Dub Taylor (Slices DVD Feature)



Musikmesse 2012

Musikmesse 2012 starts in about one week, so what do you expect to show up there? Any rumours already out there? Further more: Are you visiting Frankfurt this time?


Fairchild ad’s, early 1960s

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nice workspace

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Check out “fuck yeah studio porn“!

retro vintage modern hi-fi

Definitely a must see Blog – check it out at itishifi.blogspot.com.

short links, June 2010 edition

Soccer world cup 2010: Seems there is a solution for the maddening Vuvuzela horn – Prosoniq released a realtime freeware filtering plug, Mac only, though. Look here and here.

Techno: A great video documentary is available about Richie Hawtins contakt tour. Cool setup, all with Ableton, btw.

Sound design: Simply a great Blog about sound design.

Gear p*rn: This Blog is all about.

Music: Cinematic Orchestra – an awesome and timeless fusion of music, see also on myspace.

Music video: Sebastien Tellier – WTF?

Musikmesse ’10 – hot or not?

After two days of Musikmesse in Frankfurt and tons of press releases – whats the cool (or not so cool) stuff to you?


Elektron Octatrack

To me the Elektron Octatrack catched my interest immediately and this might be some piece of hardware I will finally buy after quite some time. Though it states Q4 2010 which smells like a year or so. [Read more…]

favourite plug-in chain (currently) …

… simply is:

Sugar Bytes Thesys - step sequenzer

1. Sugar Bytes Thesys - step sequenzer

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