summing’ preset, the top is with. And as mentioned, the bug occurs at 88khz and above.

    tracktion, winxp 32-bit sp3, 4gb ram, no other issues.

  164. And it’s nastyvcs 1.01.

  165. Have also tried deleting all instances of nastyvcs, saving project then loading new instances – no diff.

  166. Byron Pinto says:

    Hi , I just downloaded the Tessla PRO VST 1.0.1 … As soon as i try to load the plugin (in Cubase) it causes Cubase to crash..

    Windows XP SP2
    Cubase 5.1

  167. Hi, i just write to tell:

    #1. Density Mk1. has a great sound…a bit dark, but dynamics had a thing similar to Symetrix 421,
    dont like much the Density Mk2 sound. “just like all others” i does not have that special thing of the Mk1.
    #2. it`s possible a MAC OSX VST, RTAS & AU UB version of the Density Mk1?


  168. Hey –

    No qualms or problems, just wanted to stop by to say how much your plugins have improved my mixes. I’ve tried a lot of plugins from a lot of people, and there are hardly any saturation plugins out there that do it for me as much as Tessla (SE and Pro) and Ferric. I gotta say, Waves Master Tape and UAD Studer are awesome but yours totally compares. For certain things I prefer yours, others I prefer theirs. Regardless, I have YET to find a plugin that I prefer for transformer saturation over Tessla. It just sounds so good. Like, REALLY good.

    I think that’s one of the biggest things people miss about digital recording. They try analog modeled EQs, analog modeled compressors, analog this, analog that. But, one of the main things they miss is saturation from tube, transformer, transistor, and tape. It’s not just the EQ curve of it (like most people think) it’s the saturation, slowly bringing up your RMS levels and slowly increasing your apparent loudness and width and depth all at once. It’s amazing what it will do to mixes if people just let it!

    I was in a pickle about buying a pricey 32 channel analog summing bus setup, and instead I decided to do some A/Bs with your plugin and a summing bus. I bussed the mix down to 6 pairs of channels and 4 mono channels –

    Stereo Overheads+Rooms / Guitars + Bass / Lead Vox / BGVs / Keys

    Kick, Snare, Rack tom, Floor Tom

    Ran one mix through a summing bus, and on the other mix simply put Tessla across each of these channels. Tessla tied, every time. Mix seemed just as wide, just as full, just as beautifully saturated and deep as the analog summing bus of $1400. So, you have saved me $1400 and probably much more from these wonderful plugs.

    Thank you for all you do!


    • Thanks for the detailed feedback! Indeed you’ve used the Tessla stuff right the way it was designed for: used sparingly here and there or on each track during the mixing stage. And that actually was a recommendation I’ve once gave long before the “mix desk plug-in hype” started. Lot’s of folks asked me to implement such a desk plug-in too, but of course I did not because with Tessla it was already there. Having said that I just want to add that most of the available mix desk “modelled” plug-ins out there are way over the top, distortion wise. If you want to obtain the positivie effects of them (e.g. detail, presence and imaging) then you just get that at the expense of distortion. In their analog counterparts you are able to obtain the positive effects right *before* distortion comes apparant that much.

  169. Hello,
    do you have a trick/plugin to improve recorded strings? Bass and mid are ok, but high frequencies are no pleasure to listen to… Thanks a lot for your feedback.
    Kind regards,
    Bert (Belgium)

  170. Your page needs a donate option! All the best for 2012.

    • Fabian Begnert says:

      Totally agree, perhaps is a comfortable option? (Which can also be used to donate to say WikiLeaks, go thing for everyone to have if they want to do that).

      Saying it again, it’s a darn shame this plugins aren’t available on Mac.. I would use them everywhere!

  171. Is there an option in FerricTDS to have your baby? Because I am gay for your plugins.

  172. Nasty DLA won’t save “Wet only” button state. I’m using Sonar 8.5.3

    Unrelated notes:
    -Tesla SE style plug with some serious (but smooth) grit would be nice… to accompaniment “subtle” saturation.
    -Oversampling on/ off or 2x / 4x button would be nice if technically possible
    -Any ETA on bug fixes?

    Your plugs are the best!!! I’ve recently been rediscovering the wonders of NastyLF!

  173. SolarRain says:

    Not really a support question, but this is an important observation and FR regarding NastyDLA.

    NastyDLA has been by far my most favourite delay since you released it, but I’ve had to make the unfortunate decision not to use it again unless the possibility of switching off the noise completely becomes an option. I tend to use several instances of delays in tracks, and with DLA once you hit 3-4 instances or more, the cumulative effect of the noise becomes a serious problem (very noticeable) even with all instances at the minimum noise setting.

    Is there any hope in the future you might add a toggle to disable the noise component completely, for those who like really clean delays?

  174. James Harren says:


    I am really interested in your plugins. They look awesome, but unfortunately I only produce, mix&master in Mac. Will you offer these plugins for Mac in the near future?

    Thanks for your time,

    James (New York City)

  175. Hi,

    I absolutely love your plugins. The BootEQ MkII pre-amp is on most of my tracks and I use its LF harmonic knob on bass guitar and kick drum most of the time. NastyVCS is my go-to compressor and EQ for broad changes. I also love TesslaPRO and epicVerb and baxterEQ.

    I quite often have to even out the volume of a live snare drum track, where all the hits are very very short and sharp, and anything but a lookahead limiter is too slow, but I have to make sure the release is long enough to not cut the tops off the transients and remove punch. I usually use W1 or something similar, but was attracted to Density with its program-dependent attack/release time and smaller ratios instead of brickwall limiting.

    The thing is, when I put Density in “LIM” mode, the manual says it uses a “feed-forward topology”, which i assume means a look-ahead, but when I load it up in reaper and put it in LIM mode it says it has 0 samples of latency. So does it lookahead or am I misunderstanding something? I haven’t been able to work it out with just listening tests. Can you confirm whether it uses lookahead or not in LIM mode? Or is it just much faster attack?

    Many thanks 🙂

  176. Hi Bootsy – I love the sound of your plug ins. However, two of them do not work with my DAW, Cubase LE build 1.0.1 (June 2006). I know it’s old, but it works and it’s stable.

    Density MKII and Nasty VCS do not work. They are not visible to my Cubase LE and do not show up in my plug in menus after I insert the dll files into the VST folders.

    All your other plug ins do work, including the fantastic Nasty DLA.

    I’d love to use Density MKII on my 2 bus when I mix down my current project!

  177. Hey there Bootsy,

    Loving your stuff here, on all my productions of electronic music i do. Anyways, i use Nasty DLA as a bus delay and every time i close and reopen my projects (i have noticed this on all of them), DLA automatically switches the WET Only to Off. The only inconvenience i’m facing is the fact that i do forget about this and that i end up having some (phasing?) and level problems when mixing down. No biggie just thought i’d point it out.

    Sonar 8.5.3 64bit
    DLA is going through bitbridge*32bit
    Windows 7 Pro 64bit
    Only automation is through the send levels of the bus, not the DLA itself

    Tried to be as specific without crowding this post to much,

    Keep up the plugins, i love ’em

    • Hi Peter,

      Settings that don’t save sure can be inconvenient. My workaround (that usually works) is to simply automate the setting to the value you want. The automation is saved along with your project and the plug-in will read it when you play or mix down. The only requirement is that the settings have to be automatable..

    • I got the same setup AND the same problem (surprise!)
      Automation for that button doesn’t work.

  178. Could you please please please, make a small update of NastyDLA, to include a “right click on any control to assign a midi controller”-function?
    It would be SO cool!, i mainly play the nastyDLA with all the feedback and stuff, and use it as an instrument. – not all daws allow midi control of plugins.

    What do you think?
    thanks man!

  179. Hello,
    Thank you for your plug ins!! How do I try the Tesla Pro plug in on a PC? It seems to be the only one that is downloading as a .rar file, not a zipped folder. Suggestions?

    Thanks so much –

    John Brighton

  180. Thank you for creating a very useful set of plugins. I’ve found BaxterEQ to be my favorite eq for mastering.

  181. Hi!
    Love your plugins but I have a small problem with Pre-fix.
    I get latency problems in Reaper when using the pre-open function of the gate..
    If I don’t use it the plugin is delay compensated..
    What is the latency of the plugin and isn’t the pre-open timing reported to the host so it can be delay compensated?

  182. Hi! and thanks for making truly amazing plugins! i use your plugins in every single project i do – its just as good and in some cases better than UAD and waves!
    -I write to you to make you aware of a new platform (actually an old one, that is living again)
    “sonic core”:
    -Right now they are developing a daw that will integrate into the DSP’s and thereby avoiding ASIO driver etc – this will be a ZERO latency daw, because of not using asio.
    I would love for you to port or develope plugins to that platform! you will both benefit from the shared work, and the SDK is free, and soniccore just announced version 6 of their dsp platform, and an open version that will allow users to use the dsp’s in any way they want (not only for audio processing)
    please check it out and get back to me.

    open scope:

    thanks alot and keep up the good work!!

  183. Will you release AudioUnit versions of your plugins anytime soon?


  184. Hi there, I have a question regarding FerricTDS, but first, let me say that I am a big fan of your plugins, namely Ferric, preFIX, NastyVCS and Tessla Pro. Thank you for providing such useful tools!

    I recently noticed that Ferric would use about 40 to 50 Mb of RAM. Since I am on a 32bit platfrom, I started maxing the available memory pretty quick, since I discovered that running instances of Ferric on most of the channels helps me mix faster. Is this Ferric’s normal memory footprint, and if yes, which processes require so much resources? I did a quick investigation by removing plugins from my Cubase mixer, and found out that generally some freebies I use would take quite more RAM then say Waves plugins. Is RAM vital for the DSP algorithms or it goes for GUI??? And if this is so, could we have a less flashy GUI, but more efficient plug?

    I love the idea of having subtle saturation device on each channel and I like also Ferric’s compression a lot. Should try NastyVCS for the same purpose and check if it would save me resources.

    Cheers, Kaloyan

    • Yes, Ferric is a memory hog and its because of the huge knob animation graphics. Will have a look at it again when I’m going to update this one.

    • Thanks for the quick and honest reply!!! I switched to the generic editor in Cubase, but this does not solve the problem. I suspect this is because Cubase will not remember this preference and loads the original GUI on opening the project….I’ll just print the tracks until GUI update or memory upgrade 🙂 Cheers, K.

  185. Audiogeek says:


  186. Hi Bootsie,

    Just wanted to thank you for your amazing plugins. The whole VOS plugin suite has become integral to my sound over the last 18 months – put simply, I couldn’t do what I do without Ferric, Nasty VCS, Nasty DLA, Boot EQ, Density, Epicverb and Tesla Pro. Speaking as someone who learned to engineer the old fashioned way it’s great to be able to have tools that can make working in the box sound so authentic.

    Just did this remix for Heavenly Records new band,Toy, you can hear your sonic fingerprints all over it.

    Thanks so much,

    Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros)

  187. Hello fine sir. I have been playing around with your vsts and I am having a lot of fun with them. I recently started making youtube videos that demonstrate plugins. Would it be ok if I made a series of videos using your plugins? Here is a link to my youtube channel so that you can get an idea of the type of video that I make:

    On a side note – is there a donation thing on your website? I would quite like to buy you a coffee for your great work on these inexplicably free plugins!

  188. I downloaded the BootEQ MkII from the Download Page (first on the list)
    However I did not receive an Installer in the download.
    How do I get the Plug In installed.

  189. hey buddy i need to know something technical.what professional course should i pursue concerning the development of audio-dsp algorithms?a reply would be deeply and whole-heartedly appreciated.

  190. Hi, issue with Win 64 bit version of Reaper and Boot EQ in that I cant access the presets from the UI of Boot – only from the access window of Reaper and the unfortunate thing seems to be that when I open a preset as a starting point and tweak the knobs – it is automatically overwriting the preset in Reaper. Net result – I lose the awesome presets provided by you 😦

  191. Hi,
    I use pretty much all of your plugins and think they are great! One thing I noticed is the Vendor name is different for Baxter EQ and Rescue. Most of your plugins use the Vendor name ‘Variety Of Sound’ but Baxter EQ uses ‘VarietyOfSound’ (no spaces) and Rescue uses ‘bootsy’.
    Would it be possible for you to change these labels so that all your plugins appear in one group in Cubase?

  192. Hi,
    I don’t understand how the limiter can work as a brickwall limiter: In Reaper, the output level after limiting is far above 0 db. In the manual, we can read “Set to 100% it works as a true and accurate brickwall safety limiter to prevent peaks to go further above 0dBfs”. But 100% of what? I see just two knobs for the limiter: “out” and “lim”. I think the 100% you mean consist in turning the “limit” knob to 12 (maximum). I also pushed the “Fast” button, what I hope to be the right choice for brickwall limiting. Of course, the limiter button is “on”. When I set metering to display limiter gain reduction, nothing moves. But the limiter seems to work: I use Nasty VCS on the master track to make the sound louder as smoothly as possible, what Nasty VCS can achieve better than many master limiters. But is it normal to be obliged to put an additional brickwall limiter in the FX chain, after Nasty VCS, to prevent peaks to go above 0dBfs?

    Thanks for help.

    Marginal Ray
    100 % made in Alchemy

  193. you probably say this elsewhere, but why are you just giving away your plugins? the difference they have mad to my mixes is astronomical, you would make a killing if you charged for your software

  194. Just a spontaneous idea… one zip file for all of your plugins would be nice. Download, extract, done.

  195. MAC OS X PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

  196. Any chance that you make your plugins available for Mac/Logic as AU versions? Maybe as donate version

  197. Dear VOS,

    Have used your plugs extensively in this track for the KVRAudio One Synth Challenge contest. Rescue was crucial for it. Thank you! 🙂


    PS. I have found bugs with Nasty DLA, regarding the Noise resetting to default value when loading a project in Cubase 6.

  198. nilhartman says:

    Hello Bootsie,
    do you know if anyone already succeed in wrapping your plugins to use them on OSX ? I’ve read that it was possible to do so (running vst dll on osx), though the workaround looks pretty tricky. If you know any working workaround, please let us know !
    I’d love to try/use your ThrillSeekerLA, and I’m sure I’m not the only one wiling to ! 😉
    Cheers !

  199. The new ThrillSeekerLA is so very wonderful! There seems to be a minor bug, however. Ext SC doesn’t seem to work properly when used on a mono track in Sonar 8.5.3 x64 (Using Bit bridge). The SC signal seems to go to channel 2 instead of 3+4. And it would also be nice if mix level switch was usable when using external SC.

    • Ahhh actually… the mix level switch (when in ext sc) seems to only affect the interstage module, but not the compression. (In my DAW). Not sure if this is intentional.

  200. Thilo Zirr says:

    First of all, let me say that I totally dig the sound and handling of the new Thrillseeker Comp. Well done and thanks for the hard work!

    While using it in a mixing session today in Reaper I experienced the following bug: The plugin seemed to randomly time out after some time of use (approximately one hour), causing the track to go silent since no audio could pass through the plugin anymore. Bypassing the plugin (via reaper or the switch on the Thrillseeker interface) resolved the silence. As a workaround I saved the settings and loaded them into a “fresh” instance of Thrillseeker. Maybe there’s a memory leak somewhere causing this freezing issue (I’m sure you could have guessed that yourself 😉 ).

    Feel free to contact me if I missed some details concerning the issue. Good luck and thanks again! 😀

  201. After testing your wonderful plug ins for some time, I started using them in one of my productions. Unfortunately I experienced some problems/bugs:

    – If I load more than one instance of Thrillseeker in a project (i.e. on two seperate tracks) the whole program (Cubase) freezes. (happens pretty much every time; still have to test if this is the case with the other plug ins too)
    – When loading different presets the settings do load (i hear the change in sound) but the GUI does not change at all. Only if i click on a control it jumps to the present value. (Same with Thrillseeker, Density and Ferric)

    I use Cubase 5 and 6 on 64 bit.
    Would be great if you could fix these issues because I’d really love to use your plug ins in my projects!

    • Seems I overlooked the fact that your plug ins don’t really work with the VST Bridge of Cubase.
      I guess I have to wait until your plugins come out in 64bit….

    • I have exactly the same problem. I love all Bootsy’s fx, they’re all excellent and I used them in Cubase 5 32bit (on XP), but when I upgraded to Cubase 6.5 64 (on Win7 64) many of them cause Cubase to freeze. Some will appear to load and work in a project but the GUI doesn’t refresh (you have to close and reopen the GUI) or the GUI may go blank causing Cubase to freeze. Sometimes it will freeze while saving a project that uses them, sometimes it will appear to save ok but then freeze when closing Cubase, and freeze again next time the saved project is loaded. I’ll have to go through each plugin to see which ones work, but that’s going to take a while as each time Cubase freezes it take over 5 mins to before it’s unloaded from memory 😦

      Hope the 64bit versions will be available soon 🙂

  202. Your plugins come very highly recommended by a lot of people I respect. I would love to give them a shot, but I’m running Logic on a Mac. I see that several have posed the question of future Mac compatibility. Is there any hope for us Mac users?

  203. Do you have the plug ins for Mac? Thank you:)!

  204. Dear bootsy,
    I love the blog but you’ve been doing so many posts lately it’s kinda going down for me a bit. I liked it more when they were much less common and therefore most likely a very cool read.
    Buenos Aires

  205. I got Nasty DLA , Nasty VCS to work,both scanned and loaded to my effects bin, but not BootEQ or Tessla or Density. Help.

  206. Pokey Oats says:


    I was wondering how to load the presets for Epic Verb that come as a separate download.

  207. Biggest issue with all Your great plugins is that there are not linux VST verisons of them!
    Please consider it Bootsy. I`m sure all Ardour DAW users would appreciate it more than very much!

  208. Hi there, thanks for all these great plugins.

    My question is how to use the sidechain functionality of thrillseekerLA in Ableton? I’m not clear on how the manual says it picks up the sidechain signal on “channels 3 and 4” – how does that work in ableton? Any quick advice for a newb audio student here…
    thanks so much

    • ok, i got it, funny that the topmost comment here from 2010 actually answers this question – rock on \m/

  209. Good day
    I began a making the blog in Russian about free vst plugins and it settings (based on manuals). Also, about my personal experience and impressions from the using of it. And of course, yours amazing plugins will be there 😉
    I think it’s right to ask yours permission to write about yours “babies”)
    Do you give yours blessing?:)
    ps: sorry for my english :[

  210. Merci beaucoup pour tes plugins c’est du travail d’orfèvre!
    T’es le boss

  211. I want to say thank you very much for all the work and products you release.

    I know there’s a lot of support and requests for donation for your plugins. I can understand once money get’s involved people have a tendancy to become more demanding for support and so on, as i know they do now.

    Have you thought about maybe having various links on your website for donations to various meaningful charity maybe Music related, child welfare or whatever…just a thought 🙂


  212. THANKS YOU! For all these free plugins. Being dirt poor right now I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you donating your hard work so people like me can get good effects for free. Love Epic Verb and plan on downloading more of your plugins soon. Thanks again!

  213. Hi bootsie,
    I always wondered, if you know Bootsy Collins….and if you know P-Funk tracks, where he uses the
    Mu-Tron III effect, an envelope-controlled filter (also used by Stevie Wonder, Lary Coryell, Parliament/Funkedalic)….here a wonderful demonstration :
    After “Audio Damage” released 2006 “Phase Two”, a digital recreation of the Mutron Bi-Phase, I hoped, they will make a Mutron III too, but they didn’t till today.
    After you made so many wonderful plugs in the domain of compressors / EQ’s / Saturation….wouldn’t it be challenge to rebuild this extraterrestric effect?
    Many Thanks for your plugs
    Kind Regards

  214. Thanks for the amazing free plugins! Much appreciated!
    I have a problem:

    I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS and using Cubase SL (version 1)
    All of your awesome plugins work on my system except for preFIX, NastyVCS, Density mkII and ThrillseekerLA. They don’t show up in the Cubase insert options.

    Do you know why this is? Any help would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards

    • Is that Cubase SL version 32bit or 64bit? The VoS plug-ins must be installed in the x86 path. If you want to run them in a 64bit host wrap them with jbridge – its easy and stable.

  215. David Riggs says:

    Try using JBridge. I have been using it without issues for months. I often had issues with Cubases internal bridge.

  216. Both the thrillseeker la and the feric freeze. If i open them, and apply them to a buss track, I can dial in the effect and close it, but if I reopen the VST again to make an adjustment, my Cubase 6 freezes. Also if I select one of the presets, nothing changes on the dials, and the sound appears to remain the same. I’m running windows7 64bit. I love the sound of many of your plugins, I just have a fear of using them and crashing my mix. Please help

  217. Hi,
    I was looking for the NastyCS plug in but there is no download link. I have had to reinstall my recording computer and used to use that one so would it be possible to still obtain the plugin?

  218. charlie says:

    I have put Density mkII into Reaper. the picture of the compressor loads separate from the FX window.

    it did not used to do that. (I just upgraded to 64 bit windows. I was using 32 bit.)

    any idea how to make it like it used to work? please and thank you.

    it is an awesome plug-in. thank you for designing and sharing it.

    • Dan Moxon says:

      this is to do with using a 64 bit system and 64bit version of reaper- with this setup by default reaper -loads any 32 bit plug ins in bridging mode – great as it means you can keep using your old plugins

      However the default gui setting for bridging mode is to open it up in a second window, with another little window for input setting etc. I always found this really annoying, (its not specific to VOS plugins , its all 32 bit plugins)

      if you want to stop it you can go this

      In FX browser
      right click on the plugin
      choose run as
      choose embed bridged ui

      This will mean that you can then right click on any fx wuindows that open and dock them

      however I have found that it does make things more unstable – I think its the case that some plugins just dont like this mode – from what I can tell VOS plugins are fine though.

  219. Any plans on going 64bit with your plug ins?
    Love them!

  220. Hi, I have a question on the VST parameters of epicVerb: I see a parameter “Ratio” exposed that doesn’t seem to correspond to something (no GUI equivalent and no obvious change in sound), on the other hand, I can’t seem to map a controller to the ER choice (the up/down buttons for the hall/room/plate etc choice). Am I missing something?

    Thanks for all this!

  221. Enrico Pigozzi says:

    i think i found a potential bug in PREFIX: i feed it with an exceptional loud input (+12 db by the default ableton utility plugin) with predominant high frequency content (not more than kHz, still it was an external synth with hi resonance setting on the filter, so nothing related to software)and all ableton’s GUI stopped working until I lowered the resonance or the filter cutoff. in particular, the module that seemed to cause that was the scope.
    one more thing. I don’t know if the output metering of THRILLSEEKERLA is meant to work that way, but it doesn’t follow the gain staging and it’s not useful at all. i’d also like it to stay turned on even when it’s set off by the on/off switch

  222. Your stuff is awesome! Also digging the articles.

    Is there a chance to get you to share some insights on how you modelled the Opto-Compressor in NastyVCS? I’m trying to find literature on the intrinsics of light-dependent resistors, but the memory effect important for the program dependent release behaviour of opto-compressors seems to be omitted everywhere.


  223. aaaa- these plugins are sweet = Y NO MAC VERSION ???? 😥

  224. Rachemelle says:

    I love your plugins.
    I have some questions to use them in the right way:

    1) Is it a good idea to put the “Rescue” plugin
    a) On a drum group? b) On a vocal group? c) On the master channel?

    2) Does Rescue encode automatically in Mid/Side (or I need to use a plugin as Voxengo MSED before)?

    3) Does Baxter Eq encode in MID/Side just by clicking on the MS button?

    Many thanks to all guys that will help me.


  225. VCS does not side chain properly on mono tracks in Sonar 8.5.3

  226. Jean Arseneault says:

    Greetings Bootsy,

    I am relatively new to the world of digital audio processing, having taken it up as a hobby in my retirement to produce recordings for acoustic musician friends of mine. It seems to be characteristic of our little musical community that any individual’s computer skills are inversely proportional to his/her musical talents, the result being that a) I get to enjoy a lot of good music, and b) I am the default recording “engineer” (no offense to real recording engineers intended). I guarantee my friends that at the very least they will get what they pay for in my recordings – an easy promise given that I don’t charge anything for what I do. This cost model suits them fine, given that they too are retirees (most more senior than myself) and generate no income from their music (they generally perform only for the fun of it – e.g. at open mic events, charity events).

    Given both my desire to do the best I can for my friends, and the limited (!) income my recording work generates, the internet has become my primary resource for learning and tools. I am very fortunate to have stumbled upon your website: your articles and plugin manuals are excellent learning resources, your plugins are comprehensive and of the highest quality, and your “pricing structure” is wonderfully compatible with my own “business model” (such as it is). Thank you very much for the curiousity, thoroughness, expertise and generousity you bring to your work. Thanks also to Patrick for all the work that no doubt goes into his wonderful GUI’s.

    I have been meaning to write and thank you for some time now. Unfortunately, one too often procrastinates about such things, getting down to it only when presented with a more selfish motivation. Such is the case with me, and so I hope that you will excuse me for asking a couple of questions about one of your plugins. I know you’re very busy with many things, so if you have no time for this, it’s OK.

    The questions I have concern the 90/180 and Lo/Hi switches on the Prefix Phase tool. I wanted to learn more about what the Phase tool does, so I started to play with it in Christian Budde’s VST Analyzer. I better understand now that:
    – when the Phase module is powered on, it applies a significant frequency-dependant
    phase shift to the input, even if the phase dial and polarity switch are at 0.
    – with phase dial = 0, the magnitude of the shift increases with frequency in an
    approximately 1:1 linear fashion (i.e. at double a given frequency, one sees an
    approximate doubling of the shift); the phase shift therefore increases from a
    minimum of 0 at 0 Hz, to some maximum (what the Prefix manual refers to as
    “width of phase alteration”?) at 20kHz. The maximum shift is ~180deg when the
    90/180 switch is at 180, and ~360deg with the switch at 90.
    – turning up the phase dial increases the shift non-linearly across the frequency
    spectrum; the effect is most pronounced in the 200-2k region, with almost no effect
    at the spectrum extremes. The dial has the greatest effect (maximum additional
    phase shift of ~260deg) when the 90/180 switch is at 90 and the Phase Center
    (Lo/Hi) = Hi. The effect is much less pronounced at other settings –
    ~160deg max additional phase shift at 90/Lo, and ~120deg at 180/Hi and 180/Lo.

    My questions are the following:
    – It appears that the effects of both power-on and the phase dial are much greater at
    90/180 = 90 than at 90/180=180. Was this your intent, or is there an error in the
    marking of the 90/180 switch ? (i.e. should the 90/180 values be reversed on the
    panel?). I note that if the 90/180 panel values were reversed, then the switch would
    behave much more like the Little Labs IBP tool you discuss in your article
    (refer also to )

    – Am I correct in understanding that the purpose of the Lo switch is to increase the phase
    shift at lower frequencies, in effect moving each point on the Hi curve to the left by about
    half its frequency? This seems to generally be the case, but the extreme effect of the
    switch on the magnitude of the phase shift when 90/180=90 makes me wonder if I am
    missing something.

    Thanks again for your great work.
    Jean Arseneault,
    Montreal, Canada

    • actually the phase section is modelled after the IBP and so if there is some weirdness in the original unit this appears to be in preFIX as well, especially the frequency related phase shifting.

      • Jean Arseneault says:

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        I understand then that your intent is simply to emulate the IBP.

        I could not find phase plots for the original IBP, but I did come across some for UAD’s plugin emulation (at ). Assuming that fader8’s plots are representative of the original IBP, and assuming as well that I correctly plotted Prefix’s phase response, then it appears that Prefix’s 90/180 switch is the reverse of the IDP’s (i.e. the Prefix’s 180 phase plots resemble IDP’s 90 plots, and vice versa). The IDP manual states that the switch “allows a more extreme phase adjustment with a full swing of as much as 180 degrees or a less extreme 90 degrees of phase adjustment”. That is certainly the case with the IDP switch labeling, whereas Prefix’s is misleading. So, you might consider reversing Prefix’s 90/180 switch orientation or labels if/when you ever revise Prefix.

        Best regards,

  227. Eddie King says:

    Thrillseeker LA stops passing audio at some point, and has to be reloaded into the channel. I’m on Reaper 4.2 X64 Win7-64.

  228. Just added a link to EpicVerb under my kitlist – I’ve used it a ton over the years. Thanks for the plug, love it!

  229. Hello! Any chance to see some TAPE STOP effect???

  230. Thank you!

  231. Dan Moxon says:

    hey man just downloaded your plugins , they are simply amazing, better than waves by far, really really appreciate you making them free – your time and effort is going to a budding cause! young musicians slaving away endless over that master piece that will change music forever (ahem, well maybe)

  232. uprightmusic says:

    Will you please please please consider developing your plug-ins for the new Reason extension called “Rack Extensions”? I think it’s a place where your plugs could really shine. If you haven’t heard the buzz Propellerhead is finally opening up it’s rack to 3rd party developers to implement new “plug in” devices in Reason! There are MANY Reason users that are EXTREMELY hungry it get their hands on 3rd party plugins so I’m confident this format is going to explode. Will you consider porting over some/all of your plugs to this format? Click here for more information

    It’s a great chance to bring some much deserved compensation to you as a developer.
    Thanks for your time

  233. neilwilkes says:


    Firstly, can someone please delete this comment from the Baxter EQ page, as I put it there by mistake…..
    When using this (Baxter EQ) in Nuendo via my WK Audio ID Console, I can control every parameter of every plugin, and 99% of plugins map to the controller properly. However….with this one, as well as Thrillseeker & Boot EQ MkII, none of the paremeters map with the values. Using the Baxter EQ as an example, I can see clearly the dials for FREQ–1, FREQ–2, (repeated 3 more times for 4 pairs in total) followed by GAIN–1, GAIN–2 (twice), (LINK-HI and LINK-LO both have paremeters mapped – off or on, as does M/S (on/off) , On (on/off) and bypass (on/off).
    The frequency options & gain options all have no mapped values at all – I am adjusting blind with no reference at all.

    It’s the same in Thrillseeker & Boot EQ MkII as well – parameters are there, they control the GUI but I have no idea what I am actually doing unless I peer at the monitor screen.
    Is there any way to map the values as well? This works on almost all other plugins, and allows me to mix without an onscreen view – working purely from the ID Console instead.

    Sorry to be a pest, but this is kinda important to me…..

    • Does automation of this parameters work in your host?

      • I can automate in the host easily enough, but I need to know what the values are as they are not mapped on my remote console. Very hard to explain. I prefer to work off my ID Console (it is like a HUI interface but specifically for Nuendo/Cubase, or like a DigiDesign Icon – it is a hardware controller for the DAW)

  234. Hello,

    I just found this interesting website.
    I tried to install the plugins on my Windows 7 machine but they seems not to be compatible, freezing it when loaded.
    Are you planning to release a compative version in the future?

    Many thanks


    • How to install my plug-ins correctly on a Win7 (64bit) system? Due to the emerging 64bit platforms this gets asked more frequently but the answer is pretty much simple:
      If you are using a 32bit host software then install them in your program files (x86) based plug-in folder. If you are using a 64bit host then you have to wrap them, e.g. with jBridge and simply put the wrapped version into your default VST plug-in folder.

  235. John Lardinois says:

    Hello, I apologize if the question has already been answered, but I am wondering if you could contact me by email to answer some questions about audio programming. I am a long time programmer, and long time engineer, but I’m hoping to combine the two, and unfortunately audio programming resources are extremely rare. I’ve found very little information so far, and I was hoping you could point me in the right direction as to where to learn.

  236. Hi,

    Will your plugs (especially nasty VCS) become compatible with the ebu-r128 norm ?


    Marginal Ray

    • Troels says:

      The r 128 standard has nothing to do with plugins. It’s a loudness metering standard..
      For that you would use a specialized meter – not the vu meter on any of the bootsy plugins:)

  237. prophet says:

    Hi, I have been using some of your plugins for a long time, and am now switching DAWs from Sonar to Studio One. Problem is, I cannot load your plugins in S1 (Thrillseeker, Density). I copy the dll to my Plugin folder, but they do not show up in S1. Running Win 7 64bit and Studio One 64bit.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    Thank you!

    • How to install my plug-ins correctly on a Win7 (64bit) system? Due to the emerging 64bit platforms this gets asked more frequently but the answer is pretty much simple:
      If you are using a 32bit host software then install them in your program files (x86) based plug-in folder. If you are using a 64bit host then you have to wrap them, e.g. with jBridge and simply put the wrapped version into your default VST plug-in folder.

      • I’d rather give you the money for 64Bit versions and not need a bridge 🙂

        • … i should elaborate,.. I loved using your plugs under XP but haven’t been able to use them since going W7-64 and Cubase64/Wavelab64. If I get a bridge and there’s still issues then is it the plugin, is the bridge, who’s forum should i post to, what if each says it’s the others fault, and meanwhile i’m no better off. Whereas, if you made 64Bit versions, I know they’d be reliable

          BTW – I had to buy Ozone and UberMod to replace your plugins

          • .. sorry, that should read “is it the plugin? is it the bridge? who’s forum should i post to? what if each says it’s the others fault?” – couldn’t find ‘edit’

            • David Riggs says:

              I have used all of the VOS plugins without problems using JBridge. You just follow the the instructions – the recommended choices make this simplicity itself. It really is that simple.



              Or this link which demonstrate how approachable JBridge is:


              I definitely would not want to be without these plugins. They are certainly worth the effort to learn how to use JBridge.

              • Well I got J-Bridge, and YAY, I got all the VoS plugs working in Wavelab7 64Bit and Cubase 6.5 64Bit. It’s not perfect, the GUI’s don’t redraw when you select a preset (you have to close and re-open the plug gui) but all VoS plugs load without crashing 🙂

                J-Bridge could do with a few improvements in the interface, and not all plugs-ins will work with it so it’s not a 100% solution, but it a good work around for now. Of course, it’s no comparison to if Bootsy made all his wonderful plug-ins 64Bit – here’s hoping

  238. Love plugins (Nasty is THE BEST DELAY of all delays ever created) and love that symbol. Are you…?

  239. Dick Dixon says:

    Cubase (64bit) 5.5.3 Crashes When I Use Your Plugins, but Your Plugins are Awesome, Please Help.

    I would like to start by saying, “thank you.” I love your plugins, they have a more subtile and genuine change to the sound. They tend to the strength of the sound, where other plugins attempting to do the same thing your are doing, tend to make the sound weaker (like a phaser was applied to the sound). Your dynamics seem to work on the dynamics without coloring the sound too much. Great Job! They sound great, and they really look great, too.

    However, since I began using them, Cubase 5 keeps crashing. It is usually when I am opening up one of your plugins as a insert effect. The GUI will not load or only partially load, and then the session is hosed. At this point, the only thing I can do is use “Windows Task Manager” to force Cubase to shut down. I believe I have had a problem with PreFix, RescueAC, and Density MKII. It should be noted that I am using many other plugins at the time it crashes, Including two or three instinces of your plugins, but it is when I attempt to open another one of your plugins.

    I am using a Dell Inspiron 17R (N7111) with an Intel chipset and an Intel Core i7 2670QM 2.20, 8 gigs Ram, Win 7 (64 bit).

  240. Lawrence Ginsberg says:

    My DAW is Presonus Studio One 2.0.5 and I can’t seem to load the separate supplementary presets that you offer on your site for Epicverb. The VST and the regular presets are working fine. When I try to load the additional presets, it’s as if Studio One can’t read the format, because the file shows as blank–even though I know from looking at my Windows browser outside of Studio One, that the preset files are there. Any ideas?

  241. hi from berlin! you might want to check out this track that has made the rounds in the modular world. its main feature is of course the fantastic NastyDLA.×16-132

  242. Hi,
    Several Variety Of Sound plugs provide saturation, eq, compression… I’m a bit lost to select the appropriate one, dispite expaniations in the manual or on the web. Generally, I use Nasty VCS because it seems to be a kind of Swiss Knife plug. But to add gentle saturation on a track or on the master, shoud I better use Tessla SE, Tessla Pro, Thrillseeker, Ferric DTS… It’s not easy to ear the difference. Perhaps all these saturation tools use the same algo ? I could ask a similar question for the compressor : Nasty VCS or other Boostie plugs ? Thanks for help.

    • In my opinion it’s better to find out for yourself what the differences are, just try and crank them and use them for a while and you will probably start to hear and understand the differences between tape, transformer and tube saturation etc.. In the end there’s no right or wrong, and who says you have to choose, just put ’em all on there!

      • Of course, my ears should be the only judge, but especially when working with headphones, I don’t trust them 100 %. So I formulate the question differently: Some plugs seem to use more advanced techniques then others. Is a combination of those plugs better then the swiss knife Nasty VCS : Tesla Pro for saturation, Boot EQ on individual track + Baster EQ on the master (vs the “air” knob of Nasty VCS), Density, Ferric or Thrillseeker to subtly glue the master track)… ?

        • Johannes Stähle says:

          Going camping the Swiss army knife seems to be a handy tool. In other situations you might want a “real” knife, scissors or whatever.

          So it’s you who can choose, what to use. Keep in mind, that everything you use to color your sound will take away something of the original sound at the same time.

  243. Hi Herbert,

    I am very impressed by the ‘statefull saturation algorithm’ that you have developped recently. It has even be used with great success on several classical productions here (Thrillseeker). However I wonder if there is any possibility to get a ‘pure wet’ saturation signal? My point is that on some materials you may want to add saturation just to the lows and highs and keeping the mids intact which is not feasible in the current implementation. Having just the saturationsignal on an aux buss would allow finer processing (eq for instance). Is this feasible? Would that be a good idea for future development?


  244. I’vs been using booteq mk2 on some projects recently and ran into a question: why is the output knob only active when using the gain compensated pre-amp?

    Has this been discussed before?

  245. Hi
    I’m having an issue with the BaxterEQ. It introduces a phase rotation even if the ‘in’ button is swtiched to “off” (supposedly bypassing the processing) and all settings to default. This is especially audible in the high frequency spectrum (combining the direct signal and the signal going through the plugin (whether processes or not) results in a HF roll-off. At first I thought there was some processing buffer introducing a delay of a couple of samples, but the shift seems to be frequency dependent. I doubt this is on purpose!

    • OK, sorry, I missed the 4 samples processing latency. My bad! Anyway, thanks for all these great plugins!

      • Oh, and BTW the NastyVCS doesn’t report it’s processing latency. There definitely is some in the EQ section, plenty more that the 4 samples of the BaxterEQ. I enjoy this plugin, it took some time to get used to it, and now it will do all the vocal processing on this year’s live-tour. (I mix my band 100% in software, that’s why I’m chasing hidden latencies! We can add up quite some by daisy chaining digital processors….). The compressor is really nice and easy. Thanks for this!

  246. Ah, and may I humbly suggest a small adjustment for the GUI’s: there is an option in the VST SDK to set the way knobs react to mouse mouvements. In your Baxter EQ (for example) it’s set so that rotary controls react like if they were linear faders: to rotate a button, we must move the mouse up and down, which is very counter intuitive. Setting this to the alternate rotary setting (I don’t recall the name of that flag from the top of my mind) would improve the “user-experience”…..

    • This is the first time I hear people asking for circular controls in a plugin. 🙂 Usually people prefer linear up/down controls because they’re faster and more precise to work with. They aren’t intuitive this way, true, but once you get a hold of it, you won’t look back, I can guarantee you that. 😉 Nobody I know uses circular controls with a mouse… really. It’s a waste of time trying to pick the right value and not so precise.

  247. I asked the following question in a reply to a reply, so I think this is the reason why I didn’t get an answer. So again : Some Variety of Sounds plugins seem to use more advanced techniques then others. Is a combination of those plugs better then the swiss knife Nasty VCS : Tesla Pro for saturation, Boot EQ on individual track + Baster EQ on the master (vs the “air” knob of Nasty VCS), Density, Ferric or Thrillseeker to subtly glue the master track instead of the Nasty VCS compressor, etc… ?

    Thanks for answer.

    • I think that can’t be answered in general. The only rule might be: Take whatever works best in your very specific mixing situation.

      • Thanks for this very precise and technical answer. It helps much !

        • are you seriously being sarcastic about Bootsie’s wise words? 😉

          did you check out these resources?

          if you really want to figure out which tool YOU like best or think works best for a specific application (for example the ‘air’ in NastyVCS, the high shelf in BaxterEQ or the HF in BootEQmkII), just a/b/c the hell outta them: create 3 identical tracks with different types of music and put each plug on a different track and compare settings and sounds.
          you can also run some pink noise through them and see what happens on an analyzer (or use QClone if you have it) if you don’t trust your ears.

          if we were to tell you that NastyVCS was far superior and more advanced than any other plug and that you wouldn’t have to look any further, would you be satisfied with that answer and delete all your other plug-in?

          “mixing cannot be taught, it can only be learned” – Mixerman

        • your’re welcome 🙂

    • i remember your question was replied to, maybe you could re-read the answer 🙂

  248. I just found the Density MKII on your site. I downloaded it…installed it…and did some testing in the preview. I loved it! However, when I tried to apply the effect I got an error box that came up that said “an error was encountered processing the VST effect”. I am running Density on Adobe Audition 3.01. I have run, and am running currently, a number of VST plug-ins on Audition and have rarely had a problem. I also tried to delete the dowlnloaded file and started from scratch. Same thing. Any ideas?

  249. Hi Bootsy. I’m a long time user and fan of your work. In fact I have been writing several blog post over at about you.

    Since the NastyLF/HF is no longer supported, I wonder what plugins best replaces them? When you want to enhance the low- or high-end.

    All the best


  250. Hello Bootsy, Do you have a Google+ ID?

  251. Hi…Great site.
    I had submitted a question a couple of days ago about Density MKII. It keeps giving me an error message every time I try to apply the effect. I’ve tried a re-install, and that didn’t work. I have the VST plug-in installed in Adobe Audition 3.01. I’m running Windows XP Pro – 32 bit. I love the plug-in and would really like to be able to use it. Thanks for any help you can give me

  252. Just wanted to let you know that your work is greatly apreciated!! The fact that you give you amazing work for free is absurd (but awesome)! I use your stuff on everthing I do. Great Work!!

  253. Daniël says:

    Hi Bootsy,

    I am Daniël (Daan Jonkers, from Holland), and currently working on figuring out Baxandall & Butterworth circuits for a school project, which is going to be my first hands-on experience with electronics ever. I do know a thing or 2 about sound and audio engineering already, despity being only 17 years old. (live and studio experience, and lots of dedication)

    My final goal is to build a hardware version of your Baxter EQ. In order to be able to do so I have some questions for you:

    – I can’t seem to find any Baxandall circuits with frequency controls. Is it possible to create an original Baxandall style circuit with it’s 2 shelving bands, and frequency controls for those bands? How did you do this in your BaxterEQ?

    – Neither can I seem to find any information on Mid/Side for audio processing. Do you have some kind of design of your Mid/Side matrix for the BaxterEQ? I have found this:
    The thing is (as you obviously know) that I need the Side channel to be stereo on both input and output in order to be able to have a true Side signal. And would this be a simple circuit? Or something very complex?

    – What kind of amplification did you use for the gain controls on the BaxterEQ? Would it be like a tube design or more like an opamp design if “translated” to analog? Or is there no amplification at all and is it just a passive circuit like the baxandall idea? (make everything softer and then one thing normal so it sounds louder)

    I have a very experienced tutor, who designed several chips and things himself, but having some slightly more detailed info about the thing itself would really help, as I basically have to figure most of the stuff out myself, mostly through the internet.

    I do already have a copy of BaxterEQ (of all of your plugins actually).
    Of course I’ll keep you up to date and if everything ends up working the way it should I’ll send you the results. The project is on quite a tight budget (about 50 euro’s), so a perfect recreation might not be possible, but I consider anything close quite a result:).

    Thanks in advance for your help (and your great plugins, who started this all),


    • Pascal Fries says:

      The thing about digital Eqs is that they’re exactly that – digital. This Equalizer is absolutely clean (klirr Active Filteringstage (lowpass and highpass, state variable so you can easily control the freq and preset the q) -> with switchable caps -> maybe an Output buffer

      If you use good quality components, they would be about 40-50€ if you want to make a stereo version of it, and ruin 2-3 opamps because of bad soldering 😉

      MS-Matrices actually are quite simple:

      M = sqrt(0.5)*(L+R) (just add the left and right input and take off 3db)
      S = sqrt(0.5)*(L-R) (connect L to the +in of an opamp and R to the -in and again take off 3db)


      L = sqrt(0.5)*(M+S) (you get the idea 😉 )
      R = sqrt(0.5)*(M-S)

  254. Hi, i want to show some love for density 1.0. It’s my favorite ! I wonder, could i get the whole package as shown on ?

    I would really like to try those as I work on a netbook, I like the tiny gui’s !
    I have searched the whole web I think but can’t find it !
    And is there a density 1.1? And what changes had it?

  255. thanks for the great plugins man ! Really like ferric TDS and epicverb, great work indeed. I use them regularly, you can check out my stuff here
    midi error

  256. Do you plan to release 64-bit plugins?

  257. Francesco Donadel Campbell says:

    i have a very big problem with Boot Eq MkII !!(the latest version).
    I have wavelab 6 and windows xp sp3.I have no problem with eq settings or preamp setting but as soon as i launch the render after it nothing happens.No change of volume in the file no change of eq nothing!!! I don’t know how to find a solution because Boot Eq Mk ii is a essential plugin for my mastering session.Please help.thanks!

    • Francesco Donadel Campbell says:

      Update.If you keep on only the eq once you render the files the changes in equalization do happen.
      If you turn on the preamp boost the volume and launch the rendering nothing happens.No volume change in the file. Please help! thanks!

  258. Are there any plans to make the plugins available for Mac users? It must be a question that you get asked quite a lot. I’ve recently switched from PC to Mac and I’m a massive fan of the Ferric TDS and the Nasty DLA. They’re some amazing plugins that I’d love to continue using in my mixes!

  259. So no chance of getting a copy of NastyTabletop anymore then?

  260. Hello and thank you thank you for your great plugins!
    I know this has been mentioned several times, but here i go again: mac versions!
    I know you seem reluctant to make mac versions (or at least it isnt your focus right now). But what if we found people who could port them to mac, would you be willing to let someone else do it? Or what if all the people who need mac versions would all donate a small amount of money (summing up to what might pay you for doing mac versions) would you then do it?

    • Are you Mac people blind to the fact that these plugins are made in *SynthMaker*, and until SynthMaker is made for Mac, and also until they release 64-bit SynthMaker it is almost an impossible task to make them for any other platform than Windows 32-bit? Even making 64-bit versions of the plugins is impossible until then. The only portable part of the code is the algorithms themselves. Everything else is SynthMaker, and it’s a great platform for those people who want to get into DSP processing, not having to deal with coding GUIs much, and coding GUIs is a problem in itself. So somebody should code the GUI framework, and include Bootsie’s DSP code in it. Essentially, somebody should build a plugin from ground up for everything other than Windows 32-bit. That’s a pretty huge task for someone to take, wouldn’t you say? And that, of course means Bootsie should kinda “Open Source” his DSP code…

      I actually wouldn’t mind having all his plugins as DSP, GUI-less, versions, though. 🙂 I would *love* that, actually. That would contribute greatly to their stability, too.


  261. matthew says:

    hey I’m not sure if this has been addressed but- density (both II and III) eventually mutes tracks in reaper. i haven’t heard of this problem with anyone else though so I don’t know whats up. I’m running the latest 64 bit reaper.

    • Reaper automutes a track if exceptional signal levels occur, for example when driving the total post fader signal to +30dB or something. I believe Reaper also mutes if exceptional amounts of CPU are eaten up by one channel. There’s probably some notes on that in the manual.

      • matthew says:

        I should have been more precise- the track does not literally mute. It just stops playing sound, as in, the mute button is not on, the meters still show sound playing, but none comes out! It surely isn’t CPU either because with density the performance meter reads 0.5%

        • Then it has now become your mission to find out where your sound stops its journey thru your DAW/studio. If the sound stops without any precautions and just drops out for a while to come back after a few seconds, it is most likely to be a software problem. What meters are still showing signal? Channel meters? Folder/group/buss (Reaper calls them folders, but I tend to work the analogue way so I name everything the analogue way) meters? Master meters? Audio Interface output meters? And does the problem only occur if you use a VOS plugin?

  262. This is a bug report for NatyVCS. But first, thank you again for your extraordinary plugins, Herbert! 🙂 I love them all, but I’m a bit more in love with NastyVCS which consists of almost everything a typical great console channel should have, and it’s my go-to channel plugin. But NastyVCS has a little issue with its EQ, which is its weakest point in general IMO, except the Air band and the low band which are simply GREAT choices of shelving type bands :), since bell bands warp at the nyquist point, but anyway… on to the bug 😉 It’s actually quite nasty when it happens, but really nasty and easy to recreate: Just open NastyVCS, load “default Bootsy” preset, and put “cut” on the low shelf to 4, and wait. It’s going to break after some time. A good idea is to put a limiter after NastyVCS for this one, to protect the speakers. I tried isolating the problem by turning everything off except the EQ, but it happened anyway, with a slight delay – it took about few minutes for the sound to break. Cheers! And thank you one more time for these brilliant tools you give us.

  263. Pedro Caetano Santos says:

    Will you consider porting your plugins to Propellerheads Rack Extensions? They are so good I would pay for them! 🙂

    • Read my reply to the persistent Mac user just a few posts above. It’s not possible, man. Sad but true. SynthMaker is great, but also restricting in the way that it’s *really* hard to port plugins to other OS or format other than VST. Until SynthMaker supported only VST, there won’t be any other formats of his plugins, trust me. 😉 Cheers!

      I just answered to save Bootsie some trouble… same goes for the Mac user up there. 😉

  264. Hi Variety Of Sound,

    I am contacting you from Plugin Boutique. ( We love what you’re doing and if possible could you send me a contact email address? I’d really like to discuss a few things with you.

    Kind Regards,

  265. Hi Bootsy,

    Gotta say I’m digging the DensityMkIII improvements! The timing readouts are a great help and I really like the color knob does to the sound, although the effect remains quite subtle, even when turned fully clockwise. Can you please make it do more of that!? 😀
    Also, I was wondering how the saturation behaves in M/S mode, is the signal affected before splitting or are the mid and side signals saturated independently? If so, the mid signal (which is usually louder) will be affected a lot more than the side signal, right? Could you maybe devise a way to compensate for this so that the side signal can get proportionally the same amount of saturation? Maybe a seperate color knob on each channel?

    On to the NastyDLAmkII: the saturation is amazing on this thing, I may like it even better than on the ThrillseekerLA or DensityMkIII. I turn off the delay so I can use just the input section on everything, even on the 2bus because it remains quite natural while giving depth, density, liveliness, etc… One thing I noticed however, is that the amount of saturation doesn’t actually seem to be infuenced by the Input knob, but mainly by the signal level fed into the plug-in. As if there is a predetermined amount of saturation/coloration present which is blended/mixed in together with the original signal, but I could be wrong of course… Anyway, this one turned out really well IMO, would love to see/hear this type of saturation coloration in a stand-alone plug-in with more features 😀

    Thanks again for all the brilliant tools you give us!

  266. NastyDLA is a brilliant piece of work, too, yeah. Much more than just a delay. For that matter, as you noticed, it could be used as a saturation plugin, or as a chorus with saturation. 😉 With some slight improvements it could be a brilliant “Haas” processor, too. So far this only works for stereo audio input. Regarding that I think I found a little bug, as one of the more useful settings “wet only” doesn’t seem to remember to stay lit when I save it like that. 😦 I wonder if anybody else have encountered this bug? I use “wet only” a lot, so I could process the whole sound, not just the delay portion of it, so it’s a great drawback for me that it doesn’t remember to stay lit. In order for “Haas” to work for mono input, NastyDLA should be able to convert a mono input into stereo somehow. I thought “retro” modes would do it, but they put a dry signal to the left and wet to the right, so no go there. Here’s an idea: why not making that in “retro mode” when you press the “wet only” button [which currently does nothing in retro mode] the audio would turn into mono output-wet only [same as mono 1 mode], or stereo output for retro mode 2, which would enable making Hass type effects with mono audio input? 😉 Cheers!

  267. I’m so sorry that I have to inform you of one more bug I found in your Rescue plugin. 😦 Both normal and AE v1.2 are affected. The noise stops working after precisely 4 minutes and 20 seconds and produces some kind of garbled audio artefacts afterwards. Add a few seconds that I needed to start the stop watch after starting the Rescue to this 4:20. Nothing else helps then but to load another preset and adjust it again, or delete and reload Rescue again. You can recreate this bug easily by just loading Rescue, put a sine tone generator through it [I used free MDA TestTone] and monitor with Voxengo Span for artefacts when 4:20 minutes passes. I also confirmed that in Reaper, with its JS tone generator. Same thing happens after 4:20. 😦 Must be some kind of a bug in noise generator? Cheers!

  268. Bill McDonald says:

    I really would like your plugins, but I have a 64 bit pc and I for the heck of it installed them but I don’t even see them. is there someware I can get the free plugins for a 64 bit system , thanks Bill

  269. You can only use 32-bit plugins on a 64-bit operating systems with VST hosts that support 32-bit plugins on a 64-bit OS. Like Reaper, for instance. Reaper has a VST wrapper that makes it possible. Perhaps there is a 32-bit to 64-bit VST host wrapper only that you could use to “serve” 32-bit plugins to a 64-bit VST host that you use? I’m sorry that I can’t help you with that, since I use Reaper so I don’t need any other 32-64 wrapper application. Cheers!

    • May I humbly reformulate your reply: “You can only load 32bit plugins in a 32bit application, whether you’re running that application on Win32 or Win64. (We’re talking about Windows specifically, not “any” OS)”
      So to use these plugins you must run a 32bit version of your host on your 64bit system, OR use a wrapper like jBridge if you prefer to run the 64bit version of your host.

      • David Riggs says:

        I have used jBridge without any problems for a while now. It is easy to use and allows you to make use of these wonderful plugins. Although I must say it would be nice to see some 64 bit versions. But hey, they are free. How should we be so lucky?

  270. You are definitely the most passionate VST maker as you do all of this research and make excellent plugins and charge nothing for it. The thing I’ve always wondered is, what type of job do you do to make money? 🙂

  271. I´m a big fan of Your plugins. My system is a win7 64 bit on sandy bridge processor and I´m using Cubase6 as a 64 bit host. Your plugs are bridged via jbridger which works fine with one exception: If I´m using TesslaSE there will be messages like “this buffer allready exists AB-IN_F2848435755” launched by jbridge and the system may react strange in the following session. Maybe You have a solution?

    Thanks a lot again !

  272. Mike Moreau says:


    I have noticed what might be a bug occurring between Epicverb and Harrison’s Busmix. When you open a previous session in Busmix, none of the settings for epicverb are saved. It only happens with Epicverb. All other VoS plugins work fine.

  273. Hi.
    I am using now epicVerb at Reaper v3(DAW). My only favorite reverb, but I have a issue.
    A music track inserted epicVerb, and next, output to wav file.
    Play the output file, I heard some strange sound.
    The time is 0:00:00.000~about 0:00:00:00.300.
    The strange sound is not heard at Reaper (Playing at Reaper or Playing at DAW).
    Please tell me how to solve this issue.

    If you need the wav files and Epicvertb’s Screen shot, I will send them.

    Respectfully yours,

  274. thanks for your great plug ins! i love the nasty series.. and used it till my pc got broken… now i need to get them back, especially the “hf” but there´s no download link.. is there any option to get it? cheers!

  275. Hey !
    I really love your plugins in all aspects !
    Is there any plan for AAX Support? That would be great !
    Cheers !

    • Yes it would be great, but it’s almost impossible, at least for now, what you’re asking. Read my reply a little up from this one, to a Mac user. 😉

  276. Mono versions of everything (to conserve resource) would be awesome!

    • I agree wholeheartedly! Also because when the plugin is stereo/mono, I have to tinker with the connections in Reaper to make it pure mono every time. Mono versions, 1in – 1out are big time savers! 🙂 And that shouldn’t be so hard to do. Why haven’t I thought of that? LOL Cheers!

  277. NastyVCS is killing my VSTbridge almost everytime I load two Instances of it in my Cubase 6.03 64Bit (WIN7)… Anyone else experiencing such issues? Is there any way to workaround this? It is such a great plug, I’d love to put it to work…

    • yes, quite a few people have had this problem and found the solution,.. the answer to your question is fully explained in the comments above if you can just be bothered to read it 🙂

  278. Do you have any of these plug ins for Mac??

  279. Boosty, have you heard about Synthmaker transitioning to a licensing/rental model? How will this affect your plugin development?

  280. Hi, Tesla le, Tesla pro, rescue and epic verb come up as .rar files instead of .dll files when I try to download them. Is there a fix to this? Also your plugins are incredible! I like UA but yours are just as good and more innovative. Hopefully I can get the other four plugs cause the ones I have so far are incredible.

  281. Anonymous says:

    Would you ever make a plugin that’s like a convolution plugin but works by convolving frames of audio in 1:1 time like let’s say the input audio is split into windows A-Z and the impulse audio which could be from a side-chained channel is split into 1-26 so A is convolved with 1, B with 2, C with 3, etc and it works with basic window shapes and adjustable size like some kind of convolution vocoder or does this exist?

    It’s very late and you’re the only one I can think of that might have an answer aside from suggesting I learn C++ and download MatLab I just want to make noises not begin a career in software design come on

    • That sounds like a mix between a convolution and granular processing. 🙂 It would use lots of CPU if the impulses are big, but with smaller ones… I guess it would be possible, but it would still consume lots of CPU. Interesting idea! Did I get it right? 😉

  282. I think many of us users think that it would be marvelous to have these plugins on a Mac. )

  283. Hi, First at all i have to say, that all your plugins are great, Good GUI and Superb Sound Quality. But I Purchased a Mac beacuse i need ProTools in the Job, So, PLEASE, Release your plugins for OS X, Those plugins are a very powerful tool, that i’m missing. Thanks.

    • thesarahdavis says:

      the reason why they won’t be coming out on the Mac (or 64Bit PC) has been explained in this thread above. Pro Tools also runs on the PC (though not that popular as it’s more powerful adversaries)

  284. Hello,
    I am using epic reverb in my studio one pro version 2. The moment I attempt to use more than one epic reverb plugin in the same song session epic crashes. for instance, one epic on my vocal track and than try to put another epic on my strings track in the same song, epic crashes.

  285. If you haven’t heard, KVRDC 12 is here!
    Also, maybe you could collaborate with vladg/sound and see if he would be willing to help you move your plugins to 64bit platform? Keep up the good work!

  286. Hey guys…
    I’ve heard that your plugins are effin awesome and I really want to try them… but I’m on a mac. I think I speak for all my mac brethren that more free quality plugs= better, and if there was any way of porting your creations to mac we’d all be grateful.

  287. hi.. I’ve done an interesting automated patch for ableton live for your density III to monitor, balance and perform easy compression over a mix. While doing that, I’ve noticed that automating the timing settings, the knob and the actual settings don’t correspond. try by yourself, modulating manually the timing parameters by an automation lane, or by a default vst control, and watch to the can see it even from the a/r text that compares below the knob:it follows the actual settings, while the knobs behave differently. btw are you interested for me to post that patch for you, or everyone who’s interested?
    have a good day!

  288. how do i set the input channles 3 and four for the Density mkIII? so i can work the mid/side chain? iam finding this very complicated.

    • Channels 3 and four are for the sidechain signal and not for mid/side. Working (internally) with mid/side just needs a switch on the right side dial …

      • sorry iam very new to these cutting edge comp techniques. i still dont ‘fully’ understand (as you can see) what mid/side is. but i think i get sidechaining. i think sideshain is actually what iam after. so basically your saying that mid (which as i understand is kind of a mono average of a stereo track) and side (which is like your left side of a stereo track…?) is only internal?? (they dont receive external comp triggers’) so if i want to sidechain, say i want track 5 and 8 to get compressed every time the kick (we’ll call track 1) pumps. so…how would i go about doing that? by the way iam using mixcraft 6, dont know if that helps or not.

        • Yes, M/S is internally handled. To use the SC in your case you have to route track 1 to input 3 and 4 of the plug-in and set the SC switch to ‘EXT’. Routing is done by the host, in your case Mixcraft (I don’t know that software) – in some hosts its easier than in others.

          • iam having a real hard time finding this fabled input 3 and 4 i keep hearing about. do they really exist?

            • where are input 2 and 3??

            • In Cubase (and I would imagine other DAW’s work similarly) create a Group channel, but make it a “Quadro” channel instead of a stereo channel. Load Density on it. Now send a side-chain source signal from another channel (a kick for example) to the group, using a Send. Make sure to use the “VST Audio Channel Settings” window (click the small “e” button on your kick track), then right-click – > Customize View -> Send Routing. A surround type panner will now appear next to your Send. Simply drag the dot to the bottom center of the square, and the signal will be sent to channel 3 & 4 of the Group..

              Hope this helps!

  289. Andrew Field says:

    Density mk III crashes Cubase 6 after a few times of closing and opening the GUI.

  290. Hey Boostie, I have a quick question.
    You’ve inspired me to have a go and start making my own plugins, I understand you use Synthmaker, but your own code? is that correct?
    I have a good knowledge of acoustics/audio science in the ‘physical’ world but no programming experience. can you suggest a good place to start learning? (assembler is it?)

    Thankyou so much for your contributions to my audio happyness! Density mkIII is one of the best buss compressors I’ve ever used including UAD, Liquidmix, Powercore and Waves.

  291. Hi there,

    We’re currently working on a Special issue about Freeware, where we’re recommending our favourite free software and showing readers how to use it to produce great music.

    We would very much like to distribute two of your plug-ins [Nast DLA and VCS] with this issue (Computer Music Special 58). The magazine will go on sale in the UK, with copies exported throughout the world, from 23 January 2013.

    Please let me know as soon as possible if you would grant us permission for this, and/or if you have any questions. My deadline is looming so be great to here from you.

    Thanks for your time!

    Best regards,
    Mo Volans

    Computer Music magazine

  292. Hi, Love the sound of your new reverb. do you ever license your DSP? we are looking to upgrade the reverb in our ANA synth.



  293. Dear Bootsie, I like your VSTs very much, thanks a lot for all the time and good work !

    Could you kindly support me with this issue…
    I have Cubase 6.5.4, 64-bit under Windows 7, SP1.

    I bought JBridge 1.5 to get your 32-bit VSTs – like Density, etc – to work properly in terms of GUI redraw. With Steinbergs VST bridge i.e. the knobs do not update when selecting presets. JBridge has this “Force whole GUI refresh” option, by that all VSTs update the GUI and thus knob settings properly… With one exception… BaxterEQ.

    Do you have an idea what makes BaxterEQ “special”, that it refuses to update the GUI, so that knobs do not update properly when going through different presets ?
    As a workaround I have to push the red M/S button, or to click the version information, then the VST updates properly.

    Could it be the case that in BaxterEQ something is special or missing in terms of GUI update ?
    Joao currently has no idea in terms of root cause for this and asked me to contact you, whether you have an idea in regards to what BaxterEQ might be different in terms of GUI update…

    Many thanks for your kind support.
    2 related videos: (separated GUI mode works, but handling is a pain) (Here the issue with non working integrated GUI)


    • there is a smaller GUI version and the bigger one – does that occur with both versions or just with one of them?

      • I know what you mean, this is the case for both, no difference.
        I made a new discovery. With the JBridge Option “Force Whole GUI refresh” turned on, its sufficient to click with the mouse at any place of the plugin to trigger the update.

        • I have the same issue under Cubase 6 64 bit. My workaround is to avoid using the “factory” presets and to save my own user presets with the Cubase preset manager. Doing this, the gui refreshes when I change presets. i remember that this effect may occurs with other bootsie plugins as well. When I used Cubase 6 in the 32 bit version everything was fine.

          • Thanks jazztom for giving that idea yes and I can confirm that it works. But its a big amount of work to save all factory presets and whenever an update appears you potentially would need to do it again should some presets also have changed. Then its far easier to click with the mouse one time at a random position on BaxterEQs “front-panel”.
            I made another new discovery. When Cubase 6.5.4 starts-up freshly. In my case baxter appears on top of the mixer and loads the last saved preset fine. THEN its exactly one time possible to change the factory preset with proper redraw, BUT ONLY one time. Unloading the VST and reloading it doesnt help. You need to close and re-open the project, then its reproduceable. But it works after fresh project loading exactly only one time.
            At the moment the best workaround appears to me to click somewhere onto the front-panel of BaxterEQ, but its not so nice in terms of functionality, especially when you start experimenting with sounds and want to make a quick A/B comparison, then this extra click slows down and takes too much attention from you instead of keeping the mouse position and concentrating on sound changes.
            If you could contribute to get this fixed Herbert, it would be so cool !!!

  294. For multiple of your plugins, specifically NastyDLA and ThrillseekerLA, the sound cuts out sometimes for no apparent reason and won’t come back on, especially when I’m rendering the project file. The only way to fix it is to copy the instance of the plugin, paste it back in, and delete the original instance. It’s quite annoying, with multiple instances of these it’s like playing whack-a-mole to get a render with everything playing. Do you know of any way to stop this from happening?

  295. I Love Love Love Love your plugs! I make my music on a cranky old P4 PC running xp with only a couple GB of RAM, and your plugs are light enough I can use them with relative freedom (and they sound awesome!) and for this I am very grateful. I am not too fond of shameless self promotion, so I hope this is an appropriate place to share my work with you.

    This is a link to what will soon be my first album, a digital only release through AWAL. I just want to thank you, because your plugs have been a part of what is making this release possible. Who knows, maybe I’ll sell enough to press it! one can dream 🙂

  296. Tell me please. Is it possible to make backup copies of your free plug-ins? How many backup copies can be done? The point is that in order to avoid the loss of plug-ins, I keep copies of them at the same time in different personal places – on several HDD and cloud hosting services. It is permissible to your plug-ins?

    • as long as you don’t re-distribute them to others – why not?

      • Of course, only for personal use. Thanks for the reply, I understand, but let me clarify something. I made a few backups of each free plugin. Is there a limit on the number of backup copies of one and the same plugin?

  297. Chris Barrett says:

    I have Sonar Producer 8.5, and all I get with Ferric is crackles and noise when I place it on a track as a plug in. Help!!

    • I’m also on 8.5.3 Runs fine on my machine? I’m only running 44.1 and 48 khz sessions, so I don’t know if other rates are supported or not… but I assume they should work?

  298. Hello Bootsy!

    I really like your FerricTDS on drum bus! I am learning basics of computer programming now – the question which arises is: what programming language should I choose? I want develop simple chess engine and some simple VST plugins [utilities which will speed up my mixing workflow]. Tell me what language do you use? And is it possible to create efficient plugins in Python?

    cheers from Warsaw

    • Interpreted languages with garbage collection are not suited to real-time processing -> Look for compiler based languages or dedicated frameworks for DSP stuff.

  299. Just wow…period.Tried density Mk3, before that I used Ferric TDS for a long time and will keep on doing so. And it´s for free…unbelievable. Thank you so much! I hope more people get your spirit, and the world will be a better place!
    Bye, Alex

  300. Tomorrow is Christmas, if you know what I mean! 😀

  301. Hey, Bootsy. It seems you’ve become a “Rock Star” of sorts with your popularity from your great VSTs. Lots of love from the masses. I am also saying thank you for your plugs.
    I have a request that might hit you the wrong way, but I hope you can relate. I have been using Synthmaker for a while now but have had no real good outcomes with developing my own compressor. I would like to know if you would be willing to send me a copy of the .OSM for Density. I use it on all of my mixes and would like to create my own GUI for it to make using it simpler for me. I understand if you say no, but it would be an honor if you would consider it.
    I am an expert graphics person as well as a musician, engineer, producer and singer/songwriter. Please let me know how you feel about this. I would love to be a part of any future projects as well. I also give freely of my work and time to benefit others.
    Thanks in advance.

  302. I have downloaded Ferric TDS and it is in my downloads folder but I can’t find any way to install it. Here is what is in the downloaded folder.

    -Ferric TDS .dll Application Extension 7,208KB
    -FerricTDS1.5 Manual 886KB
    -License Text Document 1KB

  303. Are there ever going to be 64-bit versions at all, and how well do the 32-bit plugs work in a 64-bit host?

    • thesarahdavis says:

      re 64Bit – both your questions are already answered in detail above, you just have to read it – but basically, no not yet, and Jbridge

  304. With the RedShift Overdrive on my dualcore L2400 laptop in Reaper there is a werid bug: normally the plugin eats some percents like any normal VST, but sometimes it just starts eating CPU, constantly rising in CPU use, I once let it go up to 600%, and it never seems to stop. I have a feeling this is usually connected to either stopping audio playback, or the plugin running out of audio. Really! Many times this starts exactly at the moment when a channel where the plug is inserted goes silent.
    Otherwise a great plug, good crispy distorted sounds, been using them for acid bass lines, better than many other free VSTs, the plugin does not colour the treble end too much.

  305. I wonder if you (or anyone else) could mail me version 1 of the Nasty DLA? I’m returning to some old mixes and I have since updated to MK2 of the plugin. It would be greatly appreciated.

    Much respect for your work.

  306. says:

    I tried to work in 96khz today and everything seemed okay, except that sometimes the EQ section in VCS started to self oscillate towards infinity decibels.

  307. Hello and Greetings from Computer Music magazine. Could you please drop me an email at the CM office as soon as possible, as we’d like to discuss featuring Thrillseeker in a forthcoming issue. Many thanks!

  308. Ulli Hoffmann says:

    Hallo Herbert,
    ich hatte am Wochenende etwas Zeit um die beiden XTC Modelle zu testen. Deine bisherigen Arbeiten waren ja schon einsame Spitze aber was Du mit den beiden NeuVeröffentlichungen geschaffen hast,ist ja nicht zu fassen. Ich hatte den Mojo Spruch zuerst für leicht übertrieben gehalten… aber es war eine Untertreibung. Wo Du mit den Thrillseekers stehst,da müssen andere professionelle Software Entwickler erst noch hin.
    Der Sieger der KVR Challenge steht schon fest.
    Vielen Dank für deine unermüdliche Arbeit.
    Ulli Hoffmann
    Bad Fredeburg Hochsauerland

  309. MusicGuy37 says:

    Hi, I was wondering if I want to tap the Thrillseeker just for a little bit of level and mojo (no compression) what would be good settings? I write film score stuff so I have to make sure all the low end gets through and doesnt get altered or cause pumping. Also lets say I want to use the saturation setting at the 2.5 Khz region but I also want to hit the saturation at the more mid range of around 500Khz, is it ok to use “2” instances of Thrillseeker on the mastering / mix bus chain? Or will that cause problems? I obviously don’t want to lose audio quality by using 2 instances. Or is there a way to do it on the full spectrum setting for saturation, and then roll back saturation on the low end only?


    – MusicGuy37

  310. Still kindly asking for linux VST or LV2 versions of Your wondrful plugins Bootsy!
    Please, please, please:)
    Anyway, thank You for the great work You`ve done for music!

    • I believe Bootsy makes his plugins via Synthmaker (or Flowstone 3 already?) and it exports only to windows VST or .EXE …so for current plugins, I believe, other versions (including mac VST) are not possible to be done.
      Am I right?

  311. Dear Bootsie,

    Here’s a review of Thrillseeker XTC:

    It was written by Rick Saxby.

  312. Alva Goldbook says:

    I’ve just started working with these plugs and I’ve been blown away. I’ve only had a chance to put the Boosty EQ through it’s paces, and this plug alone has brought new life to my mixes.

  313. Keith Rowe says:

    Hi Bootsy.

    I heard only great things about your plugs, so I downloaded 6 of them. Three I can use, but 3 do not show up when I try to add as an effect. I CAN access and use Baxter EQ, Ferric TDS, and Nasty DLA. I CANNOT access Density MKIII, Thrillseeker LA, or Nasty VCS. ALL have a .dll icon in my VST folder in my software(Cubase LE), and when I hover over them they all show that they are 1 – 3MB in size, so they’re not just a shortcut. I suspect it’s my processor or something like that. I have an HP laptop with a pair of Core Duo T7500’s running at 2.2GHZ each(about 2008 model or so I think). I’m running Windows XP. I did restart the computer but no go.

    Any insights you could provide would be most appreciated.


    • Density MKIII, Thrillseeker LA and Nasty VCS do have external sidechain support which adds a 3rd and 4th audio input on top of the usual stereo input. Cubase LE seems to have problems with that or not supporting external sidechain plug-ins at all.

  314. Hello and Greetings from Computer Music magazine. Could you please drop me an email at the CM office as soon as possible, as we’d like to discuss featuring Thrillseeker in a forthcoming issue. Many thanks!

  315. Andy Warwick says:

    Guys, sorry for being a noob but how do I install these as effects and not instruments. Am using cubase sx3 and when I click on a channel’s fx they’re not being shown

    • just put the .dll files in your VSTplugins folder …

      • Andy Warwick says:

        Hi, thanks for this but I have tried adding them to the VST plugins folder under Cubase but when I’m in cubase I still can’t see them. I have Waves and that works fine…i’m obviously being stupid so will look at it again later today

  316. I’ve got three requests for xtc plugin.
    I’ve noticed that in your manual there’s no explanation of the output knob role in the signal path. it seems to be a pre – soft saturator gain, where the clipping point is determined by the drive-mojo section. It’s quite a complex design, specially for a/b-ing, so it would be nice to have it explained.
    also, since usually the bass band is hit more heavily, I’d really like a sort of enphasis (tilt) compensated control. I understand that with the drive section it would be difficult to compensate the gain, but having 2 ranged versions this problem will tend to minimize for sure.
    last but not least, is it possible to turn the individual band switches into a simple “no drive” button, leaving the opportunity to boost a clean band?
    (I know that I am writing too much, but your work is really stimulating, so I tend to act as a beta tester)

  317. Hey man-

    I’ve really enjoyed all of your plugins for years now. Great job! I was just wondering if you’ve ever considered making these into Reason rack extensions. I think your plugins would be fantastic in that format. Cheers!

  318. Is it likely that the SDK used will be updated to VST2.4 at the very least?
    I ask as with the imminent release of Cubase 7, there are going to be some problems with a large proportion of these plugs as they are in VST2.3
    Please see where this is confirmed as a known issue

  319. The new Cubase 7 does not support VST plugins based on any SDK lower than VST2.4 anymore.
    If I’m not mistaken, yours are still VST2.3 .
    I haven’t installed C7 yet (it should be in the mail as we speak), but I would hate having to give up your plugins.
    Do you have any plans in updating your plugins to VST2.4 or even VST3?

  320. Daniel Sun says:

    HI, would it be possible for you to make a comparation list of VofS plugins vs ableton audio instruments and where best to use them (track, return, master) ?

  321. Daniel Sun says:

    sorry, comparison

  322. Fantastic work: congratulations for the KVR 20012 award!!

  323. Iam trying to load the and test the Boots eq i dont see application exec. file how do I load the program?

  324. Have tried a number of these plugins and they’re fantastic, don’t know how it’s done but my mixes are much less sterile sounding now. Have done quite a bit of work on desks and my mixes now sound more like desk mixes for sure which is something I’ve been striving to achieve in a DAW. I would like to donate but it’s not obvious to me how I go about doing that?

  325. Hey,

    I would love to be able to download older versions of your plugins. I started working on an album last year and then took a break. Now I want to finish up that material but my DAW environment has changed a lot since then. When I try to reopen the projects with the latest versions of your plugins, they are not recognized.

    I guess I can copy the plugins off of my old laptop, and I will do it. But it’s a real hassle, and if the laptop dies on me before I manage to do that, I’ll have real trouble getting them again.

    Is there a specific reason why you don’t offer older versions? I understand if you want to keep your work up to date, but somewhere in the comments is a guy/gal who has the same problem, and I feel like it’s making our lives harder than they need to be.

    Best regards

    • thesarahdavis says:

      just an observation – all the plugins are just dll’s, they don’t need to be installed, so to copy the dll’s off your laptop onto a usb stick and onto your pc would only take seconds – (about the same time it takes to write a message on here 🙂

  326. PumasDaniel says:

    HI, would it be possible for you to make a comparison list of VofS plugins vs ableton audio instruments and where best to use them (track, return, master) ?

  327. I am having issues trying to purchase the Punch compressor. The system will not except my Pay Pal account or my Mastercard. Can someone help?

  328. PumasDaniel says:

    HI,merry xmas and prosper 2013. I twice posted my question.. no reply at all !!,

    HI, would it be possible for you to make a comparison list of VofS plugins vs ableton audio instruments and where best to use them (track, return, master) ?

    • thesarahdavis says:

      Hi there, I expect he’s to busy to do something you could/should do yourself. You are asking him to load up Ableton (which he may not own), then run a series of tests (which will take time), and then write out the results in detail. The problem is this wouldn’t be any use to you though as you have a different system/studio/speakers/technique/style/etc. The only way to know is to test them yourself, which you can, for free (this is what most folk do 🙂

      As all the VoS plugins are free, you can download them and compare them, on your system/speakers/etc, and see what the differences are for yourself, and which you prefer for different applications/content/etc (I wouldn’t bother myself as all VoS plugs are really top pro quality as you can hear when you use them).

      As for knowing where to use them, read the descriptions on this site and download the manuals for each plugin. After that it comes down to experience/system/technique/genre/etc. However, there are some good tutorials on and YouTube, or check out magazines like Computer Music (who also give away loads of samples and plugin (often unique, or with extra features)

      hope this helps 🙂

      • PumasDaniel says:

        Hi, I did not ask to load,run & write ..etc, maybe he already knows the answer. I had a look at the vos plugings descriptions, i could get the info i needed of some of them, e.g. nastyvcs, (compressor,Saturation,limiter,eq), can be used on a single track or mastering, others were with very technical description. lets say he does not know ableton plugins, i am sure he can put quickly together a list with vos plugin name, function and where to use (track,mastering) I do know channel is = track, I do not have clear what is bus or mix buss shelving and like these ones i have more questions. but for now just a list as requested will help me to use correctly the vos plugins. thanks

  329. Hi! I’ve described in detail on my blog a couple of years ago how to setup a wrapper called wacvst for Mac users to be able to use your plugins. Very recently I’ve put together a better option and gave it a name, plugwire, my Wineskin setup. It’s all people need for Win VST plugins on Mac. Please check it out and if you think it’s any good maybe make a post for people to be made aware about it. Cheers!

  330. Hi there.. I’m looking for an old version of FerricTDS – used on old project, now needing to load/bounce instrumental versions for TV/Film sync.. Anyone have any info/ideas? Had no success with Google so far..

    Very grateful for any help, and also for all the amazing plug-ins – I use these as much, if not more than many “big brand” offerings.

    • just download the new and set the Modern/Classic switch on Classic… this will do the trick. other changes made were delay compensation and little improvement on the dynamics… so nothing really substantial, and besides, they are just improvements. Happy NY

      • Thanks for the reply Enrico – I do have the new version installed and I think it’s great. I was just hoping to be able to load the project with the *exact* same sound/settings I used, rather than try to re-create something similar by listening/checking/tweaking etc.

        Anyway, thanks again, and Happy NY 🙂

        • it IS the exact one, because I was among the guys who asked for maintaining both the flavours. it’s just that the very first version simply had few samples of latency (1?). the switch is made for having the first one in the same gui. just check the blog. if you want to try a null test keep in mind that latency wasn’t reported, and if oversampling filters changed, you could hear a different hf phase response.
          ciao! 🙂

          • Again, thanks Enrico – it’s good to know that the exact same sound can be achieved. Maybe I was not totally clear though; my aim is to load the project + recall the settings I used, rather than find something close by listening/tweaking. IE. I don’t remember what compression amount/saturation amount I used, and new version is not recognized as the same plug-in, so my settings are lost.

            I appreciate the tips though – I didn’t know some of this info.
            Thanks again 🙂

            • Here it is, Tom. It was sooo hard to do this. I had to find the CD where it was on it, then I had to upload it on some file host. Sooo hard. /sarcasm Cheers, mate! 🙂

              • Holy wow… Thanks dddux! You star!
                I will be keeping this one safely stashed in my files for those older projects – you never know when they might need restoring and this will make things much, much easier.

                Thanks folks!!
                And thanks again to Bootsy for the excellent plug-ins 😀

  331. I’ve a feature request/bug report of sorts. I’m using your wonderful plugins in my friend’s max/msp runtime environment called teleport ( for my electronic live performances (recently played fabric london :D) and soundwise they work out great. But they’re not “hot swappable” in the sense other plugins are. If i load your plugin while sound is playing i get cpu overload type artefacts and stutters, even when loading presets, while all other plugins i’ve tested (reaplugs for example) load without incident. I imagine they’re not really built for this if you could lead us on the right track to fix it that would be great.

  332. Some of the features are disabled on the Punched compressor( the eq features ) on the left hand side. What’s going on with that?

  333. I love Density mkII! Is there any chance it will one day be available in other formats beside VST?

  334. Hi Bootsy,
    Your work is very excellent, Do you ever do contract DSP work? It’s an interesting project with good budget. And… Happy New Year.

  335. Dude, once I get some good exposure, I’ll namedrop the shit out you and your VSTs–whenever it’s relevant of course. For now I’ll just drool over the plugins while I use them. 🙂 And I’ll remember to write a review after using them for a while. Right now I just recognize the technical aspects a little while saying,”Durr. Sounds good!” :p

  336. PumasDaniel says:

    I have not got any reply about my question posted already twice… Ok here we go again in 2013.
    Would it be possible for you to make a comparison list of VofS plugins vs ableton audio instruments and where best to use them (track, return, master) ?

  337. Hi dude love the epic reverb plugin, it really is cool. Would love to be able to use it in my tracks, but a bit confused after reading the T&C’s on the download page?

    Can I get your ok before using it in my tracks, as I dont want to write tracks knowing I canr release them to record labels.


  338. Hi there.. first, thank you so much for making these vst’s for free. I love them and use them a lot in my productions. Just check beatport and look for C-Jay to see what i make.

    Anyhow, i was wondering if you are planning to make a plugin that gives some analog / tape warmth / fatness to a song or single track? Like the “sausage fattener” of dadalife, or the vintage warmer of PSP. Would be awesome.

  339. davidlearndigitalaudio says:

    Hello! I have just published a very in-depth 3042 word article on ThrillseekerLA (just in time for 1.0.1!). I would be very honoured if you could make a post on your blog linking to it, I am hoping you and the plug-in’s users will love it 🙂 If you would like me to make any changes, or get in contact, please do so through the contact form on the blog main menu. The link is . I very much look forward to any feedback.

  340. Tell me please, whether is admissible to do a quantity of backup copies of each plug-in?

  341. Hi Sarah.. what is SF by DL? I dont know what this is short for? 🙂

    • I was quoting you (abbrev) – “sausage fattener” of dadalife 🙂
      it’s a wicked little tool, I use either that or Satson CM (free with Computer Music magazine) on every channel – subtlety is the key, less is more

  342. I’m really digging your plugins, so thank you for providing them. Specifically I’ve been using epicverb, nastydla, nastydlamkii, and thrillseekerxtc. On a recent remix i completed, i had a self oscillating sounding part at the end that sounded fantastic. Epicverb has provided some great drum and ambient reverbs on several recent tracks, and I just started using ThrillseekerXTC on some master mixes coming out of Ableton Live. Great stuff… keep up the good work!

  343. oh duh… haha… i could have come up with that myself.
    yeah, it costs nothing… i give it a go in a few.

    by the way, discovered Variety of Sound only 2 weeks ago or so thanks to Dutch magazine Interface. i really love working with it so far. the bootEQ sounds amazing in the top high and warm low. being a procucer for more than 20 years, having released 2 albums and about 50 singles (also in the vinyl age), i know what im talking about. thank you!

    by the way, Variety of Sound is…who? what? One guy? A group of peops?

  344. hey there, thanks a lot for providing such great plugins for free! i’ve been trying out preFIX for some time now and it seems it doesn’t want to work in audition 3.0.1, has anyone experienced any similar problems? i can tweak all the knobs and prelisten and stuff but when clicking on OK it won’t process the effect and i’m not able to reopen the plugin again.. kinda weird.

    • tom blackwell says:

      I also use Audition, same vintage, mostly in edit mode and when I try to apply a Nasty effect it gives me a runtime error and dumps me out. It seems to happen across all the Nasty plugs that I use – in Win 7 x64 in 32 bit mode. It happens with Baxter EQ, Density mkIII, Thrillseeker LA. Kind of irritating as I use many other freebies (Melda Productions, Modern series, TAL, Blue Cat) and they all work fine – it only seems to happen with NAsty stuff (maybe that’s where the name came from?) BTW, I also use Sonar 8.5.3 x86 and get weirdness and occasional crashes with the nasty’s , usually disappearing GUIs – The plugs seem quite resource intensive. I will say that when they work they sound good, just hard to trust them.

  345. Michael Putrino says:

    I tried to use the ThrillseekerLA in Adobe Audition CS5.5 with no luck. It puts the effect in the VST folder under “Other” and is greyed out so it cannot be selected for use.

    It works perfectly well in Audition 3.0, but I need it to work in CS5.5. Any ideas?

    By the way, Density mkIII behaves in the same way.

    • Both plugins have 4 inputs (stereo in plus sidechain) and this might not be supported in Audition.

      • Michael Putrino says:

        Well, I believe Audition supports 4 inputs, but maybe not. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen other effects in Audition with the other inputs, but I’ve never used them.

        The effects come up in Audition 3.0, but I hadn’t tried appying them. Others have stated that they don’t ptoperly apply in 3.0. But in AUdition CS5.5, the effects don’t even open. I don’t think Adobe changed the number of supported inputs between 3.0 and CS5.5.

        Is there any way to not require the second set of inputs until the external side-chain is selected? I rarely use external side-chain…actually haven’t found a need for it yet. By the way, I am a mastering engineer in Austin, TX.

        • Michael Putrino says:

          Actually, support for side-chain wasn’t added to Audition until CS6.0. Has anyone tried Density mkIII or Thrillseeker LA in Audition CS6.0? Do they work?

      • Michael Putrino says:

        Would it be easy for you to supply versions of these plugins that exclude the external sidechain feature?…for those of us using hosts that don’t support the sidechain-inputs feature?

  346. Is there any chance you Will support Mac AU in The future cant wait to try your plugs and i’m sure many people have demanded it in the past

    Thank you

  347. Do the plugins only come in stereo form? I’m a Pro Tools user and I have the FXPansion vst-to-rtas wrapper software. They all work fine, but I can only use them on stereo tracks.

  348. Hi Bootsy,

    I’m using Rescue on a drum bus with acid 7, all my tracks are “96000Khz 24 bit stéreo” and when
    I render one or several tracks of this bus as a “96000Khz 24bit stéréo” wave file , the sound of the wave file is “hacked”or “scratched”.
    The problem is the same with windows 7 or XP.

    Does you know something about this?



  349. I wish you would create a virtual console similar to Slate Digital VCC or Waves NLS.
    Your stuff is great and I’m sure your version would be something awesome
    and maybe with some better ideas of your self.

    Don’t has to be a console emulation of a real world console.
    I’d prefer something with what you come up and has it’s own character.
    Something that would console creators do wish they could create a emulation.(…LOL…)

    • TesslaPRO mkII

      • Regarding TesslaPRO mkII, I was just looking at the frequency curves under VST Analyser, and they don’t change when I change the sampling rate. e.g. with “British Console” it boosts around 1kHz, but when I change the sampling rate to 96kHz it boosts at around 2kHz. Shouldn’t it stay at 1kHz? Or maybe it’s VST analyser that’s buggy.

  350. thank you very much indeed to make such fine things available for use, free of charge, to us, to me.
    yours sincerly

  351. Is RescueAE available for download anywhere? I have an old project that uses it, but no longer have it on my system following a crash; I have scoured the Download page but it is not there, and is not included in the RescueMK2 file. Thanks for the fantastic work.

  352. Hi there-
    just thought I’d let you know, there is some MASSIVE denormalisation happening in NastyDLA (both versions, but way more pronounced in mk2).
    If you have a track with an abrupt end, such as a guitar clank (or whatever), and have the preset “london calling” on, a few seconds after the end (when the echo signal gets close to zero) you’ll get a massive cpu spike unless you have a denormal-avoiding plug (which adds a subaudible noise to the signal) like normalizer before DLA – 90% CPU with mk2, 50% with mk1.

    I’m running an e8500, so not exactly something that’s susceptible to denormals.

    • You can help me narrow that down just by some simple checks: Is this just happening if the input stage SAT is on? … only if the Chorus is in? … only if the Feedback is at a certain level? Thanks in advance for your support!

  353. I realize that AAX/RTAS get brought up a lot, but maybe in the social funding/kickstarter realm, there could be a lot of happy funders. Food for thought.

  354. Can anyone recommend a FREE vst (or combination of a few) that are like Digital Fish Phone’s free Endorphin dual band compressor but better? If you are not familiar, here is link I have been using this as my final mastering plug, but its not quite as good as it could be, and I no luck getting any other free plugins to work better. Maybe I could split the bands (using Ableton multiband comp), and then a combination of Bootsy’s current plugs for comp (like Density) and for brickwall limiting (NastyVCS). Anyone else come up with a good multirband mastering chain using mostly Boosty’s plugs? Thanks!!!

  355. Jocelyn guilbault says:

    I use cubase 7 and tesla se do always crash my vst bridge. can i use tesla se in 64 bit programme folder. Or do you know the reasons why cubase vst bridge crash with tesla se.

    Thank you very much.
    Jocelyn Guilbault.

    • Are you using the cubase vst bridge? I had similar problems some time ago with testla se. Try to use jbridge and be careful not to use tesla se on Cubase mono channels. It turns out to be much more stable on stereo channels.

    • vstbridge isn’t very good, loads of 32Bit plugins crash in it. Try Jbridge, it’s more stable and more versatile, although still not perfect – if you select a preset you must then close the GUI and re-open it or the GUI won’t refresh 🙂

  356. Hi, i’ve downloaded a few vsts and thankyou very much. I dropped bootsy rescue on a master track to see what would happen and it was a great result!
    I’m just wondering if you could suggest what the best plug ins would be for mastering,
    as i would like to see if i can have a Bootsy Mastering Chain, if that’s at all possible….?

  357. Hi there, I have been enjoying your plugins for several years, but now since the implementation of the Stateful Saturation feature in many of the plugs they have now become staples in my DSP chains. Thank you, I hope the innovations continue. If you had a paypal donate I’d gladly oblige.

    I think I may have found a bug with Thrillseeker XTC. I use the latest Black version. When engaging the Mojo/Drive section on bassy mono sounds there seems to be some ugly noise spread out in the stereo field as a side effect. If you can hear this yourself you will hopefully agree that it is very undesirable noise, especially in being low frequency cluttering up the sides. To compensate I’ve been using another effect after XTC to make the sound mono again, thus gaining the benefit of the Mojo section without the stereo artefacts. But if I had other stereo sounds I wished to process then this would obviously be an unfixable issue, especially if the sound had any mid-lows.

    Run a mono kick drum through XTC’s Mojo section and analyse the output via a phase meter and you’ll see the artefacts in action. It would be great to know if this is indeed a bug and something that will be improved for the next version update.

  358. Hi there.
    I like your VST plugins a lot.
    There is any chance to see one or a few of them as Rack Extensions for
    Propellerhead Reason DAW ?
    The new RE format is much better than VST becouse it have back side with ability to connect cables as you want.
    Just check official RE video:
    And some press conference:
    Some of the biggest VST companies already made their own RE versions.
    It would be a great pleasure to have your plugins in my reason rack.

    ps. If you want, I can always join your beta testing team.


  359. Hi there,
    thought you might like to know we recently reviewed RescueAE at, and it’s proved very popular.
    Here’s the url if you’d like to read it:
    A fantastic plugin, really well thought out.

  360. Death to 32bit! Life and power to 64bit! jbridge is an anarchist! He is trying to prevent the 64bit revolution! Please report him to the authorities. He is a real danger to our loved ones, families, our economy and well being. We don’t tolerate terrorist activity. That is why it’s your duty as a fellow 64 to make sure all of those who chose to shun technological advancement be dealt with by the authorities. We appreciate your help in our cleansing of the sins of 32bit and making a pure world only for the 64bit. The 32 bit had their chance and they proved it in the end. 64 bits everywhere… rise my brothers, rise!

    Sorry… felt like it… all this for………. 64bit plugins please 😀

    • neilwilkes says:

      You could easily argue that 64-bit gives no difference in audio quality at all and is only of any use to those who use massive, badly designed sample libraries and has been forced onto us by developers who wish to fuel the constant “yearly (or every other year) upgrade” frenzy.
      Does it make DAW applications better? frankly, no – it seems to encourage lazy and/or bad programming because you can always add ever larger minimum memory requirements.

      I still run 32-bit systems as bridging into 64 bit is a cobble, but forcing everyone to go 64-bit is playing right into the hands of the big OS developers & nobody else.

      Speaking as Devils Advocate

      • Enrico Pigozzi says:

        64 bit = sample libraries = inauthenticity = bad music
        plugin addicted, go play with instruments, it’s just more fun.
        no time? well, music is made of time.
        no instruments? well, music is made for musicians. And nowadays they’re starving.
        you don’t know any? go in music schools and ask how much the would like to be payed for 3 minutes of recording…less than a fraction of any worthy sample library.
        it’s not that libraries are useless, but a good solo recorded by a flutist is nowhere good as a keyboard played multilayered sample.
        it’s just a different way of making music.
        i’d like more tools, sincerely.

        • thesarahdavis says:

          sorry Enrico, I have to disagree entirely.

          “64 bit = sample libraries” – No, it does not ! It has nothing to do with sample libraries at all. Technology moves on, most new pc’s come with a 64Bit OS these days, which means they are more capable at everything, video editing, 3D, animation, graphics, and of course, music. Many 32Bit plugins simply will not work without problems with a 64Bit Daw. 32Bit plugs that have not been written correctly (strictly adhering to Steinberg’s protocols) may be stable enough to run in most 32Bit apps without showing any problems, but can crash/freeze a 64Bit Daw. Even using a 3rd party bridge like JBridge, many 32Bit plugins will still cause some problems, and trying to figure out which settings have to be applied to each plugin through trial and error, and having the Daw freeze/crash with many of those errors is very time consuming and disheartning. For most folk this is an unacceptable problem which can only be avoided by not using 32Bit plugins. This is why any one running a 64Bit system/Daw is eager for their favourite plugins to be released as 64Bit,..

          the rest of your comments have nothing to do with VoS plugins, or whether any plugin is 32Bit or 64Bit but seem more based on your inexperience with, or understanding of, good sample libraries,..


          • Enrico Pigozzi says:

            thesarahdavis, well… 64 bit is the new frontier. but really. the only advantage of it is the memory (RAM) limit. another thing could be a new set of cpu instructions(like sse2 was), a new dsp technology (as could be CUDA in the near future), or some other stuff not yet invented. But!
            64 BITS AUDIO software is just capable of huge ram amounts. that’s the reason of me mentioning sample libraries.
            of course, if they exist, there’s a reason for this. but besides of this, even editing a mix for a movie, nobody wise enough would squeeze out more than 2 gb of ram stored data..
            that’s atm the only advantage of 64bit (cpu) AUDIO software, to what I know.
            please tell me if I’m wrong about this.
            to put it into other words, to my eyes it’s just as if everybody wanted the new iPhone5 over their 4s just because it’s the NEW one, besides what they actually DO.
            oops. that’s exactly what’s happening around the world.
            respect. for everybody, though….
            I’ve changed already many things, many times. I hope to be openminded enough to keep on changing as I need it.

            • Yes, there are no other advantages except applications being able to utilise more than 2GB of RAM. It’s for the people who need to use massive sample libraries, pretty much nobody else, and it’s still wise to keep away from 64-bit OS and apps if you want to make the work done without any problems, and if you don’t need more than 2GB of RAM. Reaper can actually utilise more if you run your sampler [like Kontakt] as a *separate process* so this separate process gets whole 2GB for itself. I don’t think any other app aside from Reaper can do that. So yes, 32-bit is still safe and sound to use, and very stable, if you want the work done. If you like troubleshooting use 64-bit OS. I’m going to use it when it becomes as stable as 32-bit, or if I suddenly found out that I need to use more RAM. There’s really no other reason to do it. And someone who’s venturing into 64-bot OS has to be aware of the fact that not all plugins will work correctly. So it’s your fault you miss out on plugins, not developer’s fault.