re:publica 2013 – Peter Kirn: How music can predict the human/machine future

The talk from Peter Kirn from held on the recent re:publica event in Berlin:

I addressed the question of how musical inventions can help predict the way we use tools. I started all the way back tens of thousands of years ago with the first known (likely) musical instrument. From there, I looked at how the requirements of musical interfaces – in time and usability – can inform all kinds of design problems.




Real Scenes: Berlin, Detroit, Bristol

Resident Advisors electronic music and club culture documentary

Highly recommended: has just updated their electronic music and club culture documentary with a third video to this series, this time about Berlin. Check em out on Vimeo.


Berlin Mitte: Fernsehturm

S-Bahn station: wall paintings

Hotel rooftop bar: notebook and cans

SubBerlin – Story of Tresor Club

Recently, the SubBerlin documentary re-appeared on german TV. It not only tells the story of the legendary Berlin techno club Tresor but also is a great flashback and  insight into that Zeitgeist and techno culture to that time. Starting from the fall of the wall it covers all the period until it’s pull down in 2005. Some great artist (short) interviews in there as well.

It’s available on youtube but I’ve only found the german version – dunno if there is one with translation or subtitles.