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Soehngenetic – Wise Kids on Pillows (2012)

Music taken from the 2012 Soehngenetic album “Pseudolectual”. Super 8 material filmed by Hans Söhngen in 1982. For more information please visit

If you are into electronic music then don’t miss to check out Soehngenetic’s just released album “Pseudolectual”, available on bandcamp:
It’s worth mentioning that although he owns gear like a space echo and some BBD delays, on this production NastyDLA was used almost exclusively.


advent season: one mixtape each day

German Blog “Das Kraftfuttermischwerk” is offering one mixtape each day during this years advent season. The mixes are covering a broad range of electronic music, ranging from deep house to Drum ‘n’ Bass. And make sure to visit the tapes from yesteryear – there are some real gems in there!

three audio sound mangler freebies

the original Prosoniq NorthPole filter plug-in

Already released in 1997 this is still a fun a usefull tool for some ad-hoc sound mangling in your mixers channel. It offers a resonant filter (LP/BP) with envelope follower and distortion. A simple digital delay with feedback control is added behind. The actual (supported) versions are available for AU only, though. Have a look at the Prosoniq product page.

some granular madness: KTGranulator

Some granular madness is featured by Koen’s KTGranulator which offers some delay and pitch-shifting effects based on a sort of granular re-synthesis. Great for some unusual audio effects and tweakings. Both, PC and Mac versions available – check out his site at

timestretch galore: Paul's extreme sound stretch

Large artistic amounts of audio timestretching effects are easily achieved with Paul’s extreme sound stretch tool. The bits for PC are available at Extremely useful to create drones and ambient stuff. A short overview and tutorial is available here.