Musikmesse Frankfurt 2011

Next week this years Musikmesse Frankfurt will start and this time I’m going to join for a day or maybe two. I’m not expecting too much beside the usual “game changer” marketing crap but I definitely want to visit some smaller boutique developers and their products (and maybe I’ll provide a short report on that right here). Beside that I’m already looking forward to meet some friends from all over the world which are in Frankfurt this time as well. Whats your (product) expectations for Musikmesse and what would you like to see this year?

what I’m currently working on – Vol. 4

working with the oscilloscope

I’ve just polished the Blog a little bit and aside from some layout changes you will find all my actual plug-ins properly listed on the VST effects page now – including screenshots, short descriptions and some brief tips&tricks. If you would like to contribute and to share some further more of your own tips related to that stuff then this is the place to chime in – just drop them here as a comment or via eMail (if you already have my address). Furthermore I’ve collected lots of additional user comments for the testimonial page which looks really impressive after just two years of blogging here – many thanks for all your appreciation. [Read more…]

the Wusik Sound Magazine interview

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how it came that you started develop audio effects?

I am both a computer scientist and a musician. To the time when the VST technology had emerged I’ve also started to move towards a complete ITB production. This took some years, though. During that time I’ve missed something in most existing software processors and so some own ideas arose. In 2007 I then finally started to implement the very first ones. [Read more…]