working ITB at higher sampling rates

Recently, I’ve moved from 44.1kHz up to 96kHz sampling rate for my current production. I would have loved to do this step earlier but it wasn’t possible with the older DAW generation in my case. With the newer stuff I was easily able to run a 44.1kHz based production with tons of headroom (resource wise – talking about CPU plus memory and disk space) and so I switched to 96kHz SR and still there is some room left.

I know there is a lot of confusion and misinformation floating around about this topic and so this small article is about to give some theoretical insights from a developer perspective as well as some hands-on tips for all those who are considering at what SR actually to work at. The title already suggests working ITB (In The Box) and I’ll exclude SR topics related to recording, AD/DA converters or other external digital devices. [Read more…]

will this be my new DAW HW?



Since my aged AMD dualcore gets more and more hiccups these days I’m thinking about upgrading to something state-of-the-art in the not so far future.

I just stumbled upon this INTEL Core i7-965 XE CPU @ 4 x 3,8GHz dream configuration and got almost tears in my eyes looking at the benchmark results and the 10 times performance bar comparison to my current system here. And just look at that damn sexy Antec case …

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