released: TesslaPRO – a transient aware signal saturator


TesslaPRO, a transient aware signal saturator, is released by now as a VST audio plug-in for PC/Win compatible systems. [Read more…]

the magic is where the transient happens

Transients and so on

This article could have been an esoteric one but then it would probably be titled as “the magic is where the change happens” or something like that. Don’t worry, this is just about some findings and myth on audio transient processing and it’s, errm, reincarnation in the upcoming TesslaPRO VST audio plug-in. [Read more…]

TesslaPRO revealed



[Read more…]

soft-knee compression and beyond


transfer curves

Beside the envelope design for the control signal the compressors transfer curve is the most influencing part speaking in terms of the resulting sound impression. If we ignore any time dependend behaviour of the compressor for the moment then it basically works like this: Signals at a level below a certain threshold are passing through the device unaltered. Reaching the threshold level the input signal gets lowered by a certain ratio.  The result is a so called “hard-knee” transfer curve. [Read more…]

Musikmesse 2009 – any interesting news?

I’ve missed to visit Muskimesse this year (again) and therefore still looking for some interesting news on the web. Nothing spectacular found so far, no UAD Fatso announcement, nothing new about the Waldorf Largo, …
What’s your highlights from the Messe this year?