blogging VOS – 5th anniversary

Today – five years ago – I’ve started blogging about the Variety Of Sound venture. Your feedback was truly overwhelming: During 2013 this blog was viewed more than a million times and visitors were coming from over 200 countries in all. Lots came searching specific plug-ins but most traffic came from the vast number of reviews and top10/best-of lists around the net. Most attention this year went to the ThrillseekerVBL release around July 1st and most concern is about having 64bit versions available.

ThrillseekerVBL #1 freeware 2013

bpb-180According to Bedroom Producers Blog, “The title of the best freeware plugin released in 2013 as chosen by BPB goes to the amazing ThrillseekerVBL by Variety Of Sound. It is the latest release in the brilliant Thrillseeker series of freeware effects for Windows.”

chillin out

Since Weltuntergang did not yet happened, I’ve finally managed to spend some time back home with my family and to chill out. All in all, 2012 was a great experience for me and the VoS adventure became even more successful. With the prominent ThrillseekerLA release in March last year, my DSP efforts towards the stateful saturation approach were finally implemented in a very first audio plug-in. Not only there was a huge coverage in press and interweb, more than one million visitors found their way to my Blog over the year.

Unbelievable but true, later on Patrick and I joined the KVR Developer Challenge and with ThrillseekerXTC we have won again thanks to all you out there! We decided to donate the winnings to a Hurricane Sandy relief effort and so the money already went to the American Red Cross. Just in case you’ve missed it, Patrick has made an awesome desktop wallpaper for us which can be downloaded here. More goodness needed? Just stay tuned – 2013 will probably start gently here by delivering some plug-in updates.