DC2012: last chance to vote – just a few days left!

If you did not yet voted for me at the KVR Developer Challenge – please do so! It’s really little effort even if you are not registered there yet.

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top 10 again

“These plug-ins are something special, combining elegant design with real sonic character. There’s loads of freeware that can handle standard mix-balancing tasks, but if you’re looking for serious subjective tonal enhancement then there are few developers who can match Variety Of Sound for musicality.”

— Mike Senior, author of ‘Mixing Secrets For The Small Studio‘ and Sound On Sound‘s ‘Mix Rescue’ & ‘Mix Review’ columns.


short links, year end 2010 edition

Since we’ve had a great delay plug-in release this year some might be interested in some further reading about that topic. A short history about delay effects is given here and some more specific readings about tape delay can be found in the mixonline magazine. Need some overview about the Roland tape echo stuff? Just look here.

From time to time some effect developer apprentices are asking where to start. Today, almost everything can be found in the cloud. Sometimes DSP suppliers/developers are offering good overviews and introductions such as this example. Don’t hesitate to search for all those papers which are freely available, [Read more…]

when writing here about some tech stuff …

… some readers immediately suppose that this will turn into a VST plug-in later on. I just would like to comment that this ain’t the case in general and I do this just to avoid some unnecessary expectations and disappointments. When writing here about some tech stuff this is always related to something that I’m currently digging in a little bit deeper and to me it’s a perfect way to sort some thoughts (and sometimes to close them for now and a while).

[Read more…]

KVR Developer Challenge 2009

After dropping the dev challenge last year the folks from KVR now have finally announced the long awaited third free-for-all audio plug-in / audio applications designer event for autumn this year! And guess what? Dreamteam Patrick and Herbert already do have some exciting plans in the making and are ready and up to join the challenge. If you ever asked how to support, donate or give something back to us this is now an easy task: just support us with your votes during the challenge 🙂