advent season: one mixtape each day

German Blog “Das Kraftfuttermischwerk” is offering one mixtape each day during this years advent season. The mixes are covering a broad range of electronic music, ranging from deep house to Drum ‘n’ Bass. And make sure to visit the tapes from yesteryear – there are some real gems in there!

the soundtrack of my summer (2011)

This summer it was mainly the album ‘Arabian Horse’ by Gusgus which features a bunch of incredible and timeless electronica tracks. Sadly they also followed the usual loudness trends which makes the listening experience a little bit tiresome over time. Meanwhile, in germany the summer seems to be almost, errm, over.

Ableton Live – the ultimate creative production tool?

Some time ago I’ve become part of a music project which is heading more towards the dancefloor compatible side of electronica. We are currently testing Ableton Live and thinking about switching over to use it as the main production tool. I’m undecided yet. What do you think about Live – is this really the ultimate solution for electronic based music production? What are the known drawbacks?