Real Scenes: Berlin, Detroit, Bristol

Resident Advisors electronic music and club culture documentary

Highly recommended: has just updated their electronic music and club culture documentary with a third video to this series, this time about Berlin. Check em out on Vimeo.

Documentary about Richie Hawtin

short links, year end 2010 edition

Since we’ve had a great delay plug-in release this year some might be interested in some further reading about that topic. A short history about delay effects is given here and some more specific readings about tape delay can be found in the mixonline magazine. Need some overview about the Roland tape echo stuff? Just look here.

From time to time some effect developer apprentices are asking where to start. Today, almost everything can be found in the cloud. Sometimes DSP suppliers/developers are offering good overviews and introductions such as this example. Don’t hesitate to search for all those papers which are freely available, [Read more…]

Ableton Live Packs?

Since the net is basically jam-packed with tons of Ableton Live Packs I’m wondering where the worthy stuff hides (whether being commercial or freeware). Since I know that some Ableton addicts chime in here from time to time I thought that I’m just gonna asking it here. Genre is electro.